South Africa
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Things To Do In South Africa

Planning A Trip To South Africa? Here's our list of top things to do in South Africa

South Africa is a country that crowns the southern tip of the continent of Africa with its tremendous beauty. This country boasts of a unique collection of natural wonders and flora and fauna. Along with this natural beauty, South Africa also has ancient cultures and historical remnants still prevailing within its terrain. With such diversity, tourists are presented with a number of things to do when on their trip to South Africa. Visitors can indulge in activities such as jungle safaris, eye-catching long drives, whale watching in the pristine waters, boat rides that help witness crocodiles and hippos in action, and cage diving with ferocious great white sharks. Let us take a look at some of these adventures that visitors have in store for them when in South Africa.

Caged underwater with Great White Sharks

Caged underwater with Great White Sharks:  Things To Do In South Africa
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Tourists on a tour of South Africa are free to satisfy their passion for adventures. One such thrilling activity is practiced along the coastal waters of Cape Town. The local authorities arrange for cages that can hold visitors within them while under water. Caged within these secure boundaries, the adventurers have the opportunity to come face to face with the Great White Sharks that dwell in the waters. For tourists who prefer upping the ante, the authorities also organize swimming tours in the presence of less offensive bull and tiger sharks.

Scaling Table Mountain

Scaling Table Mountain:  Things To Do In South Africa
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Situated within the city of Cape Town, Table Mountain is an outstanding indicator of South Africa’s natural glamour. Made by molding together pristine sandstone, this mountain scales a staggering height of 3,500 feet. Boasting of challenging conditions for hiking, Table Mountain is a true adventurer’s delight. The unique factor here is that hikers can take up more than 350 different trails to get to the apex point of the mountain. Hikers can also pass through a thick layer of clouds that spreads over the mountain on a frequent basis. 

Exciting Surfing Ventures

Exciting Surfing Ventures:  Things To Do In South Africa
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The shoreline extending from Cape Town to Durban offers many water sports with several stunning surfing sites. Some of the popular surfing points that lie along this coast include Muizenberg and Big Bay. The most prominent surfing area is the Jeffery’s Bay, which is situated about 85 km away from Port Elizabeth. The Dungeons wave is famous among the professional surfers, touching an unbelievable height of 60 feet at times. 

Ride through rivers filled with Crocodiles and Hippos

Ride through rivers filled with Crocodiles and Hippos:  Things To Do In South Africa
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The St. Lucia water mouth is studded with some of the most ferocious animals in the world. The iSimangaliso Wetland Park in this region has garnered a lot of popularity due to the vibrant wildlife of its marshy jungles. Some of the best creatures that grace these jungles include hippos, bull sharks and crocodiles. Tourists are free to take up boat rides with surfaces that have fibre glass for viewing and protection. 

Get on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get on a Hot Air Balloon Ride:  Things To Do In South Africa
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The most enthralling way to view the sceneries of South Africa is to embark on a hot air balloon ride. Hovering at dizzying heights, tourists are blessed with an astonishing view of South Africa below. One such scintillating ride involves flying over the Magalies River Valley situated in Johannesburg. These rides normally start just before dawn so that tourists can enjoy the sunrise. It is a magical experience to flow with the wind above such landscapes.

Venture into Cango Caves

Venture into Cango Caves:  Things To Do In South Africa
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One of the most ancient tourist destinations in South Africa, Cango Caves are frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. These caves have two types of tours. One of the tours involves a standard journey, wherein tourists can make their way through colossal chambers with comfortable ease. On the other hand, a more adventurous tour involves progressing through narrow pathways. This tour sometimes involves passing through apertures that are as tiny as 26 cm. With professional guides helping, these journeys are secure and knowledgeable. 

Safari through Kruger National Park

Safari through Kruger National Park:  Things To Do In South Africa
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Kruger National Park offers tourists one of the best wildlife tours in the whole of Africa. This national park spreads over 2 million hectares, wonderfully blending varied wildlife with ancient and archaeological locales. Prime wildlife species such as rhinos, elephants, leopards, lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, and zebras dwell within these jungles. With a decent tracery of roadways flowing through the park, visitors are blessed with perfect opportunities to watch the majestic lions in full swing. The safaris range from a host of group safaris to private safari options. Tourists can also stay overnight in the park, camp in its safe areas, to experience wildlife more closely. 

Rafting along Orange River

Rafting along Orange River:  Things To Do In South Africa
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The rugged countryside that surrounds the Orange River is landscape bursting with colours. Tourists can get up close and personal with the native Nama community living here to gain a better understanding of the local culture. Tourists can also go rafting through the Orange River and explore the place through water. The captivating landscapes around are sure to mesmerize while you raft along this winding route. Visitors can cap off their rafting experience by stopping to feast on some Brai Barbeque and satisfy their taste buds.

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