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Things To Do In Christchurch

Planning A Trip To Christchurch? Here's our list of top things to do in Christchurch

Christchurch is a picturesque city located on the southern island of New Zealand. On one hand, there are mountains, rivers and ocean and on the other, there is the impressive cityscape making the city a holiday spot for everybody. There are a variety of things to do while visiting Christchurch that is truly unique to the city by virtue of its location in the southern hemisphere and its geography.


Sight-seeing:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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There is plenty to see in the city of Christchurch, from art galleries, botanical parks, museums to natural scenic sites like the Washpen falls. Located close to each other, The Arts Centre and the Christchurch Art Gallery are very popular destinations in the city. With collections of beautiful art and a rich heritage, a visit to the gallery and the Arts Centre is highly recommended.


The city has numerous parks in and around it. Some showcasing the tall trees of the region, while others are a colourful display of the local varieties of flowers and bloom. While the Hagley Park, the largest in the city boasts of a beautiful display of cherry blossoms, the Millbrook Reserve is a colourful exhibition of Azalea and Rhododendron. Exploring the many parks in the region can be a day-long activity. The city is also known for its wildlife exploration and a visit to the Orana Wildlife Park can be a fun family activity. The International Antarctic Centre is one of the major attractions in the city. The centre offers visitors simulated experiences of the Antarctic that will blow your mind.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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It is believed that the Maori were led to New Zealand by a whale and thus the relationship of the locals with the whales of the region is fascinating. Kaikoura is best described as the land where mountains meet the sea. A large underwater canyon and the meeting of two strong sea currents bring a lot of food to the region and this, in turn, brings the mighty whales. The Giant Sperm Whale is one of the many visitors. Plenty of cruises operate here that will take you on a journey to witness the existence of these huge creatures. Capture the perfect tail shot and much more in the Kaikoura.

Tranz Alpine Journey

Tranz Alpine Journey:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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Travelling the entire breadth of the Southern Island of New Zealand, the Tranz Alpine train journey is an experience of a lifetime. The train begins travels from Christchurch to Greymouth and back every day except for Christmas. Travelling across the vast plains of the Canterbury region and along the Southern Alps through large areas of Beech forests, this train journey is the best way to experience the natural splendour of the region. With wide glass windows, the train provides some of the best views. The train is equipped with an onboard café that serves plenty of snacks and beverages. There are two kinds of seating, paired seating for couples and pairs and table seating for groups allowing for the best experience of this epic journey. The train departs from Christchurch at 8.15 am every day and terminates at Greymouth at 1.05 pm and departs from Greymouth after an hour at 2.05 pm, before arriving at Christchurch at 6.31 pm in the evening. Tickets can be booked online.


Skiing:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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Christchurch is rather unique for one can take a dip in the sea and be skiing on the snow-clad slopes all within an hour. Mount Hutt and the Porters Ski area are very popular among tourists and locals. Mount Hutt is located about 115 km from the main city and can be reached from Methven. Mt Hutt has one of the longest ski seasons lasting for about 5 months. It is well equipped for amateurs and experts with a variety of slopes. There are equipment rental places with all the gear one needs to have a fun-filled ski experience. The Mt Hutt ski region also has a learning centre for kids with programmes that run throughout the season. One can get to the Mt Hutt ski region via shuttles that depart from Methven. The Porters Ski area is the closest ski region to Christchurch located at about 100 km away from the main city. Porters is also well equipped and is considered a better spot for amateurs. Skiing in the Christchurch region is a must if visiting during the winters.


Adventure:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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Christchurch is no stranger to some adventure. The city has some of the most exciting adventure possibilities one will find. The Adrenalin Forest, located at about 20 minutes from the city, is one of the major attractions for adventure junkies. The Adrenalin Forest offers a long obstacle course that is a series of challenges lasting about 3 hours. The challenges grow in difficulty and can test the limits. A trip to the Adrenalin Forest is highly recommended if you love adventure. The Christchurch Gondola is yet another attraction. The Gondola takes visitors to an altitude of 500 m providing some amazing views of the city and the surrounding region. While the Gondola offers an amazing 360° view, the Christchurch Adventure Park takes it up a notch. The park offers some of the best mountain biking trails in the region. The trails are only accessible through the chairlifts. The park offers three lifts for different levels of expertise. One can soak in the splendid view and go on an adventure filled bike ride. The many obstacles and steel descents make the ride one hell of an experience.

Beach visit

Beach visit:  Things To Do In Christchurch
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A trip to Christchurch is not complete without a visit to the many beaches here. While the shallow water of the Corsair beach makes it an ideal spot to enjoy with the kids, the sandy beaches of Sumner and Taylors Mistake are perfect for surfing. From Woodend to Godley Head, all the beaches here are perfect for an amazing dip in the blue waters off the east coast. The New Brighton Beach is quite popular. The sea view library and the pier are major attractions here. All the beaches are equipped with showering and changing spaces and most of them have cafes and restaurants. A trip to the many beaches in Christchurch is guaranteed fun.

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