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Pondicherry Weather And Best Time To Visit Pondicherry

Planning A Trip To Pondicherry? Here's a snapshot of Pondicherry weather and the best time to visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry lies on the coastline and shares the climatic conditions similar to the seaside regions of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry is one of the most idyllic travel destinations in South India, thanks to its beaches, temples and heritage sites. A lot of what you’d do in Pondicherry needs a good weather, be it taking a bike ride round the city, doing yoga or meditation by the seaside, trying your hand at an adventure sport or two and if you’re looking just for some of that peace and solitude.

The city has a tropical hot and dry climate with hot summers and wet monsoons. To make your travel to Pondicherry a charmer, we’ll tell you about the city’s seasons and the best time to visit. The ideal months to visit Pondicherry would be from December to March, when you can experience all that the city has to offer.


Summer(March-June):  Pondicherry Weather And Best Time To Visit Pondicherry
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Summer is hot and sultry in the coastal city with the temperature ranging 25°C-40°C. Summer is what might be called a shoulder season, and since there are not many tourists around at this time of the year, it gives you more leeway to saunter around the small city and as weather turns cooler by sunset, you could spend more time exploring the city by sunset. Pondicherry has a number of most beautiful beaches and you could do well by spending a warm summer evening at the beach, under the starry skies.


Monsoon(July-September):  Pondicherry Weather And Best Time To Visit Pondicherry
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Monsoon months seem pretty long, for by July the southwest monsoon passes over the region with occasional rains and thundershowers as it rolls over to the rest of India. By October the northeast monsoon sets over Pondicherry with heavy rains, occasional cyclones and floods in low lying areas. This is the typical off season in Pondicherry, but if you do choose to visit keep an umbrella and raincoat handy. Average temperature ranges from 25°C-35°C.


Winter(December-March):  Pondicherry Weather And Best Time To Visit Pondicherry
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Winter brings in a warm, pleasant climate over Pondicherry. This is the ideal time to explore the city. Heave up your backpack, put on your casuals and take a stroll around the town. Indulge in adventure sports, go on a scuba diving spree or a trekking trip. Christmas and New Year are cheerfully celebratory periods to spend your holidays in the city. Bird lovers will have a great time, for winter brings with it migratory birds to the Ousteri lake and the backwaters. The temperature ranges from 24°C-29°C.

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