Andhra Pradesh
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Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Andhra Pradesh? Here's a detailed Andhra Pradesh tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
28.1° C / 82.5° F
Current Conditions:
Scattered Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
October to March
Recommended Duration:
5 to 7 Days
Nearest Airport:
Visakhapatnam International Airport
Nearest Railway Station:
Visakhapatnam Railway Station

Andhra Pradesh is a popular state in India. It is also one of the most tourist places in India. Many call it the “Kohi-Noor of India”, and rightly so. The state is filled with amazing places that remind of its glorious culture and tradition with a fine touch of modernization. Andhra Pradesh is famous for stunning beaches and the state is filled with it. The rich wildlife with heritage architect makes Andhra Pradesh a sublime destination. Andhra Pradesh Tourism and Development Corporation (APTDC) is a state government managed body that has taken charge of promoting the state's tourism. With astonishing beaches, sacred lush greens hills, ancient caves, thrilling wildlife, rich forest, and sacred temples mosques, and churches Andhra Pradesh is the destination that you look forward to visiting at least once in your lifetime and here's a travel guide to lead you there.

How To Reach

How To Reach:  Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide
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Andhra Pradesh is part of Southern India. The state has its own political, economical, commercial, and cultural importance. Being one of India’s fastly growing states, Andhra Pradesh has excellent connectivity with flights, railways, and roadways. Railways are the best and most convenient way to reach Andhra Pradesh whereas flights remain and expensive but the fastest mode of transportation. Let’s discuss them in detail.


By Rail:

Because Andhra Pradesh is economically important, it is extremely well connected through railways with other Indian States and cities. Vishakhapatnam Junction and Vijayawada Junction are the two top-most stations in the state and have direct connectivity with Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. You can book your tickets from the IRCTC website from your source station to any of the railway stations that are close to your destination.


By Road:

Andhra Pradesh has some of the best highways in India. With ample two-lanes, four-lanes, and six-lanes roadways, reaching Andhra Pradesh from anywhere in India by road is not only easy but also convenient. Again, the state is well-connected with another Indian metropolis through privately and publicly managed buses that run regularly from your source to any destination in Andhra Pradesh. So check online and book your tickets accordingly.


By Air:

Andhra Pradesh is a fast growing state in India. Therefore, many airports are getting developed to get cities of the state connected with other parts of India through the airway. Out of the 6 airports in the state, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Tirupati have an international airport. The other 3 are domestic and have good frequency of flights. You can check online for more details and book your ticket accordingly. 


Getting Around:

Getting around in the cities of Andhra Pradesh is possible through the local city buses that are managed by the respective local municipal authority of the city. Auto rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws can be availed for making quick hops. You can also book private cabs for a day or two and reach different tourist spots in the city. This is the most convenient option to get around the cities in Andhra Pradesh.

Weather And Best Time To Visit

Weather And Best Time To Visit:  Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide
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The climate of Andhra Pradesh is tropical in nature. And like all other Indian states, Andhra Pradesh experiences three major seasons — summer, winter, and monsoon. The summers are hot but not unbearable. It rains heavily in some of the states and the winters aren’t extremely cold. Summer offers a tough time whereas winters are the best time to visit anywhere in Andhra Pradesh. Let’s discuss the three seasons in brief. 


Summer (March - June):

The summer season in Andra Pradesh is tough. Some parts of the states get extremely hot and the temperature crosses the 40-mark. Nevertheless, the season isn’t unbearable. Many tourists plan their trip in this season and usually prefer staying at the hill stations or near the beaches to cool-off. 


Temperature range: Minimum 28° C and maximum 40° C.


Monsoon (July - October):

The monsoon season begins from the end of June and spans till late September and, at some places, till early October. The climate becomes quite pleasant because of the rains and the lush greenery soothes the eyes. Be aware of the fact that the state receives heavy rainfall so if you are planning a trip during monsoon, check the weather forecast before doing so.


Temperature range: Minimum 26° C and maximum 33° C.


Winter (November - February):

The most pleasant time of the year starts from the month of November and lasts until February and early March. This is the best time to visit anywhere in Andhra Pradesh. Tourists flock in during this time from all parts of the county and outside of India as well. 

Temperature range: Minimum 13° C and maximum 28° C.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide
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Towards the southeastern coast of India, lies the 4th largest state of the nation, Andhra Pradesh. A portion of the state has been separated and a new state has been formed named Telangana. The state is rich in natural resources and famous for many temples, sacred rivers, mountains, beaches, and hill stations. There are ample things that can be done here and as a tourist, you’ll enjoy every single minute of your stay in Andhra Pradesh.


Visit the Grand Canyon of India:

In a small village known by the name Gandikota in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, there is India’s hidden gem, the country's own Grand Canyon. Cleft by the Penna river, experts say that this masterpiece is over a thousand years old that has been coiling its way through the Erramala Ranges. The natural beauty of this magnificent place is untouched and unexploited. The panoramic view that you get here is simply mind-blowing which can only be experienced when you visit this place. Do not forget to visit this place during your trip.


Explore the Stunning Beaches of Andhra:

Andhra Pradesh has a coastline that spreads well over 970 square km and therefore, there are several beaches in the state. There are beaches in almost every district of Andhra Pradesh. Out of the lot, the Visakhapatnam district has the most number of beautiful beaches, including Rushikonda Beach, Lawson’s Bay, RK Beach, Lawson's Bay. The beaches in the state attract many tourists, especially in the summer season. They are well-maintained and you can enjoy several water-port activities around the beaches. 


Visit the Remarkable Religious Sites in Andhra:

The state of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its numerous sacred temples. The state has a rich ancient history and many people visit the state to offer pilgrimage. The state has several places of interest for people who want to spend spiritual time and seek blessings from the ancient temples and shrines. Some of the well-known spots include the Mahanandi Temple, Mallikarjuna Swamy, Tirupati Temple for Hindus. Muslims visit Andhra Pradesh to pay a visit to the Ameen Peer Dargah, Bara Shaheed Dargah, Dargae Gaffaria amongst many. 


Explore the Famous Cities of Andhra:

Andhra Pradesh has some of the finest cities in India. These cities are not only historic but commercially they have been contributing towards the economy of the state. Some of the cities are really high-tech while some will take you back to the glorious past of the state. The historic city of Kurnool is famous for its Belum Caves and Yaganti Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary. The marvelous city of Vijayawada is famous for Bhavani Island, Kanaka Durga Temple, and Undavalli Caves. Similarly, Amaravathi, Nagarjunakanda, Anantpur, Lepakshi, Vizianagaram, Rajahamumdry, Machelipatnam, and Guntur are famous Andhra cities. The city of Vishakhapatnam needs a special mention as this city is the gem of the south; famous for Araku Valley, Katiki Waterfalls, and Kailasagiri.

Eat At

Eat At:  Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide
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Must eat lists are always a complex suggestion. When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, each of its region offers a cornucopia of culinary treasures. Have you ever heard the standard myth about Andhra cuisine? The fiery spice levels in the food guarantee to drill a hole in your tongue. There is plenty of stuff to try. We have listed down the following dishes that can serve as a great starting point for you to explore Andhra cuisine:


  • Ulava Charu (state's most popular; somewhere between a rasam and a traditional soup)

  • Pesarattu (a dosa variant, makes an unputdownable case for breakfast or anytime snack)

  • Ragi Sangati with Natu Kodi Pulusu (state’s popular chicken dish)

  • Akura Pappu (combines the goodness of spinach with the conventional dal)

  • Royyala Veppudu (mouthwatering prawn fry)

  • Gongura Mamsam (a popular lamb dish, tastes delicious with steamed rice)

  • Gutti Vankaya Koora (Andhra's best-known brinjal dish)

  • Poothareku (Rice flour and ghee combined with powdered sugar or jaggery)

These famous items can be tried in almost all local restaurants and at affordable prices.

Shop At

Shop At:  Andhra Pradesh Tourism And Travel Guide
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Andhra Pradesh is a massive state with numerous things that attract millions of tourists every year. When we travel to different places, particularly to a state like Andhra, the things that we care most about are food and, of course, shopping. So after reading several things about Andhra, I'm sure you are wondering "What Should I Buy in Andhra Pradesh?"


The answer is, in a state like Andhra, there are numerous things that you can shop from different cities in the states. Vijayawada and Vizag are the most popular places for shopping. But, irrespective of which city you tour, you will find a large variety of items that you'll love to fill your bags with. Andhra Pradesh is a state that is well known for its exquisite pearl and diamond jewelry.


Besides the alluring jewellery  Andhra is also famous for a remarkable collection of beautiful silk, antiques, handicrafts, and cotton weaves. There are countless jewellery showrooms in Vizag, Vijayawada, Amaravathi, that can grab anybody's attention with their glittering charms and delicate make.  Other items include the amazing pearls of Hyderabad, a famous city that is now part of Telangana. However, you'll still find many shops that sell these famous Hyderabadi pearls, clothes with 'banjara' mirror work, astonishing silver filigree, exotic perfumes (atar), 'bidri' work, Kondapalli toys, and so on. Several malls in the main cities are operational, from where you can shop branded items along with the local ones.

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