Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit

Looking for Romantic Places to Travel to? Here's a List of the Most Romantic Places In The World.

Romance needs no place nor occasion, it is an expression of love and affection that comes spontaneously for the beloved. However, you cannot deny the fact that romance is made infinitely more special in the surroundings that spark it, fan those sparks, and keep them burning. The world we live in is filled with such beautiful locales. From seascapes and cliffs secluded from people to cities that pay odes to love, from islands to snow-capped mountains that house cabins and chalets for two - there are so many romantic places in the world to visit. Just take hold of your beloved’s hand and set off for one of these!


Paris:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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This French city has been the capital of love since time immemorial. Nobody has been able to point out why exactly. Is it because of the the magnificent Eiffel Tower rising tall and blessing mortals in love or the poets that sit by Sienna and write couplets to lovers strolling by for a couple of euros. Is it the cute little cobblestone lanes and coffee shops with decadent chocolate delicacies or the gardens and cemeteries where lovers face life and mortality of love and man at once…? Whatever it is, Paris should be on your radar if you want to spend some romantic days with your beloved.


Venice:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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Many say Venice is hopelessly vain, that is how beautiful it is. That could probably be true, with all the canals that touch idle roads and bridges, with bobbing gondolas where the driver sings old Italian love ballads and feeds you authentic pasta at his home… Venice is for lovers. The capital of Veneto region, Venice is really an amalgamation of 100 little islands and mainly has boutique hotels, cute houses, cafes by the water and squares that look right out of Renaissance. The gothic part of its culture is also worth swooning over. So if you are looking for something cute, historical and romantic in one place then this is it.


Santorini:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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If Santorini was a Greek God, it would be Narcissus, the one that saw its own reflection in water and died of his own beauty. One of the many stunning Greek islands, Santorini stands out for its whitewashed houses, cobalt blue roofs and domes, and bougainvillaea canopied streets. Which couple wouldn’t fall in love all over again under such streets? There are a plethora of boutique shops, lonely cafes, beaches with isolated cliffs; and sunsets that are marvellous from anywhere in the town. The Aegean Sea is all the more soothing to the soul, especially in spring, summer and autumn.


Krabi:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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An island in the country of Thailand, what makes Krabi so different from its counterparts is that it is an Asian Mecca for the romantics. Well, for starters, it is an island less explored by the crowds, who prefer Phuket and Pattaya instead. Then there is the fact that you will find some very romantic beaches, resorts, gorgeous expanses of landscape and mangroves where you get plenty of privacy. And since this island attracts more couples, you can be comfortable with your PDA without offending family tourists. And if you are up for adventure, then snorkelling, diving and much more awaits you here.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Sabi Sands Game Reserve:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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South Africa is known for its wildlife and savannahs and safaris and camps. But one of the most esteemed places to enjoy all the above in a luxurious, private setting is the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. There are fine lodges, private safaris and off-road drives to track animals in their natural, most raw settings. You and your partner will get to see the Big-5, big cats and local flora with experienced and passionate tour guides. Night safaris are also arranged and very thrilling. You can also camp together, count stars and enjoy the silence and solitude of the African bush.

The Maldives

The Maldives:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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A dream honeymoon destination in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives make for great romance. With pristine waters and white sands, the sky cerulean and clear stretching above and resorts spread with every luxury imagined to mankind… you and your partner are in for a delight. There are around 26 micro-islands here amalgamated into one nation and you will get the best of both worlds, from exploring local culture to enjoying adventures like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling and swimming.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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The Amalfi Coast of Italy is all lemon trees and orange orchards, roads running parallel to the Tyrrhenian Sea and sunsets that set the sky on fire. A settlement of cute houses and cottages rising from the sea face into the cliff, Amalfi is perfect for an idle romantic getaway. This coast, so beautiful and rich, has been ruled by Romans and Normans, Greeks and Turks, Arab-Sicilians and Saracens through time, each leaving their mark on the land and culture in some way. Enjoy scouting the town and its markets with your beloved, go down to the beaches for sunbathing and relaxing, eat some of the freshest produce and explore the Italian land to your heart’s content.

Hoi An

Hoi An:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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This little Vietnamese town is romance personified. The coast, the heritage architecture, the old town ripe with ancient temples and canals and houses… it all just makes you feel like you are in the middle of an Asian fairty tale. By night, the pedestrian streets come alive with handmade lanterns and the breezy sea send loads of love over the cool winds. You and your partner will enjoy quiet solitude even in the midst of all the market din. Such is Hoi An.


Tuscany:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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The Tuscany region of Italy is a beautiful lyrical scenery of hills chaining valleys, golden meadows and castles rising from hillocks. The towns and villages here are known for their stunning vineyards and world class wines they produce. You can snack on unlimited olives and grapes, drink the best, most delicious wines and gorge an Italian feast, all the while seeing the sun set behind the Tuscan hills and your beloved’s hand clasped firmly in yours.


Istanbul:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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Alright, imagine being in two worlds. Imagine seeing two seas. Imagine living two eras. That’s what Istanbul is. A city that is as ancient as time, straddling Asia and Europe, breathing in the essence of the Byzantine and Roman eras while living in today. What’s more romantic than sauntering across streets and souks and squares with your lover by your side, visiting some of the most beautiful mosques and palaces, sitting by the Black Sea, feeding breadcrumbs to seagulls? Here in Istanbul there is much sightseeing and people watching to do, such great food to be had and such good stories to be heard; all of which will bring you closer to your partner.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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The land of one of the hottest dances in the history of world - Tango, Buenos Aires is like that city solely created for star-crossed lovers, the one where romance doesn’t only breathes and sings but also dances along. With its rose gardens and 20th century architecture, and tango garages and riverfront lessons, Buenos Aires will leave you and your lover spellbound. The food, of course, is mix of delicious Spanish, Argentinian and European, compelling you to just settle there!


Kyoto:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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The former capital of Japan, Kyoto is an ancient city. It is as historically blessed as naturally beautiful. With its pagoda style temples, old houses, perfectly manicured Japanese gardens replete with lakes and footbridges, Kyoto is a lovers’ paradise. The spring time between April and May is the best here - it is the season of Sakura or cherry blossom when everything turns a delightful tender shade of pale pink. The trees are light with whites and pinks, while fluffy sweet deserts fill the stores and everything around is just too beautiful to miss by even blinking.


Heidelberg:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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It can be called a fairy tale town, Heidelberg is that beautiful. This German town located in the south-western region, is home to the free-flowing Neckar River, gothic churches, one of the most beautiful old town squares (Marktplatz) and the cutest cafes in history of mankind. You and your partner are bound to find those gingerbread houses and enjoy just strolling down markets and squares, especially during winters. Don’s forget to visit the magnificent ruins of the Heidelberg Castle while here.

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov:  Most Romantic Places In The World To Visit
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One of Czech Republic’s best kept secrets, the town of Cesky Krumlov is right out of your most cherished fairytale book. With its bohemian vibe that cloaks its houses and cafes and shops and streets in bright happy colours and the backdrop of the mountains, Cesky Krumlov is a must must visit for those seeking romance in sights. The old town is home to an ancient castle complete with turrets and towers, labyrinth lanes, cobbled streets, and a palpable Disney movie vibe. Take your beloved here and spend the most memorable days of your life exploring a real life fairytale.

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