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Best Countries To Visit In June

Planning A Trip In June? Here's our list of best countries to visit in June

The month of the longest day of the year, June is a brilliant burst of summer and sunshine on most of the globe. With the day of Summer Solstice falling towards the end of June every year, it is evident that this time also has some of the longest and warmest days of the year. Spring leaves a beautiful heat in its wake and most of Europe, islands in the Indian Ocean and even the North American continent make for some great holiday spots. The best countries to visit in June, however, are listed and described below. So pick one and pack your bags, because it is June and it is time for the sun!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by http://coastalcare.org

Fabled to be the land of the great demon king Ravan, Sri Lanka is an island nation south of the Indian town of Kanya Kumari, situated in the vast Indian Ocean. With its gentle and steep trails, mountains and tea estates, Buddhist temples and forests, Sri Lanka has become a major tourist attraction in the South Asian circuit. June is a great month to visit the eastern coast of Sri Lanka as this part is quite dry and sees comfortable temperatures in the 20s. Elsewehre, June experiences much rainfall; but places like Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Uppuveli are drier. Nuwara Eliya is also very good in June.


Things to Do:

On the east coast of Sri Lanka, where the season is relatively dry, you must visit Trincomalee, a virgin paradise of beaches, white sand-walks and the famed Fort Frederick. Nilaveli and Uppuveli are a pair of beautiful beaches for just sun-bathing, lounging and relaxation. In Batticaloa, you must visit its lighthouse and then head to Arugam Bay. For wildlife lovers, there is the Kumana National Park only an hour’s drive from Arugam Bay, home to elephants, buffaloes and exotic birds and safaris. Other attractions here in June are Passikudah Beach, Pigeon Island and of course, the grand tea heaven - Nuwara Eliya. In Nuwara Eliya, you must take train rides, visit tea gardens and buy souvenirs. 


How to Reach: 

You can catch a flight from Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi or Delhi to Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport. Air India and Sri Lankan Airlines are the two major players on these routes. There are also luxury cruises leaving from Mumbai and Kochi. Once in Sri Lanka, you have the option of scenic train rides, road trips or flights for domestic travel.


Mauritius:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com

A beach paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius falls in the southern hemisphere. This means the seasons here are reversed and June means not summer but winter. Even so, June is a great time to visit Mauritius, with the gradually falling temperatures that drop below 23°C by some nights and remain on 25°C on most days. The days are bright because of Mauritius’ tropical placement and make for some amazing sandy vacation days for all. 


Things to Do:

In Mauritius, aside from beach-hopping and relaxing with your favourite book and drink, visit the famed Bois Cheri Tea Plantations. You can also choose some water sports like scuba diving and kite surfing in Belle Mare, cave sea kayaking in Albion Caves and snorkelling in Blue Bay Marine Park. For the daring lot, climb up a horse and ride into the sunset, literally; at Riambel Beach. These rides have experts accompanying you too. You may also hire a luxury yacht or sail in a cruise, go swimming or surfing in the sea. Nature lovers head to Mauritius National Botanical Garden, animal lovers to Tamarin Bay for dolphin watching and everyone else to Grand Bay for under-sea walking. The Albatross seaplane rides are also quite amazing, taking you over Mauritius in a jiffy. 


How to Reach:

When you fly out of India, you have the options of airlines like Jet Airways, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Emirates etc. Your landing spot in Mauritius is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Plaisance, which is only 50 km away from the capital city of Port Louis. Travelling in the country of Mauritius is usually done by hiring cars, taking bikes or motorbikes and via coaches/buses.


Croatia:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.visitadriatic.eu

An East-European country suffused with palm trees and beaches and white houses, islands and canyons and waterfalls, Croatia is a beauty on the coast of Adriatic Sea. With its medieval aura, gothic charm and architecture that goes back centuries, you feel as if all the wind has been knocked out of your chest at your first view of Croatia. Summer and spring are the best seasons for a holiday here and hence June, the start of proper summer, is appropriate for a trip.  Tourists flock here at this time and daily average rises to 22°C, with highs of 27°C and lows of 16°C. The sea is warm and days are long, what else does one want?


Things to Do:

Croatia is a collection of many islands and all the fun here starts with exploring nature. Go to the mesmerising Plitvice Lakes National Park which is home to a chain of terraced lakes with gushing waterfalls and a huge limestone canyon. A coveted island in Croatia for holiday is the Hvar island, situated in the Adriatic Sea. You can relax here, go for strolls, sit at beaches, visit ancient fortresses, walk past the old 13th-century walls and Renaissance buildings. Dubrovnik, the main city of Croatia, is a great haunt for pebbled beaches and lavender fields, along with pubs, night crawls and open-roof cafes. The Dalmatian Coast leads to the island of Vis and it is famous for legendary sea caves and Roman ruins. Also, do explore cathedrals like St. James Cathedral, Catherdral of St. Dominius and Euphrasian Basilica. For history nerds, touring Diocletian’s Palace and Roman Amphitheatre in Pula makes for more fun.


How to Reach: 

Croatia has four main international airports situated in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split and Pula. One-stop and two-stop flights from India include airlines like Air India, Jet, Air France and Lufthansa. You also have the option of taking a train from Austria, Germany, Greece or Serbia to Croatia.


Switzerland:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://commons.wikimedia.org

Cheese, chocolates, watches and super secure banks, Switzerland is famous for many diverse things. However, what most people forget to notice here, is the ethereal feel of the land, the watercolour-like mountain ranges, rivers and lakes - a lot like Yash Chopra movies. This country sees a brutally cold winter and when that snow thaws in spring/summer, it becomes possible to travel here for a vacation. In June, Switzerland becomes vibrant and a burst of colours take over all the whites and browns. The average temperature is 16°C and month high goes to about 21°C.


Things to Do: 

In Switzerland there are many amazing towns and cities worth visiting, starting Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Basel. The Zytglogge Clock Tower of Bern is a very coveted tourist attraction, as is Lucerne’s Wooden Chapel Bridge. Nature and sightseeing is cathartic at Interlaken, Lake Geneva and Mt. Titlis. The Titlis Walk is not for the faint hearted but makes for a moment of unadulterated pleasure, almost like a moment of a lifetime when you see Titlis from the middle of the bridge. Rhine falls is another place for rides and adventure activities; while exploring Chillon Castle, Pilatus and cable car rides at Matterhorn in Zermatt are great too. Skiing and paragliding can be done at Jungfrau.


While here, stuff yourself with cheese and chocolate every chance you get. Eat their delicious local dishes Raclette and Rosti, and pick up souvenir boxes of chocolates for back home. Also, save up and buy one of their insanely expensive but worth-all-that-money watches.


How to Reach: 

Fly into Zurich, Basel or Geneva airport from Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai. Airlines operating are Oman Air, Jet Airways, Emirates, Air India and British Airways. Trains also ply between other neighbouring European countries and Switzerland. For domestic commute, Switzerland is very well-connected by trains, to almost all of Europe. You can also hire cars or take domestic flights.


Tanzania:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://gecko-adventure.com

A wildlife paradise in the continent of Africa, Tanzania is made up of those dreams of streaming warm sun, grasslands, zebras and elephants and giraffes, and everything perfect. June is a relatively dry month in Tanzania and temperature stays between 20-30°C, with loads of sunshine and safaris that make for some amazing holidays. Zanzibar Island and Pemba Island make for the majority of Tanzania's landscape; and Zanzibar’s sandy beaches add more joy to an overall June vacation.


Things to Do:

June is the end of wet season in Zanzibar and hence the skies are crystal blue, days are sunny and beaches happy. Visit Stone Town to explore its markets, beaches and an interesting blend of Indian, Arab, Moorish, Persian and European cultures. Visit Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak, for mountain climbing; and explore the grasslands. This season is the time of the great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park, while black rhinos are abound in Ngorongoro Crater. Head to Mt. Meru for myth and fables as well as hikes, while other animals like zebras, elephants, chimpanzees, gazelles and big wild cats are very easy to spot. The country also boasts of many other parks and gardens, as well as souks or markets for shopping. 


How to Reach: 

Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro airports are major international airports of Tanzania and receive connecting Indian flights. Kenya Airlines, Qatar, Etihad, Turkish Airlines and Jet Airways are some of the many players on these routes. Railway lines from Rwanda, Zambia and Kenya also reach Tanzania. Once in Tanzania, you can get around by using their trains or hire cars. Buses and coaches also ply.


Alaska:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.explorefairbanks.com

One of the northern-most states of the United States, Alaska can be treated as a separate country in itself owing to its unique geographical landscape. It is located farther above Canada and is imagined as this set of white, icy paradise. But contrary to popular opinion, Alaska actually sees some of the longest days (read: 18 hour days) in summer. June, in fact, marks the longest day of the year i.e. summer solstice and temperatures are already quite pleasant (10-15°C). 


Things to Do:

Summer solstice on the 21st of June is an 18 hour long day, celebrated with much fanfare throughout Anchorage and other Alaskan cities. There is party, food, live music, and everything else under the midnight sun. You can wander around Alaska exploring the many forests, glaciers and mountains, visit Denali National Park, hike up Mt. McKinley and enjoy some outdoorsy time at Glacier Bay National Park. The country also boasts of Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum and Hubbard Glacier in Fairbanks. Adventure sports like mountain biking and kayaking are largely enjoyed at this time of the year, while whale-watching is a delight in Juneau, which is also the capital of Alaska. Unfortunately, if you are visiting Alaska for its Northern Lights then this is not the right time. Those are sighted only through winter, spring and fall (every season except the good ol’ summer).


How to Reach: 

One of the best ways to reach Alaska is to take a flight to Canada or the States from India and then connect a domestic flight up to Alaska. Delhi and Mumbai have a few connecting flights to Alaska too. There are some exceptional cruise liners that sail out of Vancouver and British Columbia (Canada) to Alaska as well. Ferries are good too. Ports you can dock on include South-central Alaska, Southeast Alaska and Anchorage.


Spain:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://kids.nationalgeographic.com

Spain is lovingly called the land of siestas, and also the land that gave the world some of the best footballers (read: Barcelona). With its alfresco cafes and bars, stone buildings and conical towers that date back centuries, and tapas serving the best churros and Gazpacho, this is a country that is in its best spirits through summer. June here marks the beginning of warm happy days and temperature rises to around 26°C. The sun streams in a happy beam and beaches of Ibiza and Canaries are more vibrant than ever.


Things to Do:

Visit the sunny, salty beaches of Ibiza and Canaries, stroll the streets of ancient Barcelona and party late in Madrid. Granada is another place to explore all the pent up history from an era gone by. Drink sangrias straight from the pitcher and stuff yourself with chocolate churros on the go; that is the kind of holiday Spain promises. Barcelona stuns with its walks, ancient marvels and churches like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and La Rambla Barcelona. Gothic Quarter here is a great place to hang out and socialise. Cordoba, a hot city of Spain is in full spirits, while Seville hosts some amazing festivals including bull fights. Ride the International Zip Line, tour Caminito del Rey, visit the Ice Bar for a drink and see the Holy Grail of Valencia Cathedral. Spain also boasts of Europe’s only desert - Almeria, and is home to the tomb of the great explorer Christopher Columbus.


How to Reach:

Spain has three main international airports - Madrid International Airport, Barcelona International Airport and Malaga International Airport. Mumbai and Delhi have 12-hour long flights to these Spanish cities. You can choose a train from other European cities neighbouring Spain, like from Italy and France. Driving options are available from Portugal, Andorra or France


Greece:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.nationalgeographic.com

Greek yogurt, Greek islands, Greek Gods… there’s so much Greek in our day-to-day discussions that we almost forget that Greece is a lot more than just our conversations. A brilliant country on the eastern threshold of Europe, Greece is home to white-and-cobalt islands, some pretty ancient monuments, myths and accounts that go back ages. It is the cradle of a civilisation that influenced all of Europe. In June, Greece is enthralled with summer, with temperatures hovering between 20-24°C. The skies are dry and sunny to ensure a happy holiday for you.


Things to Do:

Greece is an inexpensive place compared to the rest of Europe, so budget travellers, take note. Start with the city of Athens. Visit the legendary Parthenon, National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis here. Head to the historic city of Crete to learn more about the Greek gods and their mythology, climb Mt. Olympus, explore the beaches and sands of the coastal town of Greece. Some amazing islands here are the cobalt blue and white washed Santorini and terracotta-lined island of Mykonos. Knossos is the oldest city of Europe, while Olympia of Peloponnese is an archeological site. If you are fond of a rocking nightlife then Thessaloniki is for you. 


How to Reach:

Athens boasts of Greece’s main international airport - Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport. Turkish Airlines, Air France, Emirates and Jet Airways fly from Indian cities like Mumbai and New Delhi to Greece. You can also combine Greece with a holiday in Turkey, take a flight to Istanbul; and after seeing Turkey, head to Greece via road, flight, trains or a ferry. Trains from all over Europe terminate in Greece too.


France:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.webitmag.it

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity… the ideals of democracy that the world holds high today were given by France. France also gave us croissant and crepes. So that makes it a good place to visit, we suppose. With its iconic Eiffel Tower and Parisian fashion streets, France is a very coveted tourist destination through the summer months. June is probably the best time to visit France, what with all the sunshine, warmth and pleasant temperatures between 16-19°C. 


Things to Do:

Visit Paris for the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and the majestic Sienna slicing its way through the city of love. Coffee and wines are all the rage here, even at breakfast; as are crepes and croissants. Visit the many vineyards in the countryside to enjoy harvest events and cheese factories to see how authentic French cheese varieties are made. Corsica is particularly stunning at this time, with its virgin spreads of jungles and streams as well as cobbled city and old buildings that let out a Bohemian vibe (Tamasha anyone?). Sardina is great too, as is Marseille and Nice. Nice’s major attractions are Castle of Bastille and Promenade des Anglais. The French Rivera is crowded with the rich and famous of the world at this time. Monaco and Tropez are particularly busy. But their beaches are awesome and pebbled ones truly marvellous. Also, do not forget to visit Disneyland Paris.


How to Reach:

Paris and Orly boast of the two major international airports of France, receiving regular connecting flights from Indian cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. Air France, Air India, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, British Airways etc are the major airlines serving these routes. You can also fly to London and then cross the English channel into France. It is a very historic way of travelling, as vouched for by the aristocrats who escaped French Revolution and crossed the channel to England. Trains, flights and buses also ply from all across Europe to France.


Indonesia:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.brendansadventures.com

Bali is the highlight of this country, and yet Indonesia holds it own when it comes to tourism. Indonesia, a south-east Asian country made up of a collection of volcanic islands, is a beautiful holiday destination filled with beaches, jungles, hills and temples. June is a warm, dry month in Indonesia and sees average highs of 31°C and average lows of 22°C. You are welcome to go for animal safaris, relax down the beaches, have a drink at beach shacks, climb mountains or just pick a very plush resort and chill.


Things to Do:

With 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a lot of things to offer. Bali, the most famous of all cities here, is a phenomenon in itself, with the Bali Arts Festival and Kite Festival that is held from June to July. You have cheap shopping, beaches, water adventure, cafes and pubs like no other. Head to Kakaban Island to go swimming with jellyfishes, visit the world's largest Buddhist Temple - Borobudur, and check out Jakarta’s puppetry and gamelan music. Komodo is also home to elephants, orangutans and tigers. Other awesome cities to look out for are Ubud, Denpasar and Kuta. Prambanan is a holy Hindu site with 244 crumbling temples, while Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls make for a nice picnic spot. Attend the Ramayana Ballet in the Prambanan temple complex and also check out Bada Valley for its Lore Lindu National Park and 5,000 year old megaliths.


How to Reach: 

Indonesia’s Ngurah Rai International Airport (also known as Denpasar International Airport) located in south Kuta is the place where flights from major countries land. Taxis and cars can be hired outside the airport for your next stop. Regular flights from India are operated to Indonesia. Cruises operate to Bali from Singapore, Java and even Sumatra.


Canada:  Best Countries To Visit In June
Photograph by https://www.readersdigest.ca

The beautiful land north of the United States of America, Canada is an amalgamation of modern cities like Toronto and natural marvels like the Niagara Falls. What is so unique about Canada is that it is fast becoming an inclusive country, one of the few in the world that is accepting immigrants fleeing the volatile middle-east and the ISIS. It is also the country to legalise marijuana. Canada sees sharp, brutal winters that freeze everything. But come summer and delights abound. In June, the weather is pleasant, with day highs of 19°C and night lows of 5°C.


Things to Do:

There is a lot to do in Canada, from city-scaping through metropolises like Toronto (A civilised version of New York) to going down the countryside and fishing, hiking and camping. Head to Ripley's Aquarium for a class in marine lifeforms and hang out at the iconic Niagara Falls. One of Canada’s stunning cites, Montreal, is also home to the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica, while Toronto boasts of the St. Lawrence Market and CN Tower. You can choose to dine at the restaurant in the revolving CN Tower; it is definitely a marvellous experience  The many national parks here are a delight too and include Banff National Park and Stanley Park. You can visit lakes, hike up glaciers and do short walks here. Some awesome lakes here are Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. For historical landmarks and architecture, head to the Old Quebec city.


How to Reach: 

Canada’s major airports are located in Toronto (Toronto Pearson International Airport) and Vancouver (Vancouver International Airport). Air Canada operates regular flights from Mumbai and Delhi daily. For commuting within Canada, you can hire cars, use their system of trains or just fly. For domestic everyday travel, use their fine subways, taxis or book a car.

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