Best Honeymoon Places in the World

Planning your Honeymoon? Here is a List of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World.

There is a special kind of name for people who scourge high and low, sieve through brochures and google, interrogate married friends and family incessantly about the best honeymoon destination to take their partner to. No, it’s not ‘crazy.’ It’s ‘in love.’ 


If you are one of those rare kinds, who has been trying to rack their brains as well as the internet for a romantic chill getaway for your honeymoon, your shuttle has landed on the right planet. We believe that the holiday of honeymoon is one of the most special times in a couple’s life, probably the one coming close to their time as an engaged couple where they are still stealing glances but also holding hands. On your honeymoon, you get to be a real couple, a husband and wife, a pair companions for the first time in life. And you also get to leave behind all those bickering relatives and wedding planners and stressors of your D-Day behind. So here we have compiled an extensive list of options for you to pick from; there are beach destinations and quaint islands, there are snowy hill towns as well as cities that have through the majority of modern history been dedicated to love. Here we have some of the best honeymoon destinations the world has to offer.


Paris:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The city of love, Paris needs no introduction. If you are already not here with the conviction that you want to go to Paris, probably a portrait of this city will convince you that there is no other like it. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, delicate macaroons from pastel-coloured bakeries, cafes serving coffees and croissants all day and little pretty tables and chairs lined on the sidewalk. Out of a fairytale right? Well, that’s France and Paris for you; a city where you can live as well as express love freely. Hold hands down the cobbled streets, kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower, dance in one of the artsy garages with other couples, shop Parisian clothes, ride a cruise on River Seinne and pray at the Notre Dame. The city of love isn’t called so for no reason after all!


Maldives:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Pristine aqua sea fringed by marine colourful corals and sands that glitter almost gold in the sun. Maldives is paradise from another universe. Honeymooners flock here in all the seasons so there is plenty of privacy too, as everybody is lost in their own world. The resorts, locals as well as the authorities of Maldives are very welcoming to new couples, and you will get some complementaries at least once at your stay. Most island beaches and resorts are so plush and pretty that you get your own personal infinity pool or a part of the lagoon just outside your room. So if you are a beach baby and want to experience a part of this haven, bring your spouse here after marriage.


Mauritius:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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One of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world, for decades Mauritius has lured newly wed couples into its Indian Ocean islands. White sands and colourful marine, volcanic mountains and colourful plains, beaches with rare fauna and sanctuaries of migratory birds; Mauritius boasts of a culture just as vivid. With a mix of Indian, Creole and French origin inhabitants, this island nation gives you all the best things that a couple in love needs. Privacy, romantic setting, some adventure for your first adrenaline rush together, and loads of scenic sunsets to walk hand in hand to.


Singapore:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Singapore is an island country, and the name itself brings to imagination beautiful skyscrapers and thumping nightlife, incessant fun at theme parks like the Universal Studios and Night Safari, as well as loads and loads of shopping. So husbands who really really love their new wives, this is the chance to prove yourself by giving them a Singapore shopping street and a bottomless credit card! 


Just kidding. 


No, not really. 


But couples choose Singapore for its fine city life, luxurious hotel experiences, the Marina Bay’s rooftop parties and the overall feel of the city.


Langkawi:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Langkawi is a tropical island in Malaysia and is known for its pristine beaches and fairytales and legends. With its awe-inspiring beaches that stretch back into virgin forests, resorts that are so comfy that you wouldn’t want to leave the bed, and activities centred around couples, this island town is a very coveted honeymoon destination. Sailing, cable car rides, sky bridges, underwater explorations… you name it and Langkawi offers it.


Hawaii:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Think beaches and cool water, coconut shell garlands and Kauai colourful skirts. Think locals playing bongos and fluorescent drinks with umbrellas in it, black beaches and volcanoes in the distance. That is Hawaii. A majestic collection of islands, for families and honeymooners alike. Outdoor and beach parties, couples’ dance lessons, romantic sailing trips and much more is on offer here. Islands like Maui, Kauai and Oahu attract a load of tourism from new couples. You can also climb up lone hiking trails with your partner, explore untrodden paths and discover the peak together. Hawaii gives you the opportunity to discover new things together. And then celebrate them on the beach with a bang.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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A small island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is not more than 6 miles long. Wonder what such a small island is doing on this list of best honeymoon destinations of the world? Well, that’s the point really. This island makes up in beauty what it loses in size. There are lagoons so aqua here that you’d lose your mind looking at them, skies so blue and sunny that you would feel toasted and golden, waters so beautifully warm that be it swimming or snorkelling, you and your partner won’t wish to come out. This French Polynesian island is considered topmost for its beauty and hence coveted by honeymooning couples all round the year.


Fiji:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Fiji is synonymous to volcanoes and lagoons and beaches. There are also romantic coral reefs outlining the beaches and resorts that offer you the much needed privacy with luxury. Romance is in the air here in Fiji; and for couples who are suckers for adventure and outdoors, the island offers great water and hiking sports opportunities. There are pretty little trains for long leisurely walks too, as well as ancient natural sites and local villages to explore the culture of Fiji. With colourful drinks in hand and the sunset in the sea, enjoy the arms of your partner wrapped around you. Fiji is that kind of destination.

New Zealand

New Zealand:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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New Zealand is a Southern Hemisphere country that is another great honeymoon haunt. It has emerged as a growing tourism hotspot and has risen to list of top honeymoon destinations around the world. With its alpine volcanoes, some still active, multi coloured laval rock formations and lakes that have steams coming out of them, New Zealand has a stunning natural landscape. Its inherent beauty, the deep rooted culture of its aborigines and the rolling meadows of vineyards and shrubs make it ideal for a quaint romance after your wedding. Many couples have recently preferred road trips in New Zealand, as well as chosen to stay at boutique hotels instead of five stars. The months from November to February-March are ideal for a holiday here.


Santorini:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The Santorini Island of Greece is the perfect paradise for honeymooning. White-washed houses and cobalt blue domes and roofs, stone chapels that are hundreds of years old tucked away in slope cobble-stoned streets; bougainvillea canopies of fuchsia and whites over quaint cafes that serve all day Greek breakfast. What’s not to love about Santorini? The island makes you fall in love, not only with itself but each other. The red and black floor beaches are unique too here and you can easily go swimming in the Aegean, explore the sites of Minoan Pompeii, shop, hike and visit wineries to drink the best of the area. Spring and autumn months are the best for a visit here.


Bali:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Bali is Indonesia’s holiday haven. With its pristine expanse and the coastline curving by the turquoise waters, the island town is a honeymooner couple’s delight through and through. There are green forests and hills that are verdant, as well as safari parks where elephants are looked after and spas where the best massages are offered. With such variety of activities, how can a couple in love not enjoy? Hikes, safaris, swims and spas. A much in love, tired-after-their-wedding couple will find the ultimate peace and romance here.


Switzerland:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains, lakes that reflect the sky and forests that smell of pine - Switzerland is a piece of heaven. Lovers of cheeses and chocolates and classic Swiss knives and watches, lo and behold! Here’s the place to bring your significant other for a romance like that of Yashraj movies. Summer and spring and winter, all three seasons are great for honeymooners; in the former you can go around the lakes and valleys holding hands while the latter locks you up in a romantic chalet with some wine, chocolate fountain and a roaring fireplace. Cities like Zurich, Interlaken and Jungfraujoch are great for romantic getaways.


Venice:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Some would call it the ‘Dharavi of West,’ but well, that’s just a matter of perspective. If you find romance hidden in narrow canals and cozy Italian gondola drivers who flirt endlessly, if your idea of a romantic honeymoon date is pasta and wine in one of the many cafes lined by the canal, if you are a sucker for a city that stays on water 24/7 then here’s Venice for you. Go to the chapels and churches here, eat the best Italian, share away cones and cones of gelato with your beloved and spend evenings riding in gondolas.


Bahamas:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The Bahamas, off the coast of Florida, is a group of islands in the Atlantic. The archipelago consists of more than 700 islands and is renowned for the coral reefs, beaches, plush resorts and scuba diving activities. Grab your partner’s hand and stroll into the paradise dream that is the Bahamas - pinkish sands tickling bare feet, sun somersaulting over the turquoise Atlantic waters, billowing sarongs and cool shaded palms. You can also go for snorkelling and scuba diving excursions, indulge at the Andros Barrier Reef or just bring out your inner James Bond at the Thunderball Grotto.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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A Central American country known for its year-round rainforests and shorelines that kiss the Pacific and Caribbean, Costa Rica is a goldmine of romance and adventure. There are stunning beaches and thrilling volcanoes, jungles that are so green and thick that sunlight rarely sieves through and wildlife that makes your eyes pop. The main highlight here is its rainforest tourism and activities like zip-lining, hiking and trekking. Couples who are fond of these activities will find great pleasure sharing Costa Rica as the first step after marriage.

Turks & Caicos Islands

Turks & Caicos Islands:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Turks and Caicos, another one of the archipelagoes in the Atlantic make for a heavenly retreat for honeymooning couples. Luxury resorts, high street and plush brands, shopping streets that stock up on all that Gucci and Fendi, beaches with colourful corals and a dramatic underwater wall off the Grand Turk; there’s just too much to explore and experience together at the Turks & Caicos Islands. The water here is azure in colour and shimmers in the bright sun, the seafood is crisp and makes for the best aphrodisiac, while the ambience romances you like no other.


Italy:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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An Italian Honeymoon sounds like a great name for your honeymoon album. Isn’t it? 


With its long summers and skies the colour of cobalt, cities that are ancient and villages that stretch with never-ending rolls of vines, Italy is an amazing choice for honeymooning. You can go to Rome and relive the ’53 classic Roman Holiday with your beloved, walk around the Vatican City, explore unique cities like Venice and Milan together or head to Bologna for the best spaghetti of your lives. If you and your partner are art lovers then there is no better romance than Florence. Go find Michelangelo’s sculptures and walk the bridges where Botticelli walked, admire the galleries and art museums and do not miss the legendary Duomo. Drive down the Amazlfi coast and spend a little time touring Sicily, make Italian food your new aphrodisiac and cool down with all day gelato.


Tanzania:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Tanzania is a great destination for couples who love wildlife, nature, sunsets and long camps in forests. With its many different safaris and animal sightings of the big-5 (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino), tribal performances, indigenous campings and beaches that are oh-so-relaxing, this country is just the kind of honeymoon that thrill-seekers desire. You can also take your partner trekking up to Mt. Kilimanjaro, book luxury tents for your stay, hire a farmhouse to put up at or locate a guesthouse.


Lisbon:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon is all blue waters and white houses, cobblestone streets and red roofs. The city is a romance so lyrical, that new couples will find themselves lost in a European movie while they explore high and low. The food here is heavenly, bearing high Spanish influence and seafood that melts in your mouth, the sites around please your eye and the city itself gives off an old-world charm with walled city ramparts, trams that go up and down the mountain in the distance and hotels that look like stone historical buildings. The spring and summer months are beautiful for your honeymoon, so ditch the world and land in Lisbon!


Peru:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The South American country renowned for its Amazon rainforests, the pre-historic city in the Andes and the fabled Machu Pichu; Peru is a true adventure delight. Honeymooners who love scourging history and are trek-enthusiasts as well, go for a hike to Mach Pichu, the Inca Trail and Sacred Valley Civilisation hunt. The archeological site is high up in the Andes, ensconced in evergreens and mist. You can also explore the Lima coast by the Pacific, see sunrises with your partner, chat up locals and get charmed by them in turn.


Egypt:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Imagine the pyramids and camel rides over sand dunes, with the sun setting in the background. Imagine the rich culture of local Egyptians, dress in their kaftans and abhayas, archeological sites that tell you of pharaohs and their lives, the Mediterranean Sea kissing one of the shores you visit and temples that have language carved into them from even before the modern world knew it to exist. Egypt is a holiday for couples that are into the mystical as well as the mythical, who love history and enjoy exploring different cultures. And then of course, there is the Pyramid of Giza for romance!


Vietnam:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Paddy rice fields, marshes where they end, water holding long wooden boats and boatsmen cooking up the best pho you’ve eaten on the deck itself… that’s Vietnam for lovers in a nutshell. The country has a unique concept of romance; it lives in the heritage and natural charm here, in the private islands that are virgin and trains that look like they came from 1860s. There are luxurious hotels and resorts as well, private dining and villas to wine your spouse when all the exploration is over. So choose Vietnam for its sheer experience in shaping you as a new couple.


Japan:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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One of the most underrated holiday as well as honeymoon destination of the world, Japan is simply beautiful. With its Asian temples and Japanese style pagoda roofs, quaint gardens and manmade ponds to break the greens up, tall skyscrapers of cities like Tokyo to give you that contemporary feel, and tea houses that serve you some of the most refreshing Japanese beverages and deserts, Japan stuns its visitors. If you are planning a honeymoon and want an off-the-beaten track destination then here it is. For the most romantic time, visit Japan during spring months of March to May. It is the season of Sakura or cherry blossom, when most of the greens of the country turn baby pink and white with the blossoms.


Austria:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Austria is a beautiful country of some of the most stunning historic buildings and streets. Vienna is the centre for art, drama and baroque theatres, as well as architecture which is a mix of gothic and baroque. With its palaces, theatres, parliament buildings, mountain chalets and the mighty river Danube, Austria is a paradise of art and culture for honeymooners who are fond of these subjects. There is also a decidedly Bohemian vibe in some of the BoHo villages nearby, as well as lake towns that are resorts of their own.


London:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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London is London. All British vogue and historical charm, black cabs wafting by and the red buses and telephone booths standing out in all the grey gloom. If you are a lover of everything British, if you have a soft spot for plaid jackets and double decker buses and high-street fashion and shopping, then London it is for honeymoon! You can do a lot of sightseeing, visit some amazing clubs and restaurants, check out museums dedicated to personalities like Shakespeare and explore SoHo like a real tourist.


Turkey:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Turkey is a place you may not find on most of the top honeymoon destination lists. But the fact is, that Turkey is a real gem of a place. Istanbul itself is a lyrical paradox of old minarets and mosques as well as modern day skyscrapers, the Ottoman museums as well as cool clubs and bars. There are other fascinating places for lovers here, like Pamukkale’s white travertine terraces, the hot-air balloon rides over the ruins of Cappadocia, the quaint charming beaches of Izmir and the fierce character and culture of the Karadeniz (Black Sea) region of Trabzon. Even though Istanbul is an Islamic country, it has advanced very well with the rest of the world. So public displays of affection, holding hands, kissing etc are not looked down upon here. Just respect places like mosques and refrain, like you would do in any other Asian or European temple.


Iceland:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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They say the skies turn the colour of rainbow when you are in love. Well, back in Iceland, the skies actually turn to rainbow for half of the year. Yes, we are talking about the Northern Lights. Honeymooning couples planning winter holidays, Iceland is the place to go to. With its mix of glaciers and volcanoes, glass igloo rooms, cities that are clean and colourful, and waterfalls that freeze like a witch’s tresses, Iceland bodes so well for couples starting life together. There are national parks, hot springs, lagoons, huskies and sledge rides and much more to make your trip romantic.


Finland:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Another great place to go for northern lights, saunas, undulated charming nature and the lapalnds - Finland is orgasmic from the word go. Winter honeymoons are all the rage here, and you can go diving in a frozen lake, watch the sky come alive with Northern Lights, feed reindeer biscuits from your own mouth, ride snowmobiles and take sledge safaris. There are many great resorts as well as unique glass igloo rooms that make sure you open your eyes to the snowed-in white jungle outside while you are warm and toasty inside. Couples can also book spas, massages and special saunas, hike up to waterfalls and also visit the Santa Village up near the North Pole.


Ibiza:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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Bright sunny skies and glittering beaches, glamorous tourists that either belong to the rich and famous belt of the world or are Hollywood/ Bollywood personalities. Ibiza is a Spanish paradise, with lush green forests, villages that are winded up in the hills, private beaches which afford you amazing opportunities for romance and turquoise seas that welcome you for everything from swims to snorkelling to sailing. If you and your partner are in the glamorous beach holiday kinda mood, then Ibiza is your ultimate honeymoon destination.


Capri:  Best Honeymoon Places in the World
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The isle of Capri is an Italian surprise, a hidden secret tucked away in the Bay of Naples. It is a landscape of rugged beauty which blends seamlessly with green verdant cliffs overlooking the deep blue sea. The place is a great summer honeymoon destination, and you will find yourself surrounded by yachts and boats dotting the sea, underwater marine life looking up at you as you swim, coves studded with natural beauty and some great shopping streets in the town by the bay. Visit Mt. Solaro with your partner, sail through the sea, explore the history of their villages, shop, eat, repeat till you drop in bed together!

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