Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

Looking for Cheap Honeymoon Places? Here's a List of the Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations.

A honeymoon forms one of the most special, most celebrated times in a couple’s life. And yes, most do splurge on the said holiday, considering it comes once in a lifetime. But there is something very smart in budgeting and planning it right, so that you can recover from all the expensive jazz and partying that went on during the wedding! So for those who are hunting down the cheapest, most budget honeymoon destinations, here’s our list to help you pick from.


Bali:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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A tropical holiday that does not make a dent in your bank balance, Bali is a very poplar, and albeit very highly recommended honeymoon destination. This is the kind of place where you can do the best of activities, avail the best and most luxurious of services at a fraction of a price. From beaches to volcanoes, resorts to big hotels, it’s all super affordable around here. The food is amazing, water sports and adventure sports not nearly as expensive as other countries, and romance leaping off even a simple sunset. On an average, you can honeymoon in Bali for a week on a budget of 1.2 to 1.5 lakh per couple (all expenses included).


Turkey:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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At first glance, Turkey can come off as an expensive destination, with its European feel, marvellous locales and a plethora of cultural extravaganza. But really, Turkey is quite affordable for most Indian pockets. And a delight to honeymoon in too. From the beaches of Antalya to the ruins of Mardin, hot-air balloon rides in Cappadoccia and snowy expeditions in Kars, Turkey leaves you smitten. Istanbul is especially a romantic’s paradise, with its mosques and palaces, the Bosphorus and Black sea, chay and simit vendors on street and seagulls hovering to be fed. On a budget spanning 2-2.5 lakhs, you and your partner can have a pretty lavish holiday around Turkey.


Bhutan:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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A neighbour of India’s and pretty easy to get to, Bhutan is the happiest country in the world. Literally. Their government bases its progress report on their Happiness Quotient and not GDP. With undulating green slops, Buddhist monasteries, yoga and meditation centres, fortresses and spa resorts, Bhutan is the best and cheapest place to relax after a stressful wedding. On a budget less than 1 lakh you can enjoy the delights of this country with your partner. Go for hikes, walk hand in hand up the summit, indulge in local culture and customs and breathe in some of the cleanest air this side of Asia.


Nepal:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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Another neighbour sharing borders with India, Nepal is all about ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist monks, tall snow-capped Himalayan mountains and flora that steals your breath every time you look. It is ideally labelled as the country of miracles. With the scenic roll of hills, the magnificent god-like Mt. Everest chain rising beyond and so much adventure to take in, Nepal is perfect for honeymooning couples who are into nature, wildlife and adventure. It is also pretty cheap, the roundabout cost for a couple starting at anywhere between 30-50,000.


Thailand:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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One of the most coveted honeymoon destinations in the world, not only Asia, Thailand is a country of beaches, islands, Buddhist temples and tame tigers. From mad shopping in Bangkok to the scenic beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui, insanity and romance bang together to create a beautiful explosion of fun for you and your partner. There are moonlight walks by beaches as well as all-night parties, special secured candle-light dinners under gazebos followed by long shopping walk-downs through local streets. And all on a great budget!


Vietnam:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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The land of Vietnam is blessed by a benevolent mother nature. Never-ending rolls of meadows, terraces of rice and paddy fields, sunshine that paints the air literally and towns that are ripe with ancient temples. Could you imagine anything better than an amalgamation of these for a honeymoon? Of course, there is enough adventure to thrill you for life here too. Places like Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An (lit by lanterns at night) and Ho Chi Minh add that extra doze of romance to your honeymoon. All in all, a budget of 75,000 to 1 lakh will suffice for you to enjoy Vietnam with your partner for a week.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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An island in the south of the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka is known for its beaches, offshore temples, highlands and tea plantations. A very nature-driven holiday with your new partner, Sri Lanka is all about the wonders that are real and born of god. A lavish honeymoon here spent exploring places like Bentota, Sigiriya, Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Nuwara Eliya is the best around. Loads of peace, some adventure and all nature. The best part? The honeymoon is more than affordable with around a lakh INR for a couple’s stay for a week, give or take (usually including air fare and accommodation).


Italy:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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Taken, Italy is located in the continent of Europe - one of the most expensive continents there is. Yet, it is not all that expensive to spend a honeymoon wandering the towns of Italy. For starters, the airfares to Italy can be cheap if booked well in advance. And the boutique hotels in most cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Bologna etc are really plush and sweet at throw-away prices. Food may be a bit expensive but hey, you wouldn’t have eaten pasta or pizza like that anywhere else! So on a frugal budget of 1.2-2 lakhs you can do a honeymoon in Italy. Cut back on buying tickets to every listed site, instead stroll around the said site for the real experience. That cuts your budget substantially.


Egypt:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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This African country, known for its decided Arabic culture, souks, camels, caravan serais and the great pyramids is a honeymoon destination that is off the beaten track. And quite inexpensive if one can say so. Cairo is the most beautiful re-enactment of Aladdin’s markets, while Taba, Luxor and Alexandria kindle a new kind of romance in you with their ancient arid beauty. Egypt Honeymoon can be accomplished on a starter budget of 1.2-1.6 lakh, with the least fanfare. Shopping in its markets, eating unlimited dates and grapes and drinking some amazing coffee can be counted as an added bonus.


Philippines:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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A small set of islands in Pacific Ocean touching Southeast Asia, Philippines are all about sun, sand, water and exotic vibes. More than 7000 islands come together to make this archipelago, and it becomes a romantic little hideout for couples new and old. From the Spanish colonies to Manila’s street food, crystal clear beach waters to adventures like cliff boarding and scuba diving, you will be in for a treat. And lo and behold! The country is inexpensive to travel to and live in! A couple can easily spend one week of honeymoon here in a lakh INR.


Russia:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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The erstwhile Soviet Union, one of the two super powers of one time, is today a great budget honeymoon getaway for couples seeking culture, history and oodles of romance in one place. This gem of a country has so much deep-soaked history, from the palaces of St Petersburg to the delightfully shaped cathedrals of Moscow, from Lake Baikal to the spa city of Kislovodsk. A week’s worth of honeymoon here will set a couple back by around 95,000, which is pretty cheap, all things considered.


Maldives:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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The country of Maldives is a beautiful honeymoon paradise for couples. With its peaceful serene islands, crystal sea water, glittering pale sands and resorts that extend into the water, Maldives is luxury personified. Even so, with all that luxury, it is not as expensive as you would imagine. You and your partner can easily enjoy a Maldivian honeymoon at a package cost of 1.3 lakhs plus. This includes airfare, hotel accommodations and a few adventure activities if they are included in your package.


Cambodia:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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Another Southeast Asian paradise, Cambodia is a haven of some of the oldest Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, pagodas and heritage towns. The natural beauty of its villages and landscapes add to that allure of its mystery, making Cambodia highly coveted among the honeymooners. From lakes to temples, the magnificent Angkor Wat to Sihanoukville, Kratie to Koh Ker, you will be completely enthralled here. On a budget of around 90,000 you can easily enjoy a couple’s holiday here for 5-6 days.


Kyrgyzstan:  Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget
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Kyrgyzstan or the Kyrgyz Republic is a central Asian country. It is less known in the popular honeymoon and travel circles, but forms a beautiful centre to spend a romantic holiday. With its landlocked mountains and lakes, ancient heritage cities and solitude, Kyrgyzstan is perfect if you wish to do something different and yet enjoy nature and a unique culture on the side. Hikes, camps by lakes, caves, hot springs and canyons are just some of the highlights of this country. And the best part? You can budget your honeymoon here, do the full holiday starting at 80,000 INR. Cities like Bishkek, Osh, Karakol are very welcoming, and the people here just as sweet.

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