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Thailand Weather And Best Time To Visit Thailand

Planning A Trip To Thailand? Here's a snapshot of Thailand weather and the best time to visit Thailand

Thailand is known throughout the world for its warm and welcoming people and beautiful beaches. The country is the most favored holiday destination among backpackers from different corners of the world. Thailand experiences a typical tropical climate that consists of three seasons – hot, cool and wet. The southern region of the country is a peninsula area and experiences monsoon climate almost throughout the year. For those of you planning to visit the country, here's a detailed weather guide to help you decide the best time to visit Thailand.

Summer (March to June)

Summer (March to June):  Thailand Weather And Best Time To Visit Thailand
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The subtropical climate in Thailand leads to hot and humid conditions throughout the year. The highest average temperature of the year can be witnessed in the month of April with the maximum temperature reaching to 40° C. With the onset of summer during March, the temperature is usually between 25°C and 34°C but it rises steadily. The average humidity is around 70% during this time of the year. There are occasional rains too. From March till May the temperature and humidity rise as the cooling winds depart.

Monsoon (June to October)

Monsoon (June to October):  Thailand Weather And Best Time To Visit Thailand
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The onset of monsoon begins from the end of May in the northern part of Thailand with 60% chance of rain. The monsoon varies from region to region in Thailand. As the season progresses, the rains become heavier. The monsoon season reaches it peak in the months of August and September. Yet the temperature remains high during the monsoon, between 28° C to 34° C.


On the Andaman Sea, Krabi, Phuket, Khao Lak and the west coast side, the monsoon begins from the month of June and continues till the month of October. The temperature dips down gradually during these months. Sometimes the rains continue until the month of November. In the Gulf coast of Thailand - Samui, Phangan, and Tao, the rainy season sometimes begins as late as October and can continue through the month of May.


The best thing about visiting Thailand during monsoon is that it is considered off season, so the beaches will be less crowded. You may also get good bargains during the off season.

Winter (November to February)

Winter (November to February):  Thailand Weather And Best Time To Visit Thailand
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Although there is no winter season in Thailand, the weather during the months of November to February is pleasant as compared to other months. The climate is dry and less humid. The months from November to February are considered the best time to travel the country. Naturally, this is when Thailand witnesses a high footfall of tourists. January is the coolest month with very little chances of rain.


It is necessary to make plans in advance if you are planning to visit Thailand between November to February. The flight charges shoot-up and it is difficult to make reservations at hotels due to high demand. Irrespective of the usual hot and humid weather, Thailand can be considered as a year-round tourist destination.

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