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Lucknow Weather And Best Time To Visit Lucknow

Planning A Trip To Lucknow? Here's a snapshot of Lucknow weather and the best time to visit Lucknow

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is located in the northern part of India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that since the place has been ruled by Nawabs, it has a plethora of cultural literature, music, dance, arts and crafts and people from different parts of India flock to this destination throughout the year to enjoy and learn about the cultural heritage of Lucknow. Weather in Lucknow is classified as a warm subtropical climate making it a great place to visit at any time of the year. While summers are quite hot, temperatures drop in the months of monsoon and especially winter, making it one of the best times to visit Lucknow. Below is a list of seasons experienced by the region of Lucknow, so that you can decide when it is the best time for you to visit this beautiful city.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Lucknow Weather And Best Time To Visit Lucknow
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Summers in Lucknow are absolutely hot and dry, making the climate very harsh. The heat starts to creep in the last week of March and surfaces fully in the month of April, going all the way until June. Temperatures during this season range from 30°C in the night to a soaring 45°C in the daytime, especially afternoons. This climate is also accompanied by hot winds known as Loo blowing throughout the season, making it quite stuffy and uncomfortable to go out sightseeing. If you aren’t too fond of the hot weather, this may not be the best time to visit.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Lucknow Weather And Best Time To Visit Lucknow
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With the start of light showers in the month of July, the monsoon season brings in some respite for the people in Lucknow. The season lasts until September and sees a good amount of rainfall until then and the temperatures starts to drop. During monsoons temperatures range from 32°C in the day time to 25°C in the night and are accompanied by cool winds. Considering the fact that the climate is quite pleasant during this time, it may be a good time to visit Lucknow. Even though humidity is at its peak and roads are wet and slippery, the region sees a lot of tourist footfalls during this time.

Winter (October-March)

Winter (October-March):  Lucknow Weather And Best Time To Visit Lucknow
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With the onset of winter in Lucknow, the region starts to see a much cooler climate than it does in the first half of the year. This is one of the best seasons to visit Lucknow as it is cool, pleasant and the perfect climate for sightseeing. Temperatures in winter range from 24°C in the day to 5°C in the night, making it ideal for a nice and cozy trip. This is a great time to check out the different attractions that Lucknow has to offer as the climate is suitable. The months from October to March see a lot of festivities, making the place light up with excitement and joy. Make sure you carry suitable clothing as some nights can get colder than others.

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