How To Reach Belgium

Planning A Trip To Belgium? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Belgium

Belgium, the word would bring the taste of warm gooey waffles to your tongue and probably the feeling of a decadent cup of hot chocolate in your palms of your hands. All that is well and good of course, but Belgium is a country of more than just its treats! From its grand city squares to idyllic beaches, baroque palaces to cathedrals to cafes; Belgium is a dream that lives in slow motion. Already lusting after a holiday in Belgium, well, you wouldn’t need to reach there in slow motion. Here’s the fastest and most convenient ways to reach Belgium.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Belgium
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Belgium boasts of many airports in its numerous cities, but the most significant one is in its capital Brussels. The Brussels Airport connects to all major cities of the world, including India. The airport as such is not a part of the main city but is located closely in Flanders, from where regular trains connect to the city centre. You can fly to Belgium from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc with airlines like Air India, Qatar, Jet Airways, Brussels Airlines etc. 


Aside from this airport, the next most significant airport in Belgium is the Antwerp Airport, as the city is a diamond hub and a major business centre. Ostend and Liege Airports are next in line.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Belgium
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Belgium boasts of great roads, internally, as well as those connecting it to neighbouring countries like Netherlands, France, Germany etc. Buses ply between these countries with operators like Eurolines (Antwerp to Paris, London, Amsterdam etc, Brussels to Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London etc). Flixbus is another widely used service in the region. You can also drive down yourself or hire a chauffeur driven car to cruise down Belgium. European Highways E17, E19, E313, E314, E411 and E40 traverse Belgium. One of the most picturesque road trips is from Antwerp to Amsterdam as you see the sunshine-laden sunflower fields transform into tulip meadows as you cross the border.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Belgium
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One of the best ways to reach Belgium from neighbouring countries is by train. It is convenient, cheap, comfortable, and very very beautiful. There are many direct trains to Brussels from Rotterdam, Paris, London, Lyon, Basel and Frankfurt. Eurostar is the major train operator and is connected very well domestically as well as internationally. The other major operator is France’s TGV high speed trains that connect Belgian cities to Lyon, Paris and even Geneva.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Belgium
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The Belgians love to cycle, like many Dutch do. So if you are game for it, rent a bike and peddle away to your destinations. The flatland of the country coupled with dedicated cycling tracks aid in the process, and it is a taken that cycling is the uncrowned national sport of Belgium. The other way to get around in a Belgian city is by a taxi, by renting a car, or taking the subway metro (only in Brussels). Belgian Railways are also great for inter-city travel, as are trains.

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