Champaranya Weather And Best Time To Visit Champaranya

Planning A Trip To Champaranya? Here's a snapshot of Champaranya weather and the best time to visit Champaranya

Chhattisgarh is one of the largest states in India having a wide variety of places to go to that have different cultures and traditions. One such place is Champaran, a small town located in Raipur District, very close to the capital city Raipur. This town has a lot of temples and appeals to a lot of religious people in the country. Since Champaran has a lot of religious influence, it is visited by many pilgrims throughout the year. But before you get geared up for your trip, you must look up the weather in Champaran just to be sure of how it is going to be. Summers are extremely hot and winters are the best time to visit Champaran. Let’s have a look at the seasons of Champaran below.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Champaranya Weather And Best Time To Visit Champaranya
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Champaran is situated at the center of the state which experiences very hot and dry summers. This season starts in the first week of April and stays all the way until June with temperatures being quite drastic; during the daytime temperatures go up to an average of 42°C and cools down a little in the night at 35°C. These temperatures are quite high and make the town very hot and stuffy; some summers are brutal and temperatures shoot up even higher than usual, making it quite unbearable, especially for someone who does not live there. If you are visiting during this time, make sure you carry light clothes and hydrate yourself frequently.

Monsoon (July-October)

Monsoon (July-October):  Champaranya Weather And Best Time To Visit Champaranya
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Giving some respite in the last week of June and stretching all the way till October, the monsoons bless the region of Champaran. Temperatures during monsoons range from an average high of 32°C during the daytime to a low of 27°C in the nighttime. The rains are quite heavy at this time, but quite bearable; hence this is also a good time to visit Champaran, if you don’t mind some rain. The cool showers are accompanied by cold winds, especially at night which makes it quite cold and enjoyable to visit. This is also the time for several festivals in Champaran and it is very much worth visiting.

Winter (November-March)

Winter (November-March):  Champaranya Weather And Best Time To Visit Champaranya
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Winters in Champaran are one of the best seasons overall in the entire year with temperatures dropping down drastically compared to summers. Temperatures during this time range from 25°C in the daytime to 12°C in the night, making it much colder than any other season. Some winters are colder than usual and the mercury may drop down even further to about 8°C-10°C, making it very chilly. If you are visiting Champaran during winters, make sure you carry warm clothes and cover yourself enough to enjoy the climate and the place. This is the best time to go sightseeing in this town due to it being windy, cold and absolutely pleasant.

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