Tourist Places To Visit In Austria

Planning A Trip To Austria? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Austria

The first thing that comes to mind when someone say Austria is Christmas. Why? Because it is a fact well acknowledged that the country is known for its exceptionally beautiful Christmas night markets that sell everything from trinkets to festive decorations, clothes to stockings to pastries, all under the twinkling stars of the night accompanied by swirling snow and fairy lights. So this Central-European country that is a hub of mountains and cities with a medieval echo boasts of some of the most unique experiences one can have. Where should you go in Austria for these experiences? We have a list of tourist places compiled here that you must visit when in Austria.


Vienna:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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The capital of Austria, Vienna is a piece of art in the guise of city. Home to museums, palaces, baroque heritage theatres and cobblestone walks, Vienna is a grandeur you will not have seen elsewhere. Some of the best places are explored on foot, like when you take a stroll down Ringstrasse Boulevard and peruse the beautiful buildings on the side - Hofburg Imperial Palace included. Some of the most attractive sites to catch here are Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral and Vienna Opera House. Vienna also has some stunning public parks, markets and coffee houses for rest and chill-time by night. If you are a history buff or architecture lover, or just like the nuances of a culture to surprise you then Vienna is for you.


Salzburg:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Salzburg is a beautiful city exuding charm, ensconced by rolls of meadows and flanked by ancient historic buildings. Salzburg is famous world over as the city of Mozart’s birth, as well as the place where the iconic movie ‘Sound of Music’ was shot. Hence it is no surprise that the city is one of the most highly visited tourist places in Austria. The old town of Aldsten is home to baroque architecture and Hohensalzburg Fortress is another mighty sight to behold. You must also visit Neustadt or the new city, birthplace of Mozart (now a museum), Mirabell Palace, Schloss Hellbrunn and Salzburg Cathedral. Also, do not miss out on Getreidegasse, which is an iconic shopping street in Altstadt.


Innsbruck:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Innsbruck is a unique alpine town, idyllic in setting and leisure in pursuits. You can spend a whole long day strolling around the town or just choose a window seat at the corner cafe and sip coffee with awesome views. You would still find your day very well spent. Yet still, if you wish to spend your days exploring here then go for the Goldenes Dachl, Nordkette, Ambras Castle and Tyrolean Folk Art museum. But what Innsbruck is most famous for is its winter sports, especially skiing. There are ski resorts here that are all the rage in winter, and markets that open at night for the Christmas season. Hiking can be undertaken here in summer months.


Feldkirch:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Feldkirch can be called a medieval city, for it is stunning in the heritage it bears of long eras bygone. Located in west Austria, Feldkirch shares it borders with Switzerland as well as Liechtenstein. Sparsely populated but cheery with cacophony, Feldkirch is home to white houses and slate slanting roofs, narrow streets and squares with fountains. You will find the Schattenburg Castle a delight to explore, along with the museum and restaurant inside. Wildpark Feldkirch is another destination worth exploring, especially for families, as they have many animals to see, children’s play area and special guided tours. Do also visit St. Nicholas Cathedral, Katzenturm Feldkirch, Tosters and the 13th century Tosters Ruin.


Graz:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Graz is a city full of universities (6 to be precise). It is also home to one of the continent’s most well preserved Old Town area. With the museums and buildings straight from Renaissance era, you are sure to wander around marvelling here all day long. Start with Hauptplatz, which is the medieval old town square (the well-preserved area), followed by the town hill of Schlossberg and then to the ancient clock tower Uhrturm. Kunsthaus Graz lies across River Mur and makes for a hub of contemporary art. The Lend district nearby is always pumped with students and an overflowing energy, making nightlife in Graz very exciting. Some more tourist places of importance here are Schlossberg, the floating island of Murinsel, armoury of Landeszeughaus and Graz Opera.


Eisenstadt:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Eisenstadt is the capital city of Burgenland in Austria, home to the magnificent Esterházy Palace, its estate gardens and the Haydnsaal Concert Hall. The latter boasts of some intricate frescoes and the heritage of great composer Joseph Haydn. Other places of interest are Bergkirche Church, Haydn-Haus, Landesmuseum Burgenland and Eisenstadt Cathedral. You can also check out the Familypark Neusiedlersee, which is an amusement park with theme rides, fairytale-inspired forests, restaurants, cafes, and an in-house zoo too.


Linz:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Linz, in the upper reaches of the country, is a city that stands on both sides of River Danube. Also renowned for its baroque architecture and cathedrals, Linz is an art-lover’s delight. Visit the Old Town Hall here, along with Alter Dom Cathedral, Ars Electronica Center, New Cathedral and the hill of Pöstlingberg (sightseeing spot, viewing platform and pilgrimage). Also do visit the amazing Grottenbahn where you will enjoy underground trains and fairytale models, history of Linz as well as dwarves and angels and goblins.


Krems:  Tourist Places To Visit In Austria
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Krems, or also called Krems an der Donau is a small town in Austria that can also be termed as the 5th largest city in the lower-Austrian region. Some of the most colourful buildings here have historic value, just like the medieval roads and architecture around here. Visit Steiner Tor, the famous 15th century gate, then head to the Göttweig Abbey. You can also explore the banks of Krems River, sit an idle afternoon at Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten Garden or go to the Wagram Chateau and vineyard for some of the delicate wines made here. The Gudenus cave around here is also a coveted tourist haunt, famous for its archeological value and the remains it holds of the Palaeolithic age.

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