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Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)

Planning A Trip To Cardiff (Caerdydd)? Here's our list of top things to do in Cardiff (Caerdydd)

There’s a lot of expectation from Cardiff, given it is the capital of Wales and justifiably so, the city has a variety of museums, parks, music venues, parklands, attractions, bars and more to offer, leaving you exhausted with the choice to pick the best things to do in Cardiff, right from art trails to exploring British History to enjoying watersports to indoor surfing. Don’t forget to visit the oldest record shop or making the most of the BBC tours, whilst you’re visiting Cardiff. Here's our list of things to do there!

Adventurous Outdoors

Adventurous Outdoors:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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Make the most of the craziness of the Welsh Games at the Welsh Countryside with South Wales’ most renowned group activity with a range of 9 exciting & fun events. From whacking, chucking, chasing & wobbling around a series of catapults, large inflatables and bungees to dressing up for the games you’ll enjoy everything from start to finish. At the Adventure Rooms, you can indulge in live escape room experiences or enjoy surfing, canyoning, coasteering, paddle walks or gorge walking.

Scenic Trails

Scenic Trails:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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The Taff trails in Cardiff extends 8 miles, right from Cardiff Bay’s waterfront through greenery and parks to the largely traffic-free Tongwynlais, a 55-mile trail pass that goes through an assortment of landscapes and varied attractions of industrial and interesting heritage. Essentially a countryside trail, the Taff Trail does pass through a number of villages and towns too, offering accommodation, food & drinks and shopping experiences, with most routes following easy gradients with an occasional steep, yet ideal for all ages and abilities. You can also explore the Inner Harbor by bike or on foot for its scenic vistas. With a variety of bridges, fish pass, locks and sluice gates, visitors can indulge in activities at the Skate Plaza, exhibitions and the large crocodile bench with a pit-stop at the Hafren Café.


Festivals:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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From beaches and parks to food & music, there’s ample amount of festivals to attend and enjoy in Cardiff. For instance, the long summer nights are best enjoyed at the open-air theatre at the stunning Sophia Garden, with the Everyman Theatre Group with an eclectic ensemble of classic & modern productions, right from Shakespeare’s Much Ado about nothing to Jesus Christ Superstar! Then, there’s the International Food & Drink Festival with over a crowd of 60,000 people every year, where scores of International and Local vendors come together to sell their drool-worthy wares in Cardiff.


If you’re a vintage fan, then you’d love the glamor and romance of an era gone, with the Whitchurch’s Vintage for Victory Festival, which offers memorable performances by retro-inspired music bands, dance lessons and your favorite vintage dress ups with plenty of food trucks lined up to sell their dishes. Cardiff turns a bustling beachfront with the Bay Beach festival, while the Gin & Rum Festival brings you a wide range of flavors for rum tasting with relaxing lounges, top quality food and amazing soundtracks.


Casinos:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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With over 360,000 populace, the largest city in Wales, Cardiff hosts a majority of sporting events and has at least 3 major casinos with Les Croupiers that’s as old as 40 years with the largest poker room and a venue for regular tournaments & games, the Grosvenor, with some of the best high stake bets like blackjack and roulette tables, cash games & beginner sessions, and the Rainbow Casino with more acceptable stakes for fun-loving games like a blackjack or American Roulette, video slots or Mah Jong, with ample Texas, hold’em tables!


Entertainment:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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The Tramshed is the city’s newest venue for entertainment, live & club musical gigs. Situated within a historic construct with significant cultural heritage, the Tramshed is the center for a brand new cultural hub in Cardiff with the best forms of live entertainment, DJs, comedy shows, and music in town. The Glee Club in Cardiff is home to standup comedy with a regular ensemble of weekend shows and big tours, in addition to inspiring musical events, cabaret & burlesque shows and talking events.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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The Chapter Arts centre has been Cardiff’s creative hub for the last 40 years, with a multi-artform venue that not only showcases and produces but also promotes international art, films and live performances with a brilliant social space. Then there’s the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama that houses the Richard Burton Theatre, Concert Hall and an exhibition arcade, facing the Cardiff’s Castle parkland ground. The place holds some of the most extraordinary and exceptional talent and performances by internationally renowned companies, artists and musicians.

Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail:  Things To Do In Cardiff (Caerdydd)
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Spanning a beautifully landscaped area of 130 acres, the Bute Park Sculpture Trail was once under the ownership of the Cardiff Castle but is now open to visitors. A relaxing wall through the trail will have you witness some of the most captivating works of art and 20 of the best wooden sculptures, carved by different artists. These include intriguing benches, beetles and frogs.

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