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Things To Do In Switzerland

Planning A Trip To Switzerland? Here's our list of top things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a tourist’s paradise – the place is scenic and tranquil, and there is so much to do, you will always feel you need at least one more week to savour everything no matter how much time you have already been there!

So to help you make the most of your vacation here’s our top pick of things you must do while in Switzerland.

Picnic at Lake Geneva

Picnic at Lake Geneva:  Things To Do In Switzerland
Photograph by http://travelsandliving.com

Lake Geneva has been rated among the world’s most beautiful lakes. It is the perfect spot for a day-long picnic. Located on the course of the Rhône river, on the frontier between France and Switzerland, it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. You can take a stroll along the banks of the lake, taking in the scenic mountains, the clear blue sky, the crystal clear water and the fresh air. If you are going in summer, you can attend the fetes and festivals that are organized around the lake. There is special seating arrangement as well. There is even a small beach that you can enjoy. All in all, it is a breathtaking spot.

Trek to the Jura Mountains

Trek to the Jura Mountains:  Things To Do In Switzerland
Photograph by http://www.guidesource.com

The renowned Swiss watchmaking industry took off in the 18th and 19th centuries in the cities of Northern Jura. You can go check out the watchmaking factories as well and learn about the history and culture of the 'Watch Valley'. If you are the more adventurous kinds, you can go trekking to the Jura mountains. The trails are marked in yellow on special hiking maps so you can do this solo. You can also consider biking around this scenic route.

Sightseeing in Valais

Sightseeing in Valais:  Things To Do In Switzerland
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Valais offers an amazing diversity of landscapes, giving curious nature lovers access to many glaciers and mountains ranges of the serene Alps. You must witness the Matterhorn mountain and glacier. It is a near-symmetrical pyramidal peak, one of the highest in the Alps. You can also take a guided day tour from Stresa to see the splendid Ossola Valley and the Simplon Pass. Do not forget to check out the ski schools so you could make the most of these visits. There are plenty of them, which is not surprising, considering that Switzerland is quite the skiing destination.

Explore Ticino

Explore Ticino:  Things To Do In Switzerland
Photograph by https://d2jqsc5zfka9k6.cloudfront.net

The southern country of Ticino is famous for pristine lakes and locales. Bordering the North of Italy besides Uri, Valais and Graubunden, Ticino offers quite a few memorable experiences for the nature lover.  Visit Lake Lugano, which is famous for windsurfing, and Lake Maggiore, which is a large lake located in the southern Alps. You can also visit the to Contra Dam for some thrilling bungee jumping experience. For those who want some mellow time in the laps of nature, consider hiking in Monte Generoso. There's also plenty for the history lovers in the Castles of Bellinzona.

Mountain Gazing in Bernese Highlands

Mountain Gazing in Bernese Highlands:  Things To Do In Switzerland
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The Bernese Oberland is a very popular tourist destination. Located just south of the Swiss capital of Bern, this is a small area with a diverse landscape, dotted with lakes, snow-capped mountains, tiny mountain villages, cogwheel trains, and beautiful hiking trails. The region houses some of the loftiest and iconic peaks of Switzerland, including the Eiger and Jungfrau.

'The Godfather' Movie Tour

'The Godfather' Movie Tour:  Things To Do In Switzerland
Photograph by http://www.jwrao.com

If you are a fan of The Godfather then this will be a memorable experience indeed. Enjoy a coach tour exploring the villages of Savoca and Forzà d'Agrò, the real life locations where this iconic 70s film was shot by Coppola. Unwind at the famous Bar Vitelli and listen to local legends back from the days when the film was shot here.

Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich)

Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich):  Things To Do In Switzerland
Photograph by http://modellist-id.com

If aesthetics and art appeal to you, then think no more. The Museum of Art in Zurich is a must visit. With a vast collection ranging from the 1600s (middle ages) to contemporary works, here you can catch some of the world's most celebrated artists' creation on display. To name a few: Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Claude Monet.

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