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Things To Do In Visakhapatnam

Planning A Trip To Visakhapatnam? Here's our list of top things to do in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is a prime port city in India and Andhra Pradesh. It is famous not only for the heavy and small scale industries but also for its scenic beauty. Because of numerous sublime beaches, it is often referred to as the Goa of the East. When it comes to tourism, Vizag is second to none and requires no exaggeration to attract visitors. This beautiful city has a lot in store for its visitors and you’ll be surprised by the things that can be done here. Below we list some of the best things that you can do in Vizag.

Temple Visit — Get Blessed With a Euphoric Life

Temple Visit — Get Blessed With a Euphoric Life:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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Vizag is blessed with countless temples. And the first thing that you should be doing in Vizag is a temple visit. Of course, with limited time, you cannot visit all of them but the ones that we mention here are a must-visit. The primary temple in Vizag is the ISKCON temple located in the Rishikonda area. ISKCON is definitely one of the biggest planned establishments that’s recognized as a branch of Krishna worshippers. The prime attraction of the temple includes a house to the trio: Subhadra, Balaram, and Jagannath beautifully carved in milky white marble and it looks stunning. Besides, Simhachalam Temple, Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Temple, Devipuram, Nookambika Temple, and Sri Sampath Vinayagar Temple are worth visiting. So take time and get blessed with a Euphoric life at these temples.

Adventurous Water Sports — Kayaking and Scuba Diving

Adventurous Water Sports — Kayaking and Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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After visiting the temples and paying respect to the Gods, the next thing that you must try in Vizag is the adventurous water sports. Yes, Vizag is a famous spot for trying Scuba  Diving, Kayaking, and other water adventures. But where in Vizag? The all famous Rikhikonda Beach is the perfect place for this. There are many professional service providers who are certified to offer such services. Sunrise kayaking adventure is an ideal spot for tourists who look forward to an adventure and for those who want to experience speed thrilling and fun firsthand. The best part is that these aren’t expensive, but must be tried only under professional supervision. So let the adrenaline rush through your body.

History Learning — Submarine Museum

History Learning — Submarine Museum:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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The Submarine Museum in Vizag is an excellent spot for learning more about the history of the Indian Navy. This is an INS Kurusura Submarine that was built in Russia and was handed over to the Indian Navy in 1969. And soon after that, we saw this submarine play an almost decisive role in India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. After being in service for 30 years, this submarine was finally transformed into a museum in 2011 and was open to common people in 2002. This submarine was ported to the shores of Vizag — RK Beach. You can now move inside this submarine and learn more about its glorious past. There’s a guide inside to tell everything about its history and operations. After knowing this, you will develop even more respect for our soldiers who stay in a  narrow space inside the huge submarine for months to protect us and the nation.

Visit the Topmost Tourist Spot — Ramakrishna Beach

Visit the Topmost Tourist Spot — Ramakrishna Beach:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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The Ramakrishna beach or simply the RK beach is the best tourist spot in the city of Visakhapatnam. It is the beach where the iconic INS Kurusura Submarine is anchored. From the numerous beaches that you’ll find in Vizag, the RK beach is the primary and most popular beach in the city. However, due to a large crowd gathering at the beach that comes to spend time with family, friends, and loves ones, it is not the cleanest and most peaceful beach in the city. Youngsters play footfall here every day, and therefore this beach suffers from the mighty blow of littering. The waves of the RK beach are stronger than other beaches so be very careful while swimming here. Besides, walking and admiring the beauty of water and sand, you can also visit the nearby sights like the War Memorial, VUDA Park and Submarine Museum.

Witness Beauty with Serenity — Gangavaram Beach

Witness Beauty with Serenity — Gangavaram Beach:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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If you missed the peace and calm at the Rk beach and a little disappointed by that, don’t be. The Gangavarm beach in Vizag is the place to experience what you missed at the RK beach. Gangaram is the beach where the beauty meets Serenity. The beach is not known much to everyone, and therefore, it more secluded and peaceful. If you want to spend a peaceful time with your loved ones Gangavaram beach is the perfect spot to be at. This awesome beach is surrounded by palm trees and beautiful spectacles. This makes it the go-to destination for many movie makers to shoot. This beach has featured in many South Indian movies. So, add this place to the list of your things-to-do in Vizag.

Admire the Best of All Beaches — Yarada Beach

Admire the Best of All Beaches — Yarada Beach:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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How would it be to climb a mountain and then descend to make it to the most attractive beach in Vizag? Sounds thrilling, right? Indeed! Yarada Beach is very popular amongst the youth and nature lovers and undoubtedly the most awesome beach in Visakhapatnam, in fact, one of the best in the whole South of India. But to be here, you’ll have to trek all the way to the top and get to the other side of the mountain. Being surrounded by hills on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth, this beach is a famous weekend getaway for many. Going to the Yarada beach almost feels like finding a lost island. Visitors and locals try to get here early weekend mornings and spend a mini picnic with their family. So, if you plan to visit Visakhapatnam anytime sooner, do not miss visiting this fascinating beach in Vizag.

Go for a Stunning Sea View — Rushikonda Beach

Go for a Stunning Sea View — Rushikonda Beach:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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Vizag is a city of beaches and every beach in the city offers a different experience to visitors and locals. Some are popular for fun, some for adventurous water sports, while others are popular for granting peace and tranquillity. Nevertheless, all the beaches in Vizag are just amazing. Rushikonda is yet another popular beach that offers almost everything that you are looking for. Water sports? Try it here. Outstanding scenic View? Experience it here. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most stunning ones out there. The natural jewel color of the beach water gives it a fascinating aura that can be compared to the likes of the ones found in Sri Lankan or Australian beaches. The hilltop restaurants, water sports, golden sand, beautiful sunsets, and water sports what else to ask for? Moreover, you can swim here, but under supervision. So don’t miss on having fun in the waves.

Spend Time in the Wild — Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Spend Time in the Wild — Indira Gandhi Zoological Park:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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What can be more thrilling than watching wild animals that we see in Discovery or National Geography channels in action? Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is one such wildlife sanctuary where you actually get to see wildlife animals roaming freely in a large area that spreads over 425 acres. This is a perfect spot for picnicking, as it has some of the best living animals and marine species. With over 400 varieties of animals in the zoo, this park is one of its kind in Andhra Pradesh. Several animals from Africa and Australia have been deported to this park and you get a perfect opportunity to see some rare animals. Carnivores such as Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Wild Dogs, Wolves, Hyena can be spotted. Herbivores such as Elephants, Bison, Deer, and reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes, Water Monitor Lizards, Monitor Lizards, and Python will give you goosebumps.

Experience the Amusement — VUDA Park

Experience the Amusement — VUDA Park:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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The VUDA park is yet another famous tourist attraction in Vizag. It’s an ideal place for people of all ages to spend a wonderful evening and leisure time on the seashore, surrounded by an eye-catching and eco-rich atmosphere. Named after the former Chief Minister of Andhra, Shri N.T. Rama Rao, this fascinating park is spread in a huge area of 55 acres. Well equipped with different musical fountain, boating club, a multi-gym, children playpens, Yoga Center, Kala Vedika, and Pagodas, VUDA park has everything to amuse you. The musical waterfall is the main attraction of the park with many small playing areas for kids. It’s within close proximity of the RK beach this place will be just awesome for a late evening snack, especially if you are with kids.

Shop at the Local Bazar

Shop at the Local Bazar:  Things To Do In Visakhapatnam
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No trip is complete without shopping, isn’t it? Wondering what to shop in Vizag and from where? Well, there are a few famous places in Vizag that you should visit if you want to fill your bags with some classic Vizag items. Places such as Jagadamba Junction, Walter Upland, CMR Central, and Lepakshi Emporium are very popular amongst the locals and visitors. Vizag is pretty well known for a wide variety of saris such as Pochampalli and Ikat. Besides, Kalamkari paintings, handicrafts, and Kondapalli wooden toys can also be purchased. To buy good quality clothes, cosmetics, and footwear Vinis Fashion Mall and Waltair Uplands Road are perfect. To buy local Pattu Sarees, Jagdamba Junction is the most popular place. Also, wooden carvings, musical instruments, native handicrafts and paintings, wood carvings, toys, brass pooja pots, wall hangings, and vases can also be shopped.

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