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Nellore Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Nellore? Here's a detailed Nellore tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
33.2° C / 91.7° F
Current Conditions:
Overcast Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
December to March
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Chennai International Airport (180 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Nellore Railway Station (2 kms)

Nellore is one of the finest towns in Andhra Pradesh and it is also the fourth largest city in the state. It is well developed and has its own history and religious significance. What people like about the city is the way the locals behave with visitors or travelers. Their hospitality and helping nature is probably the best thing about the city. Plus, the city is good at almost everything history, nature, diversity, a great culture, and a brighter future to get better. So let us walk you through this travel guide and some of the highlights of Nellore tourism, so that you know why it should be your next traveling destination.

How To Reach

How To Reach:  Nellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Now that you have made your mind to visit Nellore, the next thing you are wondering about the options to get here. As we said above, Nellore is quite well developed unlike other cities and villages in Andra Pradesh. There are several options one can ply to reach Nellore from their source city. Trains in India are the best option for traveling. Not only they are affordable but also convenient. For Nellore, trains remain the best option whereas flights are the fastest but expensive mode of transportation.


By Rail:

Nellore Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is located right in the middle of the city. This railway station not only has good connectivity with other major cities in Andra such as Vizag, Vijayawada, Amaravathi, but also with cities outside the state such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and so on. From Mumbai though, there is no direct connectivity. So you can either reach Tirupati or Chennai from Mumbai and then hire a cab or a bus from there and reach Nellore.


By Road:

Roads offer yet another convenient mode of transportation to reach Nellore from almost anywhere in India. The roads that lead to the city are well-maintained and smooth offering you a comfortable ride. You can easily book private buses or state-managed buses as they run at regular intervals from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and so on. Almost all types of buses such as AC, Non-AC, and Deluxe can be booked easily online or from any authorized agent.


By Air:

Nellore, although quite developed, doesn't have an airport. Because it is developing fast, there will soon be an airport here. But for now, you will have to get down at the nearest airport, either at Tirupathi or Chennai. We suggest booking a flight till Chennai as it is an international airport and has excellent connectivity with almost every airport nationally and internationally. Then, from the airport, you can book a cab or get into a bus and reach your hotel in Nellore.


Getting Around:

Getting around in Nellore is quite convenient. There are many local buses available that will help you reach your places of interest from the nearby bus stop at your hotel. But avoid buses in peak office hours. Another option is to make use of auto-rickshaws as they are available almost 24*7. But the most preferred option is to book a private cab for a day and enjoy the sightseeing without worrying about transport.

Weather And Best Time To Visit

Weather And Best Time To Visit:  Nellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Another thing to know before traveling to Nellore or any other city for that matter is the weather condition and the best time to visit. The weather of Nellore remains hot and humid for the most part of the year. The temperature in the summer season can range anywhere between the high 30s to a mid-40s. It has a different monsoon season where it rains in the months which do not receive rainfall in other parts of the country. The best time however to visit Nellore is the winter season. It's pretty moderate and you can enjoy the lovely weather along with your loved ones.


Summer (March - September):

The summer season begins from the month of March and remains active until September. April and May are considered to be the toughest months for locals and tourists in the city because of scorching heat and high humidity. So generally, avoid traveling in these two months. But if you still do, carry light cotton clothes to avoid discomfort. The max temperature during this time is around 40° C with a minimum of 29° C. 


Monsoon (October - December):

The monsoon season in Nellore begins at an unusual time. It rains here between October and December and the north-east monsoon is majorly responsible for it. The rainfall helps in getting the temperature down and the weather becomes quite pleasant for visiting Nellore. But, before planning a trip to Nellore it is suggested to check the weather forecast to avoid any discomfort because of rains. The max temperature during the monsoon remains at 29° C and the minimum temperature stays at around 23° C.


Winter (November - February):

The start of the monsoon also marks the beginning of the winter season. Although it rains in these months the weather is pretty pleasant and the winter is moderate. This is absolutely ideal for sightseeing and visitors and the locals enjoy this wonderful season to its fullest. This is the most suggested time for visiting Nellore and its neighboring regions. The max temperature during the winter is 30° C on average and the lowest it goes to is 21° C.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Nellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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If you're thinking that Nellore is just like other Andhra cities and villages which are famous majorly for temples, you're probably wrong. The city is well developed to have busy city life along with other stuff that can make your stay enjoyable and fun-filled. There are many things that can be tried here and below we going to discuss just that. From temples to historic structures, wildlife to beaches with amazing landscapes, you'll love everything about Nellore and the things that it offers. So keep reading, it's going to be interesting.


Bow Your Heads to the Gods:

The Ranganathan temple constructed on the bank of the river Pennar is one of the most revered temples in Nellore. The temple is regarded as the oldest temple in the city and holds tremendous religious significance and therefore it attracts a large number of devotees. Besides, Narasimhaswamy Temple is second to none and is one of the finest dedication to Shri Vishnu. It is also famous by the name Sri Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. So don't get confused when you hear people referring to the temple by this name.


Pay Homage at the Barah Shaheed Dargah:

The famous Barah Shaheed Dargah is a holy shrine of a Muslim Saint situated not that far from the sea in Sulurpet in Nellore. This shrine was constructed in the honor of the 12 martyrs who gave their lives fighting in the battle. It is believed that those who visit this dargah and offer prayers and respect will have wishes fulfilled. This place is loved and visited by Muslims and Hindus in large numbers, especially during the Islamic month of Moharram. A festival named Rottela Panduga is celebrated with high spirits for three days. You don't want to miss this.


Enjoy Your Time at the Bird Sanctuaries:

The Pulicat lake that lies on the boundary of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states is considered to be the second-largest lagoon in the country. This fascinating tourist spot is rich in natural beauty and also serves as a natural habitat for thousands of species of birds under the name of Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. Besides, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is another paradise for bird watchers and lovers. It's the most significant pelican habitats in South-east Asia and important breeding habitat for other birds including openbill storks, white ibis, night heron, and little cormorant. You must visit this place during the famous 'Flamingo' festival organized every year in January by the government.


Experience the Serenity of Mypadu Beach:

At about 20 km from Nellore, you come across one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh, Mypadu Beach. This beach is famous for its pristine seawater and golden brown sand and is lies towards the west coast of India. Visitors admire this beach for the sublime view and captivating scenery. The beach is also less crowded than many other commercial beaches in India. Enjoy a long peaceful stroll across the beach, the cool breeze and the sweet sound of water. Simply mesmerizing. Try to be here during sunset, it's simply outstanding.

Eat At

Eat At:  Nellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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As we have been saying in other articles, Andhra Pradesh is famous for its spicy meals which have a good mix of delicious and healthy eatable items. The food that you get in other parts of Andhra Pradesh is also available in Nellore. But Nellore is more famous for its Nellore Reddy cuisine and this is extremely popular across the state and also in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The type of food you'll get here is spicy, of course, hot, and replete with "Kodi Kura" and "pulusu". The locals and visitors here enjoy the famous Nellore Thali which is a big hit in the entire state. A Nellore-typical dosa is also very popular. You'll get a good quality of veg and non-veg food served in typical South Indian style. 


The local restaurants are reasonably priced so you can enjoy good food at an affordable price. And yes, the chutneys served with different meals are the specialty that you should not miss trying. You can also try Chinese, Moghlai, Thai, and other types of dishes in some good expensive joints. Some famous restaurants to try food include Sree Venkatarama Vilas serving the best food in Nellore, Komalavilas for amazing South Indian Brahmin food, Mayuri serving the best seafood in the city, and Murali Krishna Sweets for the best Andhra style food. Happy eating!

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