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Things To Do In Kratie

Planning A Trip To Kratie? Here's our list of top things to do in Kratie

The city of Kratie forms the capital of the Kratie settlement of Cambodia. Nestled along the embankments of River Mekong, this city is characterized by its magnificent colonial edifices, bustling marketplaces, and colorful trees consisting of red flowers. Tourists can pick and choose between visiting unique nature reserves, getting accustomed to age-old village life, relaxing at an exciting water resort, or exploring scenic islands while at Kratie. Also, the town boasts of a marvelous blend of colonial architectural pieces waiting to be discovered. Let us examine the activities tourists can take up on a visit to Kratie.

Visit Mekong Turtle Conservation Center

Visit Mekong Turtle Conservation Center:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Situated within the temple complex of Wat Sorsor Moi Roi, the Mekong Turtle Conservation Center is a beautiful wildlife reserve. The center of attraction at Mekong Turtle Conservation Center is the unique Cantor's giant softshell turtle. These gentle giants graciously glide through the fishtanks set up within the conservation center. The colossal Cantor's giant softshell turtles develop to around 2 m in length. Tourists can even partake in the turtle hatchling release process carried out at this conservation center during September or May to interact with these creatures.

Connect with the Irrawaddy Dolphins

Connect with the Irrawaddy Dolphins:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Approximately 15 to 20 Irrawady Dolphins thrive along the turbulent waters of a serene stretch of freshwater in the Mekong River. They are characterized by their protruding foreheads, tiny beaks, and triangular pectoral fins. The dolphins love bursting into the air atop the water while creating skyward arches in air. Considered to be shier than their close relatives, the coastal dolphins, the Irrawady Dolphins, are incredibly playful in the wee hours of dawn and the early hours of the evening. Tourists can rent a towboat to discover these cheerful creatures from close quarters. 

Rejuvenate at Kampi Picnic Resort

Rejuvenate at Kampi Picnic Resort:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Kampi Picnic Resort is a serene natural holiday center that nurtures exquisite dolphins within its vicinity. This resort is nestled close to the Prek Kampi bridge, an area comprising several islands studded with green water plants. The best time for tourists to enjoy swimming inside the Kampi Picnic Resort is between January and May. The pristine natural waters of this resort go down to a depth of approximately 1.30 m and flow at unchallenging speed. Some of the highlights at Kampi Beach Resort include floating cottages, riverside restaurants, well-built crossover bridges, and refreshing soft-drink stalls.

Venture into Waterfall of Cham Pey

Venture into Waterfall of Cham Pey:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Waterfall of Cham Pey is a fun-filled resort situated approximately 35 km away from the central part of Kratie. Some of the highlights of this resort include a huge rock comprising a 500-sq-m structure, a mountain studded with trees and colorful flowers such as orchids, separate cultural and natural resort, and a waterfall at the mountain valley. A few monks reside at another cultural and natural resort that lies within the same vicinity. Named Rut Cham Pey, this resort showcases several figurines that provide insights into the life and death of human beings and other religious animals and deities.

Discover Chhlong Village

Discover Chhlong Village:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Situated approximately 31 km southwards from Kratie, Chhlong is a tranquil riverside city. The prime attraction at this village for tourists includes the former governor's residence. This magnificent structure comprises a royal white and yellow colored mansion that is perched along the banks of a river. The governer's home now also hosts a boutique hotel. Architecture fanatics may find solace at the House of a Hundred Pillars, which contains remnants of the Khmer Rogue regime of yore. Tourists can be amazed by the incredible French architectural masterpieces of the colonial era that thrive within Chhlong.

Explore Koh Pdao Island

Explore Koh Pdao Island:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Koh Pdao Island is famous for its beautiful reserve of freshwater dolphins that inhabit the Mekong River. One of the central tourist activities here includes catching a refreshing sight of the Irrawady Dolphins swimming past their boat rides. During the evening, the river waters form a perfect blend of natural beauty along with the mesmerizing sunset moving along the horizon. Tourists can also partake in engaging activities such as digging into frog and fish ponds, farming, and forming duck and chicken pens. Koh Pdao Island can be reached atop a picturesque boat ride over Mekong River.

Take a Tour of Phnom Sombok

Take a Tour of Phnom Sombok:  Things To Do In Kratie
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Phnom Sombok is an operational wat placed atop the tiny Phnom Sombok hillock. This temple is situated along the route that leads from Kampi to Kratie and provides tourists with breathtaking sceneries of the countryside. Religious devotees climb up several stairs to pay their respects to the Buddhist Gods that thrive within Phnom Sombok Temple. When visitors reach the apex point of the hillock, they can witness a well-built porch. A pergola lying in the temple vicinity comprises paintings and depictions that provide insights into the sufferings of those who are not able to live a devout life.

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