Krong Koh Kong
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Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong

Planning A Trip To Krong Koh Kong? Here's our list of top things to do in Krong Koh Kong

Koh Kong is a tranquil town situated within proximity to the Cardamom Mountains. Tourists who are eager to spend time amidst rare ecosystems that have been hidden from the outside world shall find solace at this coastal city. Some of the exciting things to do when in Koh Kong include snorkeling or scuba diving, fishing, beach exploring, and dirt bike riding. Those visitors who prefer luxurious holidays can relax at one of the picturesque private islands or waterparks located around Koh Kong's coastal expanse. With such thrilling activities in store, the island of Koh Kong steadily gains status as one of Cambodia's flourishing tourist destinations.

Fishing amidst Serene River Waters

Fishing amidst Serene River Waters:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Koh Kong is a fitting fishing destination with river waters swarming with several fat fish. The unique ecosystem that thrives amidst the breathtaking natural wonders of the island stays preserved and protected from the outside world. Local authorities organize splendid fishing experiences over peaceful freshwaters encompassed by lush greenery. The organizers also offer tourists with delicious barbeque cuisine while they break out from their fishing activity. The boat captains provide apt fishing expertise on how tourists can bait their lines, hurl their fishing rods, and bring in the fish attached to the line.

Ride Dirt Bikes through the Mountains

Ride Dirt Bikes through the Mountains:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Local authorities at Koh Kong organize thrilling rides through the scenic valleys of the Cardamom Mountains. Steering their dirt bikes through breathtaking landscapes, tourists can surely get their adrenaline going. These offroad journeys run through the dense wilderness present around the Cardamom Mountains and include visitors riding 250 cc dirt bikes. Authorities support tourists with equipment such as well-tuned bikes, helmets, and an expert who is well versed with these routes. Visitors can catch a glimpse of gorgeous waterfalls, hillside landscapes, and impressive age-old village vicinities on the way.

Scuba Diving with Koh Kong Divers

Scuba Diving with Koh Kong Divers:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Koh Kong remarkable coastal waters offer tourists with an incredible scuba diving experience. Visitors who are professional scuba divers or those who wish to get acquainted with the art of scuba diving can all try their hand at some watersports when in Koh Kong. One such hub named PADI certified center provides various refresher courses such as Dive Master Training under the guidance of experienced instructors. Tourists can get Open Water Certified and dive through bays, islands, and mangrove parks studded with fish such as crab and octopus.

Relax at Rocky Beach

Relax at Rocky Beach:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Koh Kong's beautiful shoreline boasts of some stunning beaches, Rocky Beach being one of them. This secluded beach offers tourists with several adventurous activities such as mangrove ventures, snorkeling, and trips through traditional villages in the vicinity. The 2-km shoreline of Rocky Beach boasts of contrasting dark blue waters, and shiny sands remain bereft of the usual backdrop that other beaches in Koh Kong set up. This beach has a stunning array of coconut trees, adorning its coastal belt, along with huge boulders that lay half-submerged underwater. Tourists can take up exciting climbing ventures.

Unwind at a Private Island

Unwind at a Private Island:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Situated right in the heart of Koh Kong, Song Saa Private Island offers tourists with a luxurious experience. They strive to provide lavish amenities such as a private pool that looks over the greenish-blue waters and houses comfy lounge beds for resting under the sun. This private island provides visitors with stunning glimpses of the bright sunlight gleaming off the water. Tourists can have dinner atop a pool table while the sun sets in the horizon. Other options include a mesmerizing wooden jetty to stroll through and dive into the pristine freshwaters or kayak through them.

Saunter through Koh Yor Beach

Saunter through Koh Yor Beach:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Situated westwards of Koh Poi River, Koh Yor Beach is a beautiful place where tourists can unwind and spend time gathering seashells. Those who visit during the afternoons can manage to capture some breathtaking eyeshots of the landscapes around. The secluded nature of the beach means that it hardly any visitors and tourists mostly have the entire beach to themselves. Visitors can feast on some delicious soft shell crab and fresh pepper crab at the seaside restaurant, Crab Shack. Tourists can also visit Bak Khleng, a traditional fishing hub to practice fishing skills.

Venture into Cham Yeam Resort

Venture into Cham Yeam Resort:  Things To Do In Krong Koh Kong
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Cham Yeam Resort is a thrilling waterpark situated approximately 10 km away from the city of Koh Kong. Lying within touching distance of the Cambodia-Thai international border, this resort was formed by Neak Oknha Li Yong Phat in the 1990s and lures in several Thai visitors. Some of the highlights of this exciting resort include the Koh Kong Safari World, enchanting casino houses, lavish five-star hotels, luxurious guesthouses, and an international zoo. This semi-natural waterpark is adorned by several towering palm trees and provides tourists with a perfect place to get away from their daily routine.

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