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Things To Do In Kep

Planning A Trip To Kep? Here's our list of top things to do in Kep

Founded as a seashore shelter for the French colonialists during the early 1900s, the quaint town of Kep allures tourists with its sheer natural beauty. The astonishing landscapes set up across the city's beaches and forest areas provide visitors with a host of exciting activities to partake in.

Tourists can pick and choose between a hike at a wildlife reserve, a trip to a pepper plantation, a tour of a butterfly garden, or thrilling watersports at the beach. Activities such as snorkeling, paddle-boarding, and swimming are a must when in Kep. A trip to Kep would also be incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Rabbit Island. Let us take a look at the various things to do when on a tour of Kep city.

Hike through Kep National Park

Hike through Kep National Park:  Things To Do In Kep
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Kep National Park is blessed with a breathtaking mountain trail that comprises a trail circuit with an 8-km expanse. Tourists can get their adrenaline going by hiking up this mountainous terrain. Beginning at the foot of the mountain, hikers can use the map boards put up to decide their route of choice along the way to the top. The flat topography of this hiking trail even makes it easy for tourists to ride a bike through the circuit. Once at Led Zep Cafe, trekkers can choose to hike through the jungle or take up the simple trail. This trek provides tourists with a remarkable view of the surrounding landscapes.

Stairway to Heaven Trail

Stairway to Heaven Trail:  Things To Do In Kep
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Forming a part of the hiking expedition atop Kep National Park, Stairway to Heaven is a picturesque trekking circuit for adventurers. Some of the beautiful viewpoints that adorn this trail circuit include Sunset Rock, A Nunnery, and Phnom Kep. Hikers can also catch a glimpse of the exquisite Buddhist temple named Little Pagoda along this route. Visitors are provided with stunning eyeshots of the shoreline of Kep and the winding valleys that spread out below. Tourists can wrap up a Stairway to Heaven trail in approximately 3 to 4 hours. Local authorities advise trekking or hiking only during the presence of daylight.

Venture into Kep Butterfly Farm

Venture into Kep Butterfly Farm:  Things To Do In Kep
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Kep Butterfly Farm is a private exo-friendly park that nurtures several colorful butterflies. An American expat dynasty formed the garden to take care of the native species of butterflies that dwell within Kep's wilderness. The family's attempt to foster butterfly farming in the city has led to employment opportunities for several local inhabitants. Encompassed by lush green forest areas, Kep Butterfly Farm can even be tracked down by cycling or walking uphill the Kep National Park. Rich in local plant life, this garden has local experts provide tourists with insights on the lifecycle of these delicate butterflies.

Visit Sothy's Pepper Farm

Visit Sothy's Pepper Farm:  Things To Do In Kep
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Sothy's Pepper Farm is a tiny cultivation farm nestled along the outskirts of Kep and Kampot. Tourists can stroll through the picturesque countryside to catch a glimpse of the production methods followed by locals to grow subtle Kampot pepper. In the company of local experts, tourists can gain intriguing insights about this globally renowned pepper variety. Authorities provide information about the different organic agricultural practices at Sothy's Pepper Farm, such as processing and harvesting. Some of the types of pepper found here include red, black, white, and green pepper.

Explore Kep Zoo

Explore Kep Zoo:  Things To Do In Kep
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Popularly known as "Teuk Chhou Zoo" among the locals, Kep Zoo is nestled in a region occupied by the Prey Thom community of Thmei Village. This private zoo is situated approximately 2.5 km away from Kep and nurtures magnificent native flora and fauna. Some of the incredible creatures that throng this zoo vicinity include elephants, tigers, snakes, bear, deer, and several monkey species. Kep Zoo also breeds otters and bear species such as sun bears. With such intriguing wildlife prospects and beautiful landscapes, this zoo forms a perfect haven for families to spend some refreshing time.

Watersports at Sailing Club Resort

Watersports at Sailing Club Resort:  Things To Do In Kep
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Situated at Knai Bang Chat, Sailing Club is a luxurious resort surrounded by a collection of towering palm trees and quarters that belong to fishers. This resort offers tourists with exciting sailing programs that cater to beginners and professional sailors. Tourists can either take up unaided sailing ventures atop Hobie Cats, indulge in kayaking trips, or practice paddleboarding in the coastal waters. Tourists who prefer other activities can either swim in the private pool or partake in a game of ping-pong or beach volleyball. It is a serene experience to sight the setting sun while feasting on delicious seafood at Sailing Club.

A Trip to Koh Tonsay Island

A Trip to Koh Tonsay Island:  Things To Do In Kep
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Famous among the local inhabitants of Kep as "Rabbit Island," Koh Tonsay is a tiny islet that forms one of the prime tourist attractions of Cambodia. This island is blessed with a picturesque shoreline adorned by stunning palm trees throughout its expanse. Visitors mostly prefer a day tour of Rabbit Island, wherein they can bask in the glory of white sand beaches, splendid sceneries, and sumptuous seafood. The island's small expanse means that tourists can hike and discover its beauty. Other exciting options include cycling around the island, snorkeling to sight colorful fish, or relaxing amidst hospitable beach shacks.

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