Poland Weather And Best Time To Visit Poland

Planning A Trip To Poland? Here's a snapshot of Poland weather and the best time to visit Poland

Poland is a Baltic state, one of the largest in Central Europe. The country is known for its legendary status in the European continent and promotes tourism today with the changing trends in its welcoming policy. There is an outgrowth of hotel chains, food chains, tourist-friendly places and loads of service-related sectors. From cultural to environmental, relaxing to skiing - Poland offers all kinds of tourism in different parts, at different times of the year. You only need to choose the perfect time to visit Poland, and the best weather to suit your kind of holiday.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Poland Weather And Best Time To Visit Poland
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Spring is early to visit the coast of Poland, making March warmer than other European countries. Unexpected cold winds can still be expected from time to time. The heart of the country still sees frosty nights in March but truly welcomes spring in April when the trees are covered in a green mist with air becoming lighter and flowers coming to bloom. The spring highs can touch 19°C and this does make a decent enough time to visit.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Poland Weather And Best Time To Visit Poland
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Poland experiences the quintessential European summer, with the maximum temperature not going above 24°C in the peak time of July. Otherwise the season is moderate in its warmth and opens most avenues like beaches, environmental tourism and cultural tourism for visitors. While the lowlands are warmers, the mountains even-though devoid of snow cover are much cooler and clouded. Summer is a great time to visit Poland.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  Poland Weather And Best Time To Visit Poland
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Autumn in Poland is a great time in the first month of September, because there is ample soft sunshine and still long warm days. The warm air currents are courtesy the Eastern continental drifts and the coast is also great for a holiday. Some days in October may be rainy, cold and even icy with greying skies. November is not much better either, with fog, puddles, and the first snow of the year making its presence felt.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Poland Weather And Best Time To Visit Poland
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Polish winters are as cold as other European and north European nations, with ample snow everywhere and rainfall in the east and south. The night temperatures often drop to -10°C, while the day may warm up nicely to 0°C. The Baltic Sea plays a neutralising role in the weather and ensures a mild winter on the coast of Poland. Winter here is not the best experience as it is accompanied by rains, fog, dense skies and not much to do. Except, some skiing prospects here and there.

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