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Masinagudi Weather And Best Time To Visit Masinagudi

Planning A Trip To Masinagudi? Here's a snapshot of Masinagudi weather and the best time to visit Masinagudi

The thickly forested areas of Masinagudi give tourists good experiences come summer, monsoon or winter. Masinagudi is such a lush fertile place that all times of the year seem to look good here. Summers look bright and sunny, with the purple blue Jacaranda flowers blooming across the roadsides and gardens of the Nilgiris, monsoons look radiantly green and romantic, while the winters have misty treetops and look so picturesque.


The most ideal time to visit Masinagudi is probably the monsoon and the winter months followed by summer, in that order and weather viabilities.

Summer (March - May)

Summer (March - May):  Masinagudi Weather And Best Time To Visit Masinagudi
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After winter, when water becomes scarce and deciduous trees start shedding leaves, you can find the animals, either at the waterholes or through the sparsely covered foliage. Summer though with moderately warm days, cools down as the sun sets. There are light mango showers in May that helps to breeze down the dry summer season. If you would like to watch the animals and birds at the watering holes, summer’s a fine time to visit Masinagudi.


As summer gets warmer by April, some of the animals might move it to the deeper jungles, to escape the heat. This might be a drawback if you are out animal spotting at this time of the year.

Monsoon (June - October)

Monsoon (June - October):  Masinagudi Weather And Best Time To Visit Masinagudi
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Monsoon rains turn the forest areas so green and verdant that the woods seem to come alive, with the sounds of the birds and the drizzling raindrops on the wet forest floor. Masinagudi is in a rain shadow zone, so it does not get heavy thundershowers, but passes off with short spurts of rainfall. The forest looks fresh and invigorating after a short downpour and you get to spot more animals during the monsoon. This is supposedly the best season to visit Masinagudi.

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Masinagudi Weather And Best Time To Visit Masinagudi
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The northeast monsoon passes off by the end of November. By December and January, the early mornings are misty while the days are pleasantly sunny with clear skies. This is also an ideal weather for travel and for a great photo shoot. Keep sweaters handy along with a sensible pair of trekking shoes. Winter's the best time to indulge in some bird watching, with flocks of forest dwelling migratory birds zooming in for winter.

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