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How To Reach Naxos

Planning A Trip To Naxos? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Naxos

Naxos is a centrally located island among the Cyclades and is quite easy to travel to from almost anywhere in Greece. The best way to reach Naxos would be by the sea, however, there are flights available as well. The island is very popular with tourists and it has ensured convenient and frequent public transport and plenty of rental services, for people to get around in - especially during the summers when it is high tourist season.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Naxos
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There is a small airport operating on Naxos island with daily flights to and from Athens. So while travelling from India, you will need to fly to Athens (or Thessaloniki, but this route is more expensive and less frequent) and then take a domestic flight to Naxos which has a travel time of only about 35 minutes. The airport is 2 km from the main Naxos town and is a convenient location to find public transport to get you to your hotel - anywhere on the island.

By Sea

By Sea:  How To Reach Naxos
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Greece's Cyclades island is popular with tourists from all over the world and hence there are many ferries and cruise ships that travel between the islands - more frequent during summer - but nevertheless available throughout the year. From India, you can fly to Athens and then take a ferry from Piraeus Port. The trip would take roughly 4 to 6 hours depending on the ferry operator you choose. You can also get to Naxos from other Greek islands like MykonosSantorini, Paros, Koufonisia and Amorgos. The port is located in the main town of Naxos.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Naxos
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Naxos sees plenty of visitors all year round and hence is a very tourist-friendly island. Their bus service runs smoothly for tourists to get to different parts of the island with no trouble - they run every half hour in the summer and every hour in low tourist seasons. They are cheap, convenient and easy to navigate. There are also public taxis available, though much more expensive than the bus. You can also rent a car, quad bike, motorbike or bicycle and explore the island on your own. The old town can be explored on foot and you can even walk to nearby towns and beaches if you don't want to explore too much of the island.

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