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Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Corfu? Here's a detailed Corfu tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
28.9° C / 84° F
Current Conditions:
Few Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
April to October
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Corfu International Airport (6 kms)
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Corfu is a beautiful Greek Island in the Ionian sea situated towards the north-western frontier of Greece. It is one of the largest islands amongst the Ionian islands and is very approachable by sea and flight directly from other European cities. It has a population of a mere 1 lac people and its economy mainly runs on tourism. Corfu has a rich history - and some believe it goes right back to Greek Mythology. Read this travel guide to Corfu to know more about this mystical island and about what to do, when to go and how to get there!

How To Reach

How To Reach:  Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air:

A quick and easy way to get to Corfu is by flight. From India, there are multiple flights that fly to Athens from most metro cities of India and on a daily basis. Once at Athens, you can take a domestic flight to Corfu International Airport. The airport is very close to the city centre and from there you can take a taxi, bus or rent a car to get to your hotel.


By Sea:

Being an island, it is approachable by Sea, however, not directly from India. You will still need to get to Athens by flight and then reach Igoumenítsa by road. From Igoumenítsa there are plenty of ferries that will take you to Corfu in less than 2 hours.


By Road:

There is no direct way to reach the island by road, but you can drive down or take a bus to Igoumenítsa, which is on the Greek mainland and from there you will need to take a boat to Corfu. A bus journey to Igoumenítsa would take around 7 hours from Athens.


Getting Around:

While the city centre or 'Corfu Town' as it is known, is easily explored on foot, the rest of the island is stretched out. There are hop-on-hop-off buses that will take you to many beaches and other tourist destinations. You can also take a normal bus to most of the destinations. Renting a car or bike and driving around is also a good option - however, the mountainous regions can get quite narrow so this option is recommended only to experienced drivers.

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Weather & Best Time To Visit

Weather & Best Time To Visit:  Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide
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Spring (March to May):

Spring brings with it not only beautiful weather but also beautiful blooms. The months start warming up and range between 17°C and 22°C. Few days of rain may be experienced in March and April. The beaches and tourist sites are less crowded during this period. Easter is a big festival that is celebrated in Spring.


Summer (June to August):

If you love the sun, you'll love the summer. The days are filled with sunshine until over 10 pm! The beaches are ripe for swimming, sunbathing and other water sports. However, this is also the peak tourist season, so every place can get quite crowded and needs to be planned well in advance. Temperatures average 31°C. Festivals celebrated during this period are the Varkarola Festival on 11th August and the festivals of Garouna and Ano Gerakiana.


Autumn (September to November):

Fall might just be the perfect time to visit the island. It gets a little more peaceful during this time, and the temperature cools off from a warm 27°C to a cool 15°C by November. But somewhere in between might just be the sweet spot. Hikes, long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets are the perfect things to do in this romantic season. A few days of rain are expected.


Winter (December to February):

You may think there wouldn't be much to do on an island in winter. But here's where you are wrong! Corfu is still a fun place to be even in winter. Yes, it can get quite chilly as the average temperature is around 10°C, but there are other things you can still do. Since Corfu has many historical sites and mountainous regions, these activities can be enjoyed all year round. Rain, however, is expected for about 9-10 days per month. The feast of Saint Spyridon and the Carnival of Corfu are festivals celebrated during the winter months.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide
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Old Town:

The Old Town at Corfu is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is pedestrian-only with cobbled pathways and pretty little buildings and shops along the way. The Venetian architecture gives the town such a heritage feel and you will be sure to take a million photographs. A few sites to visit when you are in town are the Old Fortress, Saint Spyridon Church, Statue of Georgios Theotokis, the Spilias Square etc.


Canal d’Amour:

A canal of love! This natural canal has a magical legend behind it. People believe that couples who swim across the channel together will have a lifetime of love together! It is one of the most romantic spots in all of the island. Don't leave without viewing the beautiful sunset from here.


Aqualand Park:

Sometimes you need a bit of fun and crazy and Aqualand Park is the perfect place to let loose. It's also the perfect place to spend the day if you have kids - cos there are many rides that are child-friendly and for the full family. The park is only open from Mid-May to early October.


Water Sports:

If you are an adrenaline junkie, there are so many fun activities in store for you like Paragliding, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Water Ski, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Diving, Wakeboarding and more! There is also a cool glass-bottom (or bottomless, one may call it) boat ride for those who don't want to swim or get wet. Some of the popular beaches for water sports are Paleokastritsa, Kontokali, Acharavi, Gouvia and Sidari.


Shopping:  Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide
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Who doesn't love to shop while on holiday?! Heres an easy guide on what you should buy in Corfu and where you can buy them from!


Corfu Old Town is a beautiful and perfect place to shop for traditional items, hand-made souvenirs and boutique clothing. Carpets, Table Cloths, Ceramics, Jewellery, Carvings, Linen are all popular buys. Olive is popular produce here, so products made of Olive oil and olive wood are also hugely popular. You can find some pretty laces at the shops near the harbour area of Kassiopi.


Looking for a unique product available only in Corfu? Buy the kumquat liqueur or kumquat eau de toilette. It is made out of kumquat fruit (similar to an orange) which is of local produce. Other alcohols you can buy that are synonymous with Greek culture are Ouzo, Tsipouro and local wines. You will also find many good boutiques at Kerkira like Fetich Fashion, Scandalo & Atropos. Lapel is a popular store for leather goods.


Food:  Corfu Tourism And Travel Guide
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Food in Corfu is a blend of many international cuisines with Greek at its base. It's got Venetian, Mediterranean, French and British influences. A few of the traditional items you must taste are :


  • Sofrito - Slowly fried beef with a lot of garlic. One of the most popular dishes in Corfu
  • Pastitsado - A meaty stew served with pasta
  • Zorka - Veg pies that could be made with different vegetables like Zucchini, pumpkin, onion or cheese.
  • Pork Dolcegarbo - Slow-cooked Pork
  • Sikomaida - a fig based dessert


Seafood like Fish, Mussels and Veal are also hugely popular. Vegetarians, don't fret! Greeks do eat a lot of vegetables and so there are plenty of options available without meat. Soups, Salads and Pies are only just the beginning. Some popular restaurants for vegetarian food are The Venetian Well, To Steki tis Pareas, Romeos Cafe Τaverna, Salto Wine Bar - Bistro, Bavias Tavern - Grill Room and Nikos Family Taverna.


Side note - there's also an Indian restaurant in Corfu Town called the Tandoori Bites!

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