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How To Reach Denmark

Planning A Trip To Denmark? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Denmark

Denmark, one of the southern-most Scandinavian country in Europe, is a peninsula with a collection of islands. The country is one of the homes of the ancient Danes and Vikings and today makes for a wonderful amalgamation of royal palaces, harbours, medieval cobble-stone streets and cute houses. Denmark is also the gateway to the rest of Scandinavian countries, in geographical as well as cultural sense. Then it comes as no surprise that Denmark is connected to all the world. The best ways to reach Denmark have been listed and described below.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Denmark
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You will find that there are numerous direct flights from Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai to Copenhagen, with airlines like Air India, Air France, Aeroflot Russia and SAS- Scandinavian. You can choose to land at one of the two major international airports of Denmark, namely, Copenhagen Airport and Billund Airport. SAS Scandinavian Airlines is the major airlines in the country and others like Norwegian, Easyjet, Transavia etc follow suit. From your airport destination you have the option of taxis or pre-hired cars to take you to your hotel, or you can take domestic flights to other smaller cities too.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Denmark
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Denmark boasts of great road and highway networks so it is pretty easy to reach this country from the neighbouring ones. You will find a number of bus services from cities like Berlin, Hamburg etc to Copenhagen, and even Aarhus. Stockholm also runs regular buses to Denmark. Driving a car yourself is also a good option as the Scandinavian countryside is beyond breathtaking. Route E45 running along the Jutland Peninsula is a good option if you are driving from Europe.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Denmark
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Railways are a cheaper option to travel across Denmark as compared to flights or even the road. It is also a very convenient one. You will find that trains also come into Copenhagen from Germany’s Berlin and Hamburg regularly. Night trains are also available from farther cities like Amsterdam, Prague, Basel etc. Copenhagen is the main station in the capital but you will find tickets for other cities as well.

By Water

By Water:  How To Reach Denmark
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Since Denmark is a collection of islands around a peninsula, sea travel is quite convenient, and even cheap. Ferries ply between Norway and Denmark, with the busiest port operating at Hirtshals. The boats or ferries take 3 hours to reach Denmark from Norway's coast. Other ports that also dock tourist ferries include Rodby-Puttgarden (for Sweden to Copenhagen). Ferry operators like Bornholmstrafikken, DFDS Seaways, Color Line, Fjordline, Scandlines etc are some of the reputed ones.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Denmark
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Getting around the country of Denmark is simply a joy, especially by the DSB (Danish State Rail system). These trains are much cheaper and more convenient than other modes. For internal commute, each region of the country boasts of well placed local transport like ferries, buses, trains etc; each selling tickets online too. Tickets can be downloaded on the phone and you don’t need a physical copy to travel around. Taxis are readily available to wave and hire and there are also calling companies if you wish to book one in advance.

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