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Hajipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Hajipur

Planning A Trip To Hajipur? Here's a snapshot of Hajipur weather and the best time to visit Hajipur

Hajipur in Bihar used to be known as Ukkacala. After crossing the Ganges at Patna, this was the first village on the way. Hajipur became prominent after Buddha delivered his discourse here. It is also the site where the ashes of Ananda, closes to Buddha, were enshrined. A small place in Muzaffarpur District located where the two rivers Ganga and Gandak meet, Hajipur has been mentioned as Vaishali in the Mahabharata. The weather in Hajipur is temperate just as any other city in Bihar. The best time to visit Hajipur is between October and March.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Hajipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Hajipur
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Hajipur is typically temperate. Almost half the year it feels hot with a touch of humidity at times during the pre-monsoon period. The hottest months by far are the months of May and June and thereafter April. In June the temperature could be higher than 38.7°C with night temperature not dropping below 27.1°C. Towards the latter part of summer the winds become rough and this continues till the first showers preceding monsoon arrive. Hajipur is nearly unbearable during summer and is best avoided for tourism.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Hajipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Hajipur
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Though the monsoon period covers from June till September, the month of August is generally when it rains the maximum. It is rarely humid in Hajipur and April is perhaps the least humid among all months while August is possibly the most humid. Similarly, the months of November till January are least likely to rain with January being absolutely the least likely of all the months when it may rain. The annual rainfall is 993mm. It is better to visit Hajipur when it is slightly drier. 

Winter (October-March)

Winter (October-March):  Hajipur Weather And Best Time To Visit Hajipur
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By the time October is over, winter would have set in in Hajipur. Hajipur does become fairly cold in winter when it is also the best time to visit Hajipur. The days are bright and sunny with a hint of cold so that visitors can move around the various sites. Nights become quite cold and heavy woollens are advised. The maximum temperature during this period generally remains between 28.7°C and 20.3°C. The minimum temperature may drop below 6°C.

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