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Things To Do In Hajipur

Planning A Trip To Hajipur? Here's our list of top things to do in Hajipur

In the ancient times Hajipur finds mention in the Mahabharata while it is said that democracy found its roots in 600 BC in the ancient Licchavi republic. It is here that Lord Mahavir was born and also where Lord Buddha not only delivered his final sermon but also where he announced his Parinirvana. Once a small town at the confluence of Gandak and Ganges, Hajipur figured prominently during the reign of Akbar. There are several things to do in Hajipur and also in the neighbouring areas. These will be discussed in the underlying paragraphs.

Delve into the Past, Visit Patna Museum

Delve into the Past, Visit Patna Museum:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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The famous Patna Museum is located on Vidyapati Marg about 13km from Hajipur Station. Started on the 3rd of April 1917, the state museum of Bihar was created for storing and displaying the diverse objects of historic value that were found near Patna. Today many of the collections of the earlier days have been relocated to Bihar Museum. The items that have been displayed now include various coins and objects of art besides those having archaeological value, thankas and textiles as well as images in bronze, paintings and textiles. There is an excellent collection of paintings going back to the British days besides a WWI cannon and the fossil of a tree that is possibly more than 200 million years old. There is a casket which possibly contains the ash of Buddha and some ten thousand manuscripts that were written in silver and gold on papers that were made by hand.

Visit the Historical Gandhi Maidan

Visit the Historical Gandhi Maidan:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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The Gandhi Maidan is a historic ground that is located about 12km from Hajipur Station. It is on these hallowed grounds that several of the movements were launched during India’s struggle for freedom. These include the Quit India movement and the Champaran movement. The speakers on these grounds earlier called Patna Lawns include great figures such as Gandhi and Rajendra Prasad, India’s first President. There were others too such as Sardar Patel and Nehru, Maulana Azad and Jai Prakash Narayan. Today however, these grounds are used to host private parties and conduct mass prayers and hold trade fairs. Flag hoisting ceremony is also conducted here on both the Republic Day and Independence Day.

The Impressive Buddha Smriti Park

The Impressive Buddha Smriti Park:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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Located about 13km from Hajipur Station on Frazer Road, the Buddha Smriti Park is sometimes called Buddha Memorial Park too. This park was developed by the State Government of Bihar to commemorate the 2554th Birth Anniversary of Lord Buddha. Dalai Lama inaugurated the park on 27 May 2010. Constructed on the same place where the notorious Bankipur Central Jail once stood this park was conceptualized by Nitish Kumar, the state’s Chief Minister. This park today boasts of two saplings from the venerated Mahabodhi tree, one from Sri Lanka and the other from Bodh Gaya. At the centre of the park is the 200’ high Patliputra Karuna Stupa that houses the holy ashes of Lord Buddha. The park also has a meditation hall where one can pray.

Pay Homage at Gandhi Ghat

Pay Homage at Gandhi Ghat:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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There is a beautiful ghat known as Gandhi Ghat in Patna which is about 11km from Hajipur Station. Named after the Father of the Nation, this ghat is popular for the evening arati that is conducted with a lot of fanfare every day. The ghat is also famous since it is the place where Gandhi’s ashes were immersed. The ritual of the arati was commenced in 2011 and is framed after the Ganga Arati that is conducted in Haridwar and Varanasi. Today, one can also take a ride on the Ganga Vihar which a cruise ship with an on-board restaurant.

Remembering Gandhi at Gandhi Sangrahalaya

Remembering Gandhi at Gandhi Sangrahalaya:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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The Gandhi Sangrahalaya is located in Patna to the north west of Gandhi Maidan and about 11.5km from Hajipur Station. Basically, the Gandhi Memorial Institution is a public service institution and a museum that showcases the principles and life of the Mahatma especially his role during the freedom struggle in Bihar. There are a total of eleven such Gandhi Museums in India. This particular sangrahalaya was established in the year 1967 and since July 1971 it has been autonomous. You will find the museum a place of peace and quiet with a large collection of photos and paintings, sculptures and manuscripts. There is a library in the building as well.

Offer Puja at Kali Mandir-Darbhanga House

Offer Puja at Kali Mandir-Darbhanga House:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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The Kali Mandir at the Darbhanga House in Patna is about 13km from Hajipur Station. It is a very old temple of Kali, the temple being in the old palace building which is on the banks of the Ganga. Hundreds of devotees come from all over the world to visit this fine place of belief and worship. It is also a great place to catch your breath while taking a break from your feverish tour. The temple is said to have been built by the Maharaja of Darbhanga and it is located close to the Patna College.

Visit Kargil Chowk

Visit Kargil Chowk:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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Kargil Chowk is a war memorial that was dedicated to all those soldiers who were from Jharkhand and Bihar and those that had been martyred during the Kargil War of 1999. This beautiful war memorial was established in 2000 and is located to the east of Gandhi Maidan Road that intersects with Ashok Rajpath Road at a distance of about 11.5km from Hajipur Station. Some of the names of the martyrs include Major C Divedi and General Digambar Dixit from Palamau besides General Prabhakar Kumar Singh from Bhagalpur and Havildar Ratan Kumar Singh also from Bhagalpur. Kargil Chowk is today a place where candle lit marches are held by the public who wish to either pay homage or lodge a protest in demand for justice.

Enjoy the Ambience at Konhara Ghat

Enjoy the Ambience at Konhara Ghat:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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One of the more important of all the ghats on Gandak and Ganga rivers, Kaunhara Ghat is located about 14km from Hajipur Station. This is a ghat where for centuries both cremation and worship have been conducted. There is a story associated with the name of the ghat. According to folklore Gaja, the elephant and Graah the crocodile, both gandharavas and angelic beings, fought till Vishnu had to intervene in order to save Gajaraj, his devotee, from drowning. The death of Graah brought him salvation while Gajaraj remained alive. You will fight the emblem of the two at various parts of the city.


The Interesting Jalan Museum

The Interesting Jalan Museum:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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Jalan Museum, located about 11km from Hajipur Station is one among the two private museums in the State of Bihar. The museum is located in Quila House which is a residential house meant for private use. The museum which was built 100 years ago in 1919 on the river banks of the Ganga displays the fine collection of Diwan Bahadur Radha Krishna Jalan who lived between 1882 and 1954. An art collector and a businessman, Jalan has some of the finest art objects and antiques in the building which has been made in combined English and Dutch styles. There are around ten thousand objects displayed in the museum and these include articles made in porcelain, glass, ivory, terra cotta, metal and stone. You will find the museum open on all days but do check the current restrictions of timing.

Visit Shri Krishna Science Centre

Visit Shri Krishna Science Centre:  Things To Do In Hajipur
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Sri Krishna Science Centre, located about 12km from Hajipur Station is a science museum. This museum was named after Shri Krishna Singh who was the first CM of Bihar. The centre was inaugurated by Shri Thakur Prasad Singh who was then the Minister of Education,. This centre is among diverse such National Museums that feature under the National Council of Science Museums. The centre was set up basically for students and an innovative hub has been made for the promotion of critical thinking in science. The centre has various facilities that include broadband internet and 3 D printing besides advanced laboratories.

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