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Evora Weather And Best Time To Visit Evora

Planning A Trip To Evora? Here's a snapshot of Evora weather and the best time to visit Evora

Evora continues to draw thousands of visitors every year with its exquisite hisotrical monuments and intense cultural charm. The city enjoys a relatively moderate climate. The best period to visit is anywhere btween April to November. The most popular season for tourism is generally during the spring and part of the summer seasons. The temperatures are usually well-balanced, but winters and summers do tend to display extreme weather conditions on occassion. The warmest period is between July and August. Rainfall is low but can be erratic at times. To learn more about the weather and best time to visit, check out this article. 

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Season (March - May):  Evora Weather And Best Time To Visit Evora
Photograph by www.planetware.com

The best time to visit Evora is during the spring, which observes a combination of light rainfall, well-balanced temperatures of 16 to 28.5°C and also periodic winds that only enhance the city's beauty. This is an ideal time for toursim as the high visibility and reduced humidity make outdoor exploration easy and enjoyable. The local flowers in the countryside are in full bloom, which adds a unique natural beauty to the city. 

Summer Season (June - August)

Summer Season (June - August):  Evora Weather And Best Time To Visit Evora
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The summers in Evora tend to get exceedingly hot at times. The temperatures easily cross 30° C and can make the surrounding weather conditions blisteringly warm. This might not be the best time for visitors to visit owing to the chances of heat stroke and dehydration a possibility if they are not appropriately dressed and hydrated. Days feel endless and the only respite is post sunset when the average weather cools down. 

Autumn Season (September - November)

Autumn Season (September - November):  Evora Weather And Best Time To Visit Evora
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This season marks another change in temperature, when the humidity and rainfall levels rise significantly and creates a rather gloomy atmosphere in the city. Heavy showers means that outdoor exploration is quite hampered and this combined with a consistent drop in temperatures throughout the season is not ideal for visitors. This is considered to be the tourist off-season. 

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Evora Weather And Best Time To Visit Evora
Photograph by vagrantsoftheworld.com

Just as the summers are too hot, similarly the winter period is just too cold at times for visitors and hence, is another difficult time for tourism in the city. Owing to its geographic location in the center of Portugal, Evora faces extreme conditions at times. Strong winds, snowfall and rainshowers make visiting the city a nightmare at times. It is best to be well-clad and stay warm when visiting during this period.

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