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Tourist Places To Visit In Evora

Planning A Trip To Evora? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Evora

A Moorish stronghold for nearly 500 years, Evora is one the most ancient and captivating cities in Portugal. It is now a bustling tourist hotspot and considered a more niche location for lovers of history and art. The ancient city has some iconic landmarks that are not to be missed. This includes a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of the city's Old Town as well incredible monuments like the Evora Cathedral, the Roman Temple, Praca do Giraldo city center and even the Evora Museum. In spring and summer this city can truly be enjoyed in all its glory. Visitors will find themselves coming back to the city again and again to learn something new. This article should give further detailed insights into the top tourist places to visit in Evora. 

Sé (Cathedral)

Sé (Cathedral):  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
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Created way back in the 12th century, this cathedral is one of the best and most popular tourist spots in the city. The cathedral continues to serve as one of the icons of the city, a symbol of its rich history. Visitors are blown away by the Roman and Gothic facade, stunning balconies which give panoramic views of the surrounding city and stained-glass windows. This is a great place for lovers of art and history of all ages. 

Roman Temple

Roman Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
Photograph by www.planetware.com

Probably the most historic structure in the city and another popular tourist spot, the Roman Temple was built somewhere between 1st to 3rd century AD and is called the Temple to Diana by many. The remnants of this structure make it one of the most prime examples of the Roman influence in Portugal and it draws thousands of curious visitors from all over the world. Post sunset, the structure is charmingly illuminated. 

Termas Romanas

Termas Romanas:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
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The Termas Romanas or Roman Baths are a poignant feature of their dynasty and this historic structure continues to be a tourist favorite spot to visit in the city. It was discovered in 1987 and includes both an open swimming pool area as well as its own heating system, which is incredible to have imagined such a modern engineering advancement hundreds of years of ago. This is an ideal spot of families and young couples alike. 

Palacio dos Duques de Cadaval

Palacio dos Duques de Cadaval:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
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This 14th century palatial structure was historically the homes of dukes and noblemen alike. Today it sits as a tourist hotspot and one of the best places to visit. It is a throwback to a different era, where visitors can get insights into life in the city back in the 14th and 15th century. The palace houses some interesting manuscripts and general historic items as well. It shows Medieval and Roman influences on the interiror and exteriro respectively. 

Igreja Sao Joao Evangelista

Igreja Sao Joao Evangelista:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
Photograph by www.planetware.com

The most prominent religious structure in the city after the Evora Cathedral is the 18th century church of Saint John, the Evangelist. Antonio de Oliveira is the genius responsible for this structure, which includes a combination of Azulejo tiles used and the iconic red-tile facade which would impress any visitor, even one who is particularly fond of art and design. 

Praca do Giraldo

Praca do Giraldo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
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The main cultural centre and one of the best places to explore is the Praca do Giraldo, a historic and beloved city centre where almost all visitors gather on a daily basis to enjoy a meal, shop at boutique stoes and spend time with loved ones. It is a popular spot for cultural events like musical and theatre performances as well. 

Evora Museum

Evora Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Evora
Photograph by www.planetware.com

One of the most popular places to visit in the city is the stunning Evora Museum, created in the 16th century. Originally home to a nobleman, today the structure boasts a collection of over 20,000 unique artefacts include paintings, sculptures and scrolls to name a few. It is an ideal place to visit for young kids eager to learn as well as older lovers of design and history. 

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