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Leiria Weather And Best Time To Visit Leiria

Planning A Trip To Leiria? Here's a snapshot of Leiria weather and the best time to visit Leiria

Located in the heart of Portugal, Leiria enjoys a special place in locals hearts as a focal point of history and education in Portugal. The moderate climatic conditions are perfect for visitors to enjoy exploring the city and its surrounding natural habitat. Moderate rainfall, light breezes and lots of sunshine is what makes a perfect day in the city. The best time to visit is anywhere between April to November. Tourism is buzzing normally in the summer and spring seasons, when the weather is at its best. As autumn and winter arrive, it tends to die down significantly. The natural beauty of the city of the city is not be missed. To learn more about the weather and best time to visit check out this guide below. 

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Season (March - May):  Leiria Weather And Best Time To Visit Leiria
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This is one of the best times to visit Leiria, owing to the slight drizzle, reduced windspeed and bright sunshine that seems to characterize this season so accurately. Like other central parts of Portugal, the spring is when the local flowers bloom and the countryside comes to life making for beautiful surrounding greenery. This is an ideal time for tourism and this is when visitors can venture outside to truly explore the city to its maximum. 

Summer Season (June - August)

Summer Season (June - August):  Leiria Weather And Best Time To Visit Leiria
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The hottest time of the year, but also the most popular period for tourism, summer brings with it longer days, lower humidity and rainfall levels and some spectacular sunsets. The visibility is high which is again perfect for exploration and enjoying nature. However it can get very warm at times with temperatures exceeding 30° C at times. Hence, visitors should dress lightly and stay hydrated. 

Autumn Season (September - November)

Autumn Season (September - November):  Leiria Weather And Best Time To Visit Leiria
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Tourism tends to die down in this season as the monsoon sets in. The temperatures also drop significantly but its the periodic heavy showers as well as the strong wind that hampers tourist activity during this period. It is the most brief season but it is recommended to avoid travel to Leiria as the roads might additionally be wet and slippery amongst other issues.

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Leiria Weather And Best Time To Visit Leiria
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Being a central city, the winters in Leiria are more intense than other parts of Portugal. Long periods of snowfall and rainfall accompanied by powerful gusts of wind means that the city is best avoided during this season. Visitors must be careful before travelling here due to the erratic weather conditions. It is advisable to stay well-clad and insulated throughout this season. Toursim increases marginally as compared to autumn season. 

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