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Aveiro Weather And Best Time To Visit Aveiro

Planning A Trip To Aveiro? Here's a snapshot of Aveiro weather and the best time to visit Aveiro

Owing to its location in the northern part of Portugal, the city of Aveiro tends to demonstrate a temperate climate, characterized by moderate to pleasant conditions with occassional light rainfall as well. The best time to visit from April to September, when the weather is well-balanced and sunshine levels are high. The summer and spring seasons are the most popular for tourism and the city is bustling with energy. The hottest period is June to August, when humidity levels reduce significantly. Winters are rough, with heavy rainfall and snowfall occurring. To learn more about the weather and best time to visit Aveiro, check out the guide below. 

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Season (March - May):  Aveiro Weather And Best Time To Visit Aveiro
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The weather during this season is well-balanced, with moderate levels of both rainfall and sunshine characterizing this season. Temperatures average around 15 to 20° C, which is ideal for outdoor exploration of the cities and its narrow canals. The rainshowers are light and periodic, not really hampering tourism in the city. This is one of the best times to visit and one of the most popular times for tourists to enjoy the city. 

Summer Season (June - August)

Summer Season (June - August):  Aveiro Weather And Best Time To Visit Aveiro
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The summer is the most hectic time when tourism reaches its peak in Aveiro. The city experiences its hottest time of the year, with rainfall occurring briefly for a couple of days during this season. Temeperatures elevate to over 20° C on average and humidity levels also drop significantly. The weather doesn't get too hot and is in fact perfect for spending the day exploring the city inside-out. This is definitely the best time to visit Aveiro. 

Autumn Season (September - November)

Autumn Season (September - November):  Aveiro Weather And Best Time To Visit Aveiro
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This season is the equivalent of the monsoon season, with periodic heavy showers occurring throughout this brief period. Visitors will notice a rise in windspeed and humidity as well. There is a general gloomy atmosphere characterizing the city in autumn. Temperatures tend to cool down significantly, with the average around 13 to 20° C at times. This is the tourist off-season with the town quieting down after a crowded summer. 

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Aveiro Weather And Best Time To Visit Aveiro
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The coldest time of the year, the reduced temperatures, increasingly heavy showers and cold winds all make this the least recommended time to visit Aveiro. The erratic weather makes outdoor exploration a burden and additionally lowers the general visibility levels. This is not a highly recommended time to visit the city. Visitors will need to remain well-clad and warm throughout their journey. 

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