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Dubrovnik Weather And Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik

Planning A Trip To Dubrovnik? Here's a snapshot of Dubrovnik weather and the best time to visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a maritime city, the pearl of the Adriatic, is really a great place for a nice summer/autumn vacation. The best time to visit Dubrovnik is between September and October, when the summer transitions into a mild autumn and there isn’t much touristy traffic around. You can go dipping in the sea, enjoy the beaches, hop around museums and city walls, all without caring about any major changes in weather. Here’s a small guide to help you with different seasonal blooms of Dubrovnik.

Summer (May-August)

Summer (May-August):  Dubrovnik Weather And Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik
Photograph by https://www.godubrovnik.com

The summer of Dalmatian coast is a summer worth experiencing. The water is nice and warm, the land breezy but not windy. The two major festivals, viz a viz the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July to August) and Le Petit Festival du Theatre (June-July) make this time a very touristy and crowded season. The accommodations and food and everything else is very expensive hence if you are looking at budgeting then choose the next season.

Autumn (September-October)

Autumn (September-October):  Dubrovnik Weather And Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik
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Autumn is a short-lived season here, with hardly a month and a half to go on. Since the summer noise has quieted relatively with the departure of major vacationing crowd, September marks a nice shoulder season to enjoy the sights, beaches and mild weather without worrying about inflated prices. This season marks the harvest time so be ready for fresh grapes, grape juices, olives and other fruits on the platter. The temperature hovers between 19-26°C with very little (upto 3 days) rainfall.

Winter & Spring (November to April)

Winter & Spring (November to April):  Dubrovnik Weather And Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik
Photograph by https://www.worldofawanderer.com

In Dubrovnik, because it is a seaside city and located in the south of Europe, winter and spring do not show much distinction in terms of weather. Both seasons are low on tourism with January hitting the lowest range of temperature - 7-12°C. The precipitation comes in the form of rain and is not more than 10-16 days a month. This leads to unpredictable beach conditions and you cannot fully enjoy your time outdoors. Hotels and tourist boutiques and establishments also close down and many locals kick back for their own vacation. So you might not find accommodations easily either. Hence it is best to avoid this season.

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