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Chopta Weather And Best Time To Visit Chopta

Planning A Trip To Chopta? Here's a snapshot of Chopta weather and the best time to visit Chopta

Chopta forms a part of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and is a charming little town in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains. It is relatively untouched and enables visitors to fully enjoy the surrounding natural beauty on offer. The town also serves as the basepoint for treks to Tungnath and Chandrashila. The best time to visit Chopta is ideally during the summer season, due to the ideal temperatures and clear skies. However, the weather in Chopta tends to be pleasant throughout the course of the year, one of the reasons why the hamlet is growing into a tourist hotspot. Read below to find out more about Chopta's seasonal guide.

Summer (March – May)

Summer (March – May):  Chopta Weather And Best Time To Visit Chopta
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With temperatures averaging between 10 - 32°C, Chopta is a dream destination during summer. This is the season when tourism in the area is booming and it is the most eventful period to visit Chopta. The surrounding natural landscape is in a period of transition, where visitors can observe the glaciers melting, clear skies and well-balanced weather. All outdoor activities like trekking, wildlife sanctuary trips etc can be thoroughly enjoyed during this period.

Winter (October – February)

Winter (October – February):  Chopta Weather And Best Time To Visit Chopta
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The weather can go as high as 15°C and can drop to sub-zero levels as low as -15°C. Majority of the town is closed off to the public during this period due to extreme temperatures and excessive snowfall. Trekking during these months is risky but can be extremely rewarding if the weather holds up. It is also popular for young couples and honeymooners, due to the romantic backdrop during this season. However, visitors must be well clad and alert about the weather conditions before venturing outside.

Monsoon (June – September)

Monsoon (June – September):  Chopta Weather And Best Time To Visit Chopta
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The monsoons are relatively decent in Chopta, with the occasional possibility of landslides occurring. The meadows are in full bloom during this season and the surrounding vegetation becomes lush as ever. September especially is a great month for tourists as the skies tend to clear up around this time, enabling visitors to enjoy the outdoor activities on offer and dwell in the natural splendour of the town. It is recommended to consult local experts before venturing here during monsoon.

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