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Chandigarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

Planning A Trip To Chandigarh? Here's a snapshot of Chandigarh weather and the best time to visit Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a prime hub of North India thanks to its excellent status as the capital of two different states, Haryana and Punjab. Tourists can pick and choose between spending rejuvenating time at Sukhna Lake or indulging in vibrant cultural festivities while in town. The 47 sectors of Chandigarh enjoy excellent interconnectivity and allow tourists to travel to its tourist spots smoothly. Chandigarh witnesses three prime seasons across its territory: summer, monsoon, and winter. The best time of the year to pay a visit to this city is during the winter season. The pleasant and frosty climate of the winter provides apt weather for tourism here in Chandigarh. Let us look at how the different seasons attract tourists.

Summer (March to May)

Summer (March to May):  Chandigarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chandigarh
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The summer season in Chandigarh gets underway in March and causes the weather in the city to remain dry and humid until May. Occasionally, the town also receives a considerable downpour of rainfall, yet the climate remains sultry. The temperatures always hover between 35°C and 45°C, with May experiencing the hottest weather. Tourists who wish to beat the heat and travel to Chandigarh may find themselves lucky, as the locals celebrate Baisakhi in April. It is a unique experience when you catch a glimpse of the cultural festivities that include the harvest season kicking off and the formation of Khalsa Panth being commemorated.

Monsoon (June to September)

Monsoon (June to September):  Chandigarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chandigarh
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Monsoon season in Chandigarh comes along when the southwest monsoon winds drop by in June. The rainy season continues to send heavy showers across the city until September. Although Chandigarh receives between 700 mm and 1,200 mm rainfall regularly, the weather remains humid and blazing hot. Incessant rainfall results in the town turning into a lush green meadow, which means tourists who love nature are drawn to Chandigarh's scenic allure. The temperatures usually fluctuate between 25°C and 30°C during the monsoon season. Tourists who decide to explore Chandigarh at this time of the year can have an experience of the Teej festival celebrated by Punjabi women at the Rock Garden.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Chandigarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chandigarh
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Winter season in Chandigarh sets in during October and fades away with the end of February. Tourists that visit during this season witness a cold and chilly climate, with temperatures continually hovering between 3°C and 23°C. The daytime climate remains pleasant and allows visitors to explore cultural festivals such as the Chandigarh Carnival organized at Leisure Valley. However, winter nights in Chandigarh offer freezing weather, with temperatures ranging between 0°C and 4°C. Tourists who enter the city during February are blessed with the opportunity to witness the Rose Festival. Popularly known as Festival of Gardens, this annual celebration includes several cultural programs.

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