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Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Planning A Trip To Chandigarh? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh is renowned for being the most well-planned city in the whole of India. The town is blessed with spacious roadways and welcoming local inhabitants. Chandigarh offers tourists a splendid walkthrough of its glorious architectural phenomena and lush green landscapes. When in the city, visitors can explore one of the beautiful botanical gardens, some of the art galleries studded with historical remnants, or some of the magnificent architectural wonders built across the city. Chandigarh also forms a hub for faithful Sikh pilgrims who wish to stop by at one of the many sacred gurudwaras around town. Let us read on to check out the exciting tourist places to visit when in Chandigarh.

Aesthetic Rock Garden

Aesthetic Rock Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Chandigarh's Rock Garden is an authentic garden renowned all over the world for its intriguing collection of artifacts. Several figurines spread across the garden have been carved out using recycled municipal and industrial waste. The Rock Garden comprises a theatre store, an outdoor exhibition center, and a tiny maze; all rolled into one expansive world of fantastic artwork and landscapes. Upon entering the park, tourists are greeted by a stunning alignment of boulders, fluorescent tubes, discarded glass bangles, construction waste, broken chinaware, and boulders. All these waste materials collocate to form a world of soldiers, palaces, women, village life, and temples of yore.

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake formed in 1958 by building a dam across the Sukhna Choe rivulet. Spanning a length of 3 sq km, this lake perfectly flows along the base of the Shivalik Hills. Several local inhabitants prefer jogging or walking along the splendid promenade that spans the surrounding areas of these tranquil lake waters. Sukhna Lake also holds the Asian Rowing Championships across its extensive rowing circuit. Tourists would find solace atop a peaceful boat ride through these lake waters. The organizers charge between 50 and 100 INR, considering you take up a solo boat ride or a couple boat ride. Thanks to the presence of birds such as cranes and Siberian ducks, Sukhna Lake forms a photographers' paradise.

Pinjore Gardens

Pinjore Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Situated in the beautiful city of Pinjore, Pinjore Gardens was created by the Mughal rulers who resided here during the 17th century. The garden spans a magnificent 100-acre landscape and provides a fitting getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Pinjore Gardens is famous all over the globe for its rejuvenating water fountains, fascinating water bodies, and state-of-the-art green pastures. Tourists who decide to visit Chandigarh during the summer season would be lucky to witness the vibrant celebrations of Baisakhi's Mango Festival. Some of the highlights of this refreshing tourist spot includes the tranquil Japanese garden, an exciting mini zoo, several picnic sites, and an excellent nursery to nurture kids.

Refreshing Rose Garden

Refreshing Rose Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Rose Garden is a beautiful botanical park of Chandigarh that nurtures more than 32,000 species of medicinal shrubs and trees. The garden has gained popularity among locals as well as tourists thanks to its exquisite repertoire of more than 800 flower species. Constructed in 1967, Rose Garden is the largest botanical park in the whole of Asia. The park spans a 30-acre landscape and forms a perfect spot for visitors to take up refreshing morning or evening walks. The flowers spread across the garden enchant tourists with their fragrance and charm when they are in full bloom. Adding to Rose Garden's allure are the picturesque mountains in the backdrop and its stunning water fountain.

Nangal Wetlands

Nangal Wetlands:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Nangal Wetlands is a peaceful stretch of saturated land located within the neighboring small town of Nangal. This marshy land spans a 6 km along the boundaries of River Sutlej. The Nangal Lake in this vicinity is an exquisite human-made lake that was formed by the Nangal Dam. More than 40,000 beautiful bird species migrate to the Nangal Wetlands in the winter season, making it a bird-watcher's paradise. Some of the magnificent birds that either reside within or migrate to these welcoming marshy lands include large Indian parakeet, wood shrike, red jungle fowl, crested bunting, Indian cuckoo, and yellow-eyed babbler. The crowd-puller though from these bird species, is the graceful Sarus crane.

Mohali Cricket Stadium

Mohali Cricket Stadium:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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The Mohali Cricket Stadium formally goes by the name Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium. This gigantic stadium is capable of hosting approximately 27,000 spectators and forms the home ground for the Kings XI Punjab cricket team. Brought up within the space of 3 years under the influence of state-of-the-art architectural prowess, the stadium finally began to host domestic and international cricket matches in 1993. One particular highlight of the Mohali Cricket Stadium is the short collection of floodlight pillars that surround the ground. This stadium has played host to memorable cricket matches, such as the nail-biting semifinal encounter between India and Pakistan in the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Garden of Silence

Garden of Silence:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Situated at the furthermost endpoint of Sukhna Lake, Garden of Silence is a park that was predominantly built to help people practice meditation. The seated figurine of Lord Buddha in the center of the park forms a fitting cynosure for all tourist's eyes. The neighboring vicinity oozes of lush greenery and exuberates refreshing tranquility. Garden of Silence is usually lit up with dazzling lights during the evening, making it a spectacle to behold for all who decide to take an evening stroll across the park. With the stunning Shivalik Ranges forming the backdrop against which this park is set up, photographers are blessed with exciting eyeshots to take back home.

Gurdwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib

Gurdwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Gurdwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib is one of the most sacred shrines in the whole of Chandigarh and forms the headquarters of the Sikh community's blessed gurudwaras. Located in Chandigarh's Sector 34D, this gurudwara even airs its daily proceedings on one of the local television channels of the city. Gurdwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib fittingly attracts influential preachers such as babas, sants, raagis, and paathis. The gurudwara also offers devotees who throng the shrine with sarai facilities comprising six individual restrooms and an attached washroom. Lying within touching distance of the Chandigarh Bus Stand, this shrine can also accommodate close to 300 pilgrims inside its gigantic prayer hall.

Museum of Evolution of Life

Museum of Evolution of Life:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Built in 1973, the Museum of Evolution of Life is an intriguing art gallery that provides insights into the evolutionary progress of human life forms. Some of the paintings showcase how living beings matured from unicellular organisms to the sophisticated biological people of today. The museum also boasts of several other art galleries that delve deep into Astronomy, Pre-historic events, Geology, and Archaeology. Museum of Evolution of Life highlights unusual facts about extinct divisions of humankind and the myriad of flora and fauna that resided on earth. Tourists who love historical occurrences would be intrigued by the prospect of taking home exciting books on the same topic.

Majestic Capitol Complex

Majestic Capitol Complex:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chandigarh
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Capitol Complex is a marvelous government complex situated in the Sector 1 area of Chandigarh. Developed by renowned architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, this legislative building forms an exceptional Unesco World Heritage site. Capitol Complex spans a 100-acre expanse and is an apt illustration of Chandigarh's architectural prowess. Some of the magnificently constructed structures inside this complex include the High Court, Secretariat, Tower of Shadows, Geometric Hill, Palace of Assembly, and Open Hand Monument. Most of the towers present inside the Capitol Complex uniquely have their northern ends open as sunlight cannot come in through this direction.

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