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Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong

Planning A Trip To Bhalukpong? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong as a tourist destination has a number of incredible sights and a bunch of outdoor activities to engage in, with an assortment of vibrant Orchids, wildlife safaris and adventurous treks that bring out the scenic, pre-historic and traditional legacy of this town to life. There are a few neighboring areas near Bhalukpong which are equally enticing for a day’s trip, some of them being the Nameri National Park, Kaziranga and Bomdila. Here’s a list of tourist places you can visit at Bhalukpong and its adjoining areas.

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong
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Spanning 100 the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary is a lush green assortment of colorful orchids with numerous varieties of orchids in vibrant shades and sizes that leave all visitors spellbound. Called the Tipi Orchidarium, the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary has nearly 2,600 cultivated varieties of over 80 different types, situated a short distance from Bhalukpong. With over 450 plus species, most of these orchids are of a rare kind and is a perfect place to know and explore these beautiful flowers.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong
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Home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and other assorted animal species and plants, the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary has over 40 mammal species at the Tiger Reserve that include tigers, leopards, wild dogs, Himalayan black bear, jungle cats, elephants, gaurs, sambar, barking deer, hog deer, wild boars and more. The sanctuary also houses over 300 bird species and is aimed at the preservation and protection of the Royal Bengal Tiger as the Pakke Tiger Reserve. Located at the Himalayan foothills on the East in the Kameng District, the sanctuary was awarded its status in 1977 and declared a reserve in 2002. It encompasses a variety of lowland semi-evergreen, eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests and evergreens, with an assortment of orchids in abundance.

Bhalukpong Fort

Bhalukpong Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong
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Built-in the 10th century, the Bhalukpong Fort is a popular tourist attraction in town that stands mostly in ruins now but is a significant representative of its traditions and historic glory. Built by King Bhaluka by the river banks of Bharali, the fort ruins include some stone blocks and bricks on the slopes of the small hill, with a pond and a brick well also there. You will also find the historic ruins of Bana, the King’s grandson and a heroic warrior from Mahabharata here.


Bomdila:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong
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Bomdila’s a visual treat enriched with a lovely climate and a number of lovely tourist places to visit. With a variety of shrines and temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and outdoor activities, Bomdila is bound to leave its visitors captivated. The Bomdila Viewpoint is a strategic point where you can enjoy a view of the gigantic Himalayas towering all around you, misty clouds passing by and a picturesque view of the Kemang Valley. Then, there are the apple orchards, brimming rich with apples, giving off a fascinating view, while the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary en route to Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is ideal for bird watching with over 450 avian species that include falcons, oriental white ibis, hawks, cormorant, tragopan, woodpeckers and more.

Gontse Garden Rabgye Ling

Gontse Garden Rabgye Ling:  Tourist Places To Visit In Bhalukpong
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Renowned as the GRL Monastery, the Gontse Garden Rabgye Ling is home to Buddhist Lamas and Monks in Bomdila and is known as a major centre for the Lamaistic Discipline under the aegis of Mahayana Buddhism. Located in the Western Kameng District, the monastery was built by the 12th incarnate of TsonaGontse Rinpoche in 1965. Segregated into 3 divisions, the Upper Gompa is the main priory, while the Lower Gompa is located at the end of the main market representing the rich Tibetan architecture and the Middle Gompa is home to the Blue Medicine Buddha or the Medication Lord who’s believed to cure diseases.

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