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Things To Do In Vaishali

Planning A Trip To Vaishali? Here's our list of top things to do in Vaishali

Vaishali is an ancient city that goes back to the time of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira. Its soil was blessed when Lord Buddha visited the place twice during the 3rd Century BC. Located 35km to the northeast of Hajipur there are several activities to enjoy in Vaishali. One can see the Buddha Stupas and the Ashokan Pillar. One can also participate in the great celebration held here during Vaishali Mahotsav each year in Baisakhi Purnima. In addition to these, there are several other things to do here as well. These are now discussed.

Participate in Vaishali Mahotsav

Participate in Vaishali Mahotsav:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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Vaishali Mahotsav is celebrated each year during the Baisakh Purnima, which is the day of the full moon in the middle of April. The occasion is to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Lord Mahavir, the 24th Jain Tirthankar, who is supposed to have been born 4km from Vaishali, in the village of Kundalpur. There is however some confusion regarding the exact place of birth as well as the date he was born. Coincidentally, Lord Buddha had also blessed this soil on two occasions during the 3rd Century BC.

Visit Ramchaura Mandir

Visit Ramchaura Mandir:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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The city of Hajipur in Bihar has a Hindu Temple that is dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple is known as Ramchaura Mandir and it is located near Helabazar in Hajipur at a location called Rambhadra. Local folklore has it that the temple was created during the Ramayana and that Lord Ram himself visited the temple while he was going to Janakpur. His footprints are worshipped at this temple. During Ram Navami which is the anniversary held on the birth date of Lord Rama each year Ramchaura Mandir also celebrates the anniversary. During Ram Navami a small fair is organised as well here. Ramchaura Mandir has been excavated and all the objects that were of archaeological interest have been displayed at Patna Museum.  

Take a Drive on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu

Take a Drive on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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The Mahatma Gandhi Setu or bridge is a very important link between the northern and southern parts of Bihar. Constructed over the Ganges River near the village of Jadhua, the bridge connects Patna with Hajipur and it is one of the more attractive places of Patna as well according to a visitor. Visitors enjoy a very enjoyable experience while on the bridge because of the lush green plantations which present a very panoramic view. This bridge is among the longest bridges in Asia and has a length of 5.75km.

Attend the Sonepur Cattle Fair

Attend the Sonepur Cattle Fair:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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If you are looking for a great visual, one that is totally unlike the others, the Sonepur Cattle Fair is the perfect choice. Sonepur is located opposite Hajipur and it is here that for a fortnight each year the Sonepur Cattle Fair is held during the winter months of October or November. The fair is not only about the buying and selling of cattle. Even elephants are bought and sold besides birds and wooden furniture and winter garments as well as agricultural implements. The visitor could stay in either a tent or a cottage organised by the Department of Tourism.

Visit Abhishek Pushkarni

Visit Abhishek Pushkarni:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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Vaishali has a coronation tank which is also called Abhishek Pushkarni which once held an important and significant position in the ancient city of Vaishali, a city that is rich in cultural heritage of India. The water of the Abhishek Pushkarni was held sacred and holy when Vaishali was the capital of Licchavi, a vibrant region named after King Vishal who was referred to in the Mahabharata. The water of the coronation tank was used for the purpose of anointing the elected representatives of the State of Vaishali before these representatives were sworn in to take up their positions in the state.

Bateshwar Nath Temple

Bateshwar Nath Temple:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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Located in the eastern part of Hajipur is a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the oldest temple in the entire state of Bihar which has a large number of temples. It is said about Bateshwar Nath Temple that the temple has existed since the time of the Mughal Empire. It is also said that the temple had actually been excavated from a banyan tree that was a thousand years old. Bateshwar Nath Temple celebrates the traditional festival known as Vasant Panchami each year sometime within February and March. During the Maha Shivratri a small fair is organised for a month. If you are in search of peace of mind it is here that you are likely to find it.

Visit the Legendary Kaun Haara Ghat

Visit the Legendary Kaun Haara Ghat:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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The legendary Kaun Haara Ghat is one of the major ghats of the River Ganga-Gandak. It is here that cremation and worshipping have been performed over the last few centuries. This quaint name has a story attached to it. It seems that the story is based on one of the popular fables of the elephant and the crocodile which comes from the Indian scriptures. According to this story, Lord Vishnu intervened in the fight so that his devotee, the elephant Gajaraj could be saved. This he achieved by killing the crocodile, thereby freeing him from bondage and giving him moksha. Visitors will find the emblem of the fight between Gaja and Graah on the dome of the railway station in Hajipur as well as other important places.

The Ancient Baithakji Hajipur

The Ancient Baithakji Hajipur:  Things To Do In Vaishali
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Also known as Aacharya Prabhuji ki baithak, the Lord Krishna temple Baithakji in Hajipur is among one of the oldest temples that exist in Hajipur. It dates back to the 15th Century, when Vallabhacharya Shri Mahaprabhuji, who established one of the 4 peethas of Hinduism - Bhakti Marg, gave his sermon here.


The Indian subcontinent has a total of 84 such baithaks called Mahaprabhuji Baithak, where the pontiff gave sermons on Shrimad Bhagvat and the ways to attain Shri Krishna by love. To commemorate the life of Shri Mahaprabhuji, today several vaishnavs travel all over the country by road and rail when they visit the baithaks, and pay homage to Shri Mahaprabhuji. On his birthday or Mahaprabhuji ka Utsav (falling in April usually), the Baithakji hosts a grand celebration, with a shobha yatra or procession.

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