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Things To Do In Cuttack

Planning A Trip To Cuttack? Here's our list of top things to do in Cuttack

Cuttack, traditionally known as Kataka, is a culturally rich city that is best known as the former capital of the eastern state Orissa. It is a fertile piece of land situated on a delta between the rivers Mahanadi and Kathjuri, and is one of the major producers of rice in the country. The city that boasts of a history almost a thousand years old is also known as the ‘Silver City’ for its famous silver filigree or Tarakashi work that features as one of the highlights of Cuttack.


Being the oldest and the second largest city in Orissa, there are a variety of local attractions on offer here that range from lovely parks and gardens to historical monuments and local shopping markets. Here is a list of the top things to do and explore when in Cuttack.

Odisha State Maritime Museum

Odisha State Maritime Museum:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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A well frequented spot by all those who visit Cuttack; the Odisha State Maritime Museum showcases the culture and heritage of Orissa and provides detailed information about its rich history. The exhibits display artifacts and vessels, along with galleries that offer details about the maritime rituals and boat building techniques that have been part of Orissa’s maritime history.

Barabati Fort

Barabati Fort:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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The Barabati Fort is a 14th century monument that was constructed by the Ganga Dynasti along the banks of Mahanadi River. The original structure however, dates back to 989 AD when the King Marakata Keshari constructed embankments along the river shore to protect it from floods. It was eventually turned into a nine-storey fort by a Chalukya King in the 14th century. It is spread over an area of 102 acres, with the majority of the ornate architecture that was once testament to the grandeur of the Ganga Dynasty now lying predominantly in ruins.


Within the grounds of the Barabati Fort, the Shahi Mosque is another popular tourist attraction with intricate structural designs. Constructed entirely in tiles and stonework, the mosque also consists of an impressive tomb on top of the structure, and is widely visited by Muslims from all over the state.  

Deer Park

Deer Park:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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The Deer Park is located in Madhusudhan Nagar of Cuttack, and is a fantastic place to take friends and family for a fun time. Watching deer flock around you as you gather some camera-worthy moments, a visit to this park will prove to be a time filled with excitement. This is a good place for families, especially with children.

Stone Revetments

Stone Revetments:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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The Stone Revetment is an architectural masterpiece that is located along the banks of river Kathjuri. It was constructed in the 11th century by the Keshari kings to protect the city from floods in the river Mahanadi. While the construction of this caliber may not appear to be very impressive to the current generation, this revetment was built at a time when there was negligible technological development, making this structure a marvelous feat for its time. The ancient engineering skill displayed through these revetments is the major reason for this region being one of the most widely visited tourist spots in the city, along with the area being a peaceful spot with beautiful tranquil surroundings.

Netaji Birth Place Museum

Netaji Birth Place Museum:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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The ancestral home of the great freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose has been converted into a museum after being renovated accordingly in 2007. Netaji shared his home with his eight brothers and six sisters, which now houses galleries depicting photographs from different stages of the freedom fighter and his family’s life. The library in the museum consists of historically important documents, with 22 letters written by Netaji himself, along with numerous books that have been written based on his life.


A celebration is organized each year on the occasion of Netaji’s birthday, which witnesses numerous cultural programs and blood donation camps that are held in his memory, attracting locals and tourists alike.

Kala Vikash Kendra

Kala Vikash Kendra:  Things To Do In Cuttack
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The Kala Vikash Kendra is a heritage center established in 1959 that offers professional training in the art of music and dance forms. Also known as the ‘Mother Center of Odissi Dance’, the establishment has been a significant contributor towards keeping the ancient performing arts of the state alive. It is responsible for teaching and organizing performances in different forms of Indian classical dance, such as Raavan Chhaya and Moghul Tamsa, along with Hindustani and Odissi vocals, Tabla and Pakhawaj. Visit this place to catch a glimpse of the lives of the talented artists of Orissa.

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