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Things To Do In Chandipur

Planning A Trip To Chandipur? Here's our list of top things to do in Chandipur

Out of the numerous beaches in Orissa that are situated along the coastline of Bay of Bengal, the most unique shores are of those of Chandipur – a peaceful beach town located around 15 km away from Baleswar district. Surrounded by Casuarina trees on all sides and different varieties of aquatic life that can be observed along the seaside, the beach boasts a serene ambience and numerous stalls of delicious sea food. For an experience that will create everlasting memories, plan a trip with your friends and family to this exquisite beach; here is a list of some of the best things to do around Chandipur.

Take a Walk at Chandipur Beach

Take a Walk at Chandipur Beach:  Things To Do In Chandipur
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One of the most famous beaches in Orissa, Chandipur Beach is best known with nicknames like ‘Hide & Seek Sea’, or the ‘Vanishing Sea’. These names are attributed to a unique feature of the beach wherein the sea recedes to as far back as 4 km from the shore during low tide, and returns to its original place during high tide. The ebb tide offers the opportunity to stroll deep into the seabed, with some visitors choosing to drive or cycle on the dry seabed as well; an experience that can rarely be witnessed anywhere else. There are also stalls and shacks on the beach that sell sweets, green coconuts and lip smacking sea food.

Explore the Wildlife at Similipal National Park

Explore the Wildlife at Similipal National Park:  Things To Do In Chandipur
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Around 100 km away from Chandipur, the Similipal National Park is a rich and diverse culmination of flora and fauna spread over dense forests and beautiful meadows. It is also the largest wildlife sanctuary in India with one of the most important tiger projects in the country. Hundreds of bird and animal species, along with impressive reptiles and an Elephant Reserve in the vicinity make up some of the best highlights of Similipal National Park.   

Go Fishing in Balaramgadi Beach

Go Fishing in Balaramgadi Beach:  Things To Do In Chandipur
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Much smaller than Chandipur Beach, the Balaramgadi Beach lies at the confluence of the Budhabalanga River with the Bay of Bengal. It is located just 2 km away from Chandipur and is a popular fishing village. Visitors in the area can try their hand at fishing too with the help of local fishermen who are always willing to assist the tourists in the area. It is a charming spot with amazing sunrise and sunset views, where visitors can enjoy baths in the sea water that is relatively much cleaner than the one at Chandipur.

Trekking on the Hills of Nilagiri

Trekking on the Hills of Nilagiri:  Things To Do In Chandipur
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After you’ve had your fill of the seaside at Chandipur, head over to Nilagiri, a princely state located about 40 km away from Chandipur that is surrounded by hills and experiences a pleasant climate all year long, making it a brilliant location for taking up trekking. It is also well known for the Jagannath Temple and the Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary.


Shopping:  Things To Do In Chandipur
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Chandipur may not be a commercially popular shopping destination, but a true traveling aficionado will find something worth taking back from every place they visit. Stalls and make-shift shacks along the beach sell local sweets, clothes, and handmade items created from conches and shells, which make perfect souvenirs. Cashew nuts, normally a pricey food, can be bought here for reasonable prices and are one of the best buys in the town.

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