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Malaysia Weather And Best Time To Visit Malaysia

Planning A Trip To Malaysia? Here's a snapshot of Malaysia weather and the best time to visit Malaysia

Malaysia is a tropical country with temperatures ranging from 24 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius in the lowlands and 16 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius in the highlands. A warm and friendly country in south-east Asia, Malaysia is situated along the Khatulistiwa (Malay word for equator). This means Malaysia does not have the typical four seasons, but it has sunny days and rainy days throughout the year. Thus, the weather of Malaysia depends on weather it will rain or no, a tricky condition indeed. Read our guide to determine the best time to visit Malaysia.

Summer (March-August)

Summer (March-August):  Malaysia Weather And Best Time To Visit Malaysia
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On the east coast fo Malaysia, March to August is considered peak season with a high number of tourists visitng. This is also the time for school holidays in most European countries. The east coast receives the best weather, while the west coast gets quite windy and the seas get choppy, with the occasional shower. April is a popular time to travel to Malaysia. The rains come to the west coast but are usually in short sharp showers and should not impact your overall enjoyment. Make sure you plan your vacation to coincide with popular festivals during the season, such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri (July) and National day of Malaysia (August).


Monsoon:  Malaysia Weather And Best Time To Visit Malaysia
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Malaysia experiences monsoons during different months in different regions. So the good news for tourists is that they can shift to different coasts according to their feasibility and schedule.


The west peninsula witnesses rains from April to October months. The months experience thunderstorms and rains mostly during the days. 


The north-east peninsula sees rains from November to February and these tend to be the wettest season of the year for this part of the country. Many resorts shut down as the number of tourists drops, reopening only in the first week of March.


Festivals like the Islamic New Year and Malaysia Day happen during September and October attracting a heavy number of tourists.

Winter (September – February)

Winter (September – February):  Malaysia Weather And Best Time To Visit Malaysia
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Malaysia doesn’t have chilly foggy winters, yet most resorts and restaurants are closed during this time of the year due to heavy rainfall. The north-east experiences heavy rainfalls, but the east coast is usually drier than the rest of Malaysia offering perfect vacations to tourists who hit the beach.


Those visiting Malaysia during the month of January can experience the famous Chinese New Year festival which lasts for 15 days with each day's celebration signifying a special meaning. Another festival in the month of January and February is Thaipusam, largely celebrated by the Tamil community in Malaysia.

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