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Turkey Weather And Best Time To Visit Turkey

Planning A Trip To Turkey? Here's a snapshot of Turkey weather and the best time to visit Turkey

Turkey is one of the most exotic ancient countries of the world, standing strong between two continents and encompassing cultures of Persian, Roman, Arabic and Byzantine origin. With steep rugged mountains and river basins that form mouths at the Black sea, beaches that are refreshing and barren plains that give the feeling of Arabian Nights, Turkey has a mixed landscape. The shores in Turkey see a maritime weather while the inlands have continental type of climate. The best time to visit Turkey though, is definitely in the spring and summer months from March to September. The autumn months October-November are also quite beautiful, if a bit chilly.

Spring (March - June)

Spring (March - June):  Turkey Weather And Best Time To Visit Turkey
Photograph by https://rove.me

Spring is a good season to visit Turkey, in fact, one of the best. Winter subsides by March and warmth engulfs the place, along with blooming greens and fruits and flowers. Everybody starts stuffing woollens back in the attic and dressing in bright, happy clothes, going about their lives in glee. This time is also perfect to go sightseeing and indulge in any adventure here. Istanbul is just brilliant in spring, as is Izmir, Antalya and Ankara. The average temperature stays between 11-19°C, depending on the place.

Summer (July - September)

Summer (July - September):  Turkey Weather And Best Time To Visit Turkey
Photograph by http://www.52112.com

Summer in Turkey is as hot as winters are freezing. But it is still amazing fun to enjoy the country with its summer traditions and food and drinks to beat the heat, all the while roaming around and doing touristy things. Beaches are at their best, with crowds thronging beach towns like Izmir and bay cities like Istanbul. Drink the local Turkish drink of Ayran, a yogurt based salted drink that tastes a lot like Indian ‘chaas’ but has a tingle of fermentation to it. This one beats the heat like no other. The mercury levels in summer here are around 40°C in Istanbul. The coasts of Mediterranean and Aegean scorch with 48°C. This is the busiest time everywhere so the rates go up and bookings need to be made well in advance.

Autumn (October - November)

Autumn (October - November):  Turkey Weather And Best Time To Visit Turkey
Photograph by http://www.theguideistanbul.com

Autumn in Turkey begins by October and temperatures start dipping. The weather is cooler and there is a mellowed air to the towns and cities. Autumn makes for the shoulder season here so you get to enjoy all of summer’s glory but at lower rates and with lesser crowds around. It is a pretty good time to visit as days are still reasonably warm and you get to explore as much as you want. Places like Cappadocia and Mardin become great tourist spots as they each are cooled off from the inland heat.

Winter (December - February)

Winter (December - February):  Turkey Weather And Best Time To Visit Turkey
Photograph by https://www.propertytr.com

Winter in Turkey is very cold, in most places. Even the coastal areas like Istanbul and Izmir are very chilly, some with snowfall too. Rainfalls are also common and temperature remains below freezing point in some places between December and January. Sightseeing and beaches are basically a no-go zone, as it is freezing to the bone. You can, however, enjoy the cityscape and towns in the cold. While Istanbul sees an average of 9°C, Ankara reaches 0°C. Erzurum is the coldest, at -19°C.

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