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Lataguri Weather And Best Time To Visit Lataguri

Planning A Trip To Lataguri? Here's a snapshot of Lataguri weather and the best time to visit Lataguri

Located in North Bengal near Gorumara National Park, Lataguri is a popular tourist destination. Serving as the entry point for Gorumara and Chapmari Wild life Sanctuaries, Lataguri is also close to some other prominent destinations like Buxa Tiger Reserve, the Neora Valley National Park etc. Apart from its lucrative location, Lataguri itself boasts of dense forests and riverine grasslands. A calm and serene town, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Lataguri is much cherished. However, not all seasons are considered ideal for visiting Lataguri. So read on for weather highlights and the ideal time to visit Lataguri.

Summer (March to June)

Summer (March to June):  Lataguri Weather And Best Time To Visit Lataguri
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Unlike the hilly terrains of Bengal, Lataguri experiences hot summers like the plains. As the summer months progress, the mercury rises steadily and can record temperatures as high as 38°C. April, May and June are the sweltering hot months in the area and apart from the heat, the humidity is also high, which makes it quite unbearable for the people. The weather is sultry and uncomfortable and stepping out in the hot sun is not something that is looked forward to. It is exhausting for tourists and is hence not recommended for a visit to Lataguri during these months. Sightseeing is difficult. Though there may be occasional showers, it does nothing to reduce the humidity or the heat.

Monsoon (June to October)

Monsoon (June to October):  Lataguri Weather And Best Time To Visit Lataguri
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Monsoon season is a long one starting from June and continuing till October. After the unbearable heat and humidity the full-on monsoon brings much needed respite for the people. Lataguri experiences heavy downpours between August and September. It receives about 3100 mm rainfall every year which hampers tourism greatly. Weather continues to remain sweaty and rather uncomfortable. While monsoon is not recommended for a trip to Lataguri, the more adventurous ones can plan a visit during the early monsoon period when the rains are not too heavy. The surrounding is nice and refreshing and as it is the off-season, tourists can also bag some hefty discounts.

Winter (November to February)

Winter (November to February):  Lataguri Weather And Best Time To Visit Lataguri
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After the heavy monsoon showers, the weather starts improving. October is a good month to visit Lataguri. Durga Puja is celebrated amidst much pomp and many visit to participate in the celebrations. The skies clear up and the gentle and warm sunlight feels good. A slight chill sets in, which is enjoyed by the tourists and the footfall gradually increases. It is considered the best time to visit the town. While mornings remain clear and pleasant, evenings can get quite cold and hence it is recommended that tourists carry sufficient woollens when visiting Lataguri during the winter months. These are also the best times for exploring Gorumara National Park and Chapmari Wildlife Sanctuary. The safaris which are suspended during monsoon resume once again and take people into the interior of the forests. It is a good time for animal spotting. Birdwatchers too can have a great time as there are a large number of migratory birds spotted during these months.

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