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Karnataka Weather And Best Time To Visit Karnataka

Planning A Trip To Karnataka? Here's a snapshot of Karnataka weather and the best time to visit Karnataka

Nature has favoured Karnataka with an assortment of landscapes and terrains, and then you have the Deccan Plateau, the coastal plains and the fertile mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. So you find the full force of a season in one quarter of the state, and you’ll find the same spell pretty placid and lame in another. In short, you can choose the best season to visit Karnataka depending on which district you want to travel to. But generally summer and winter are preferred touristy seasons and the weather in Karnataka is great at these times for travel and sightseeing.

Summer (March-May)

Summer (March-May):  Karnataka Weather And Best Time To Visit Karnataka
Photograph by karnataka.com

Central regions of Karnataka including Bellary, Chitradurga and Raichur are very hot and humid, especially from April to May while the coastal regions are pleasantly warm. You can get away to the hill stations and beaches to beat the heat of summer. Wear light clothes, put on sunscreens, carry sun glasses and plenty of water.


Monsoon(June-September):  Karnataka Weather And Best Time To Visit Karnataka
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South-west monsoon rains can be pretty menacing in the coastal regions. South Interior and North Interior parts of Karnataka receive comparatively less rains during monsoon. But the cloudburst adds more beauty and grandeur to the state that is already lusciously verdant and green. Monsoon is off season in Karnataka, but you’d have a good time if you choose the less rainy parts of the state to visit. Carry raincoats and umbrellas, for the weather could be impulsive.

Post Monsoon(October-December)

Post Monsoon(October-December):  Karnataka Weather And Best Time To Visit Karnataka
Photograph by adoretheskin.com

With a lovely change in the weather, the post monsoon time brings in occasional rains from the north-easterly monsoon winds. Humidity goes down considerably and you can find this a good time for travel. Random showers might feel like a disruption but if you are well prepared then you can manage.


Winter(January-February):  Karnataka Weather And Best Time To Visit Karnataka
Photograph by trawell.in

Again, winter could be dry and pleasant in some regions and very chilly in other regions. Sunrise is cold and foggy and the day gets pleasant until evening, when the chill sets in again. But winter is a good time for sightseeing and visiting the safaris and the waterfalls which plummet down with the force of the fresh mountain waters after the recent monsoon rains. Carry heavy woollens and winter jackets at this time.

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