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Things To Do In Karnataka

Planning A Trip To Karnataka? Here's our list of top things to do in Karnataka

Karnataka is a south Indian state that is a rich cultural and historical paradise in nature's lap. It has an enchanting lure that draws people to it, for the state opens up exciting vistas of wonders that keep everybody happy. Whether you are a shopaholic, a nature lover or if your passion is to visit ancient monuments and temples, Karnataka is going to be THE holiday destination for you. Let’s check out the umpteen sundry things that are in store for you, as you journey around the state of Kerala.

Heritage Travel

Heritage Travel:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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If the wanderer in you craves for a heritage trip, Karnataka is the right place to make your dreams come alive. The centre of many powerful dynasties of South India, Karnataka has a multitude of temples and monuments that speak volumes about the history of the state. Check out Chaubara, the ancient Clock Tower in Bidar, the Chennakeshava swami Temple in Belur that took a whopping 103 years to be built and the Durga temple at Aihole. Visit Hirebenekal, Chandravalli and Brahmagiri, which are ancient Megalithic sites.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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With its lofty mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, rivers and forests, Karnataka would live up to its promises of keeping you adventurously active throughout your stay. Go Scuba diving and snorkelling off Netrani Islands in Marudheshwar, Microlight flying in Bengaluru, Skydiving in Mysuru, Jet ski riding in Gokarna and white water rafting, canoeing and coracling in Honnemoredu. Explore the ancient carved cave temples at Badami, Tumkur, Antara Gange and Kolar.


Museums:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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Visiting a museum is such a worthy thing to do, for a museum is an infographic experience about the world around us. Thus said, Karnataka has so many museums that you’d find irresistible to visit with your kids. Visit the anatomical NIMHANS Brain Museum, Karnataka Folk Museum and Visveshwarayya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru, the Folklore Museum and Jayachamarajendra Museum in Mysuru for its ancient Mysuru and Mughal style of paintings, the Government Museum at Shimoga for its exquisite sculptures and the Government Museum at Hassan for the weapons used by the Vijayanagara and Hoysala kings.


You’d find a rare exhibit of the copper coins used during the rule of the Mysuru Maharajas, Tipu Sultan and the English East India Company. Another interesting museum you should visit is the Melody World Wax Museum in Mysuru, with its life size wax images of musicians playing their musical instruments.

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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If there are mountains and rivers, there are bound to be misty spray- spouting waterfalls and Karnataka has an array of these cascades to bowl you over with joy. Some of Karnataka’s most touristy waterfalls are Jog Falls at Shimoga that thunders down from a height of about 830 ft, Abbey and Iruppu Falls near Madikeri, Hebbe and Kalhatti Falls in Chikmanglur, Sattodi Falls and one of the most beautiful in Karnataka, the Unchalli Falls of Yellapur. The list seems endless, there are about 40-50 waterfalls in Karnataka - each vying with each other to be the best and most beautiful.

Festivals and Fairs

Festivals and Fairs:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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Traditions add a sense of old world charm to a state that has become so technologically sophisticated. All the districts of Karnataka have their own local festivals that are celebrated with gusto and fanfare as much as the religious and cultural festivals that are celebrated all over the country. You’d enjoy visiting the Viyaja Utsava celebrated in the architectural ruins of Hampi that commemorates the birth of the great poet Purandaradasa, the Pattadakal Dance festival at Pattadakal near Badami, the Kambala Buffalo Race at Mangaluru and the annual Kadalekai Parishe or Groundnut Fair at Bengaluru that are so unique to Karnataka.

Shopping Bonanza

Shopping Bonanza:  Things To Do In Karnataka
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The silk sarees of Mysuru are renowned worldwide for their lustrous, soft texture. You can also purchase silk dhotis, neckties, shirts and kurtas. Illkal sarees with the distinctive pattern of Kasuti embroidery with elephants, palanquins and lotuses are so special to the town of Illkal of Bagalkot district in Karnataka.


Products made of sandalwood and rosewood are such popular things that you can buy as souvenirs and gift items from Karnataka. Visit the Government Sandal Oil Factory in Mysuru for products made of sandalwood, including the aromatic sandal oil.

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