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How To Reach Bekal

Planning A Trip To Bekal? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Bekal

Bekal is a tranquil destination nestled within Kasaragod district in northern Kerala. With a stunning array of forts, a tank full of tranquil waters of Kerala, and some sanctified religious places, Bekal can force any tourist to stay here longer than they decided to. The Kerala government has done well to preserve Bekal’s origins and develop it into an amazing beach hamlet. They have been careful not to tinker with its natural aura at the same time. Taking a train to Bekal is the best way to reach this town. There are several railway lines that offer connectivity to other prime cities of the country. Roadways and airways can also be considered if the train option is out of reach. Let us read into this guide to find out how to get to Bekal appropriately.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Bekal
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Bekal has been deprived of an airport of its own. However, the domestic airport in Mangalore lies approximately 50 km away from Kasaragod district. The Bajpe Domestic Airport, Mangalore is situated about 247 km away from Bekal and provides frequent flights to different parts of India. The Kozhikode International Airport lies closest to Bekal. Located 156 km away from Bekal, this airport offers flight options that connect to different parts of the world, including major cities in the Arab empire. Tourists can either take a cab from these airports to Bekal or use a train to commute to the nearest railway station.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Bekal
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Situated approximately 12 km apart from Bekal, Kanhangad and Kasaragod railway stations are located within close proximity. These prime railway stations facilitate smooth connectivity to several metropolitan cities of the country. Once at these stations, tourists can book a cab or taxi and travel to the main spot within Bekal. These cabs charge a decent rate of 250 rupees for dropping visitors to and fro. The Pallikere and Kottikulam railway stations lie closer to Bekal. However, only trains that ply locally within Kerala stop at these stations.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Bekal
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Roadways leading to Bekal offer stunning panoramas along the way. State transport buses run by KSRTC ply regularly to Bekal from other main cities in Kerala. The closest bus stand to Bekal lies 12 km away in Kasaragod, offering ample connectivity options through the region. Tourists can either hire a taxi or take up a cab to reach Bekal from this bus stand. Local modes of transport such as auto rickshaws, buses, rental cars, and taxis ply through Bekal on a regular basis. They offer convenient and cheap means of transport within the city.

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