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How To Reach Kerala

Planning A Trip To Kerala? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Kerala

God's own land is always welcoming and inviting people from all across the globe. With its gorgeous coast line, this is the ideal place you want to enjoy the beach! Here are some options and suggestions that will help you decide on how to reach Kerala, by air (since the state has many state-of-the-art airports), by rail, by road or using the scenic waterways.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Kerala
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Are you an air bound traveler? Well, Kerala has an airport tucked away in every other corner. So you can fly right up to your end destination there. You can fly in to Kerala from off shores through the Kochi, Calicut (Kozikhode) and Thiruvananthapuram international airports. Up to 25 international air carriers service air routes to Kerala, so you can plenty of options and flexibility. Within India, Kerala is connected by direct flights from the following cities : Chennai, Delhi, Agatti, Mangalore, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Kerala
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Rail transport on the other hand is what people mostly prefer to travel by. Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram are extremely popular and are bustling with lots of activities. You can avail regular train services from the southern parts of the country. For cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the rail services are direct but not too frequent. Since these are popular routes, it's best to make early reservations and is also cost-effective. Keep in mind that most trains to Kerala have their end destinations at either Thiruvananthapuram or Ernakulam. For last minute bookings Tatkal is a great bet! The chances of getting a seat are better and bookings are available up to a day before the train's departure. If you want to add some glamour to your tour, get on the Golden Chariot which takes you for a South Indian Rail tour across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Kerala
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Another way to travel is by road using the National Highway to Kerala which connects the state to the rest of the country. Bombay travelers can get on the NH17 and land up in Kochi. The other National Highways to Kerala include NH47, NH212, NH49, NH220, NH208 and NH213. However, this is more popular with the people staying close by to Kerala, mostly from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. You could instead just book a night journey on private or government serviced buses. Air conditioned Volvos make for the most comfortable experience!

By Ferry

By Ferry:  How To Reach Kerala
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Kochi happens to be one of India's major docks which make way for domestic cruises. A terminal for international cruises in underway and will soon open a great travel route for tourists.

Travelling within Kerala

Travelling within Kerala:  How To Reach Kerala
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Once in Kerala, the best way out of the airports is by cab and perhaps the most preferred way to travel within the city. It gives you a chance to appreciate the gorgeous scenery around, and take in the mesmerizing coastal line. Interestingly, helicopter taxis are also available to transport people from the airport to the main city. However, this isn't very convenient to travel frequently within the city. If you're not too keen on taxis or auto rickshaws, you could also rent a car to travel around. Although expensive, moving around by car can be more convenient. Bus and inter-city train networks are also available and do a great job of connecting people. Timetables can be easily found and services can be arranged quickly.


When you're in a coastal area, you can also use the ferry service. It's probably the most convenient and most used mode of transportation. A perfect choice for connecting short distances!

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