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Bhandardara Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhandardara

Planning A Trip To Bhandardara? Here's a snapshot of Bhandardara weather and the best time to visit Bhandardara

The hill station of Bhandardara at about 740 m above msl, is an ideal destination for a weekend holiday trip. Set amongst the verdant landscape of the Western Ghats, with pristine lakes and lofty hills, Bhandardara is a lovely place to visit. Check out the best times of the year when a trip to the hill station would be worth your while.


Bhandardara at its altitudes has an all through the year touristy season, though the best season promises a hasslefree trip when you could explore the region, visit the waterways or indulge in trekking, photography or adventure tourism. The most ideal weather to enjoy in Bhandardara is winter, with monsoon following on a close second.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Bhandardara Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhandardara
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Although Bhandardara is a hill station, the region is quite hot in summer, with the temperature averaging a maximum of about 36 °C. In summer the days are hot and humid, while nights could cool down considerably. But tourists do visit Bhandardara in summer, to get away from the humidity of the plains.


You can go in for short treks and camp out near the lakes, which is ideally one of the best summer things to do. There might be occasional pre monsoon showers in the month of May that does help considerably to bring down the temperature. But summer is largely considered to be an off touristy season. If you do visit Bhandardara, keep plenty of bottled water handy.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Bhandardara Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhandardara
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Monsoon is a very pleasant period in Bhandardara, with the waterfalls like the Randha Falls and streams and lakes like that of Lake Arthur and Wilson Dam engorged with the monsoon rains. The landscape looks dewy, fresh and green and it’s a lovely time to be in the hill station.


But the rains do come in moderate to heavy at times, so travelling and sightseeing, especially trekking uphill might be a bother. But tourists consider monsoon one of the best seasons to visit Bhandardara. If you do not mind the rains, do visit Bhandardara in monsoon, with an umbrella or a raincoat handy.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Bhandardara Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhandardara
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Winter is considered the best time to visit Bhandardara, for the skies are clear, yet the days are cool and breezy and affords a lovely break with a short visit from the hurly burly of life in the cities. Winters are cool seasons for trekking, photography and indulging in a whole lot of time being spent near the lakes or sailing along on a boat.


You could visit the waterfalls, explore the countryside to photo shoot birds that migrate in for winter, trek up Mt.Kalsubai or the lesser hills or sit around a camp fire watching the stars. The clear skies and the cool weather give some remarkable views of the lofty mountain slopes and avid trekkers consider winter to be the best season for trekking.

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