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Yercaud Weather And Best Time To Visit Yercaud

Planning A Trip To Yercaud? Here's a snapshot of Yercaud weather and the best time to visit Yercaud

Yercaud has the typical subtropical summer, monsoon and winter vibes, but the seasons are so pleasant, breezy and cool all the year round, that you could visit Yercaud at any period of the year. What with its verdant slopes of coffee plantations, orange orchards and misty hilltops, Yercaud is one of the finest hill stations for a holiday.


Yercaud celebrates seasonal festivals that are in tune with the changing climatic conditions and showcase the nativity and culture of the hill town. If you are planning a weekend getaway or a long vacation, choose the best of the seasons so you can enjoy your trip to the finest. The best period to visit Yercaud is from October to June, when the weather is at its best.

Summer ( March - June )

Summer ( March - June ):  Yercaud Weather And Best Time To Visit Yercaud
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Yercaud is an idyllic summer resort for people who want a respite from the heat and humidity of the plains. Yercaud attracts lots of tourists during summer, for the season is mildly hot and perfect for sightseeing. Summer is the time of the flowers and bees, with the fragrant coffee blossoms in the plantations and the multitude of exotic flowers displayed in the Annual Summer Flower Shows, adding colour and scent to the season.Yercaud gets rather crowded in summer, so book accommodations in advance if you’re planning a stay.

Monsoon ( July - September )

Monsoon ( July - September ):  Yercaud Weather And Best Time To Visit Yercaud
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Monsoon is a picture perfect season for the romantics at heart, if you really wouldn't mind the drizzle. The region turns lush and green with the rains. The Kiliyur Falls that is dry during summer gets engorged with the monsoon rains and is lovely to visit during these months. But it’s the humidity and moderate rainfall that might throw a damper on a complete sightseeing trip. There might be heavy showers in Salem and a drive uphill might be difficult. Monsoon is a lean tourist period in Yercaud.

Winter ( October - February )

Winter ( October - February ):  Yercaud Weather And Best Time To Visit Yercaud
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Yercaud turns abundantly green after the monsoon rains. This is the next best time to visit Yercaud, after summer. This is a great time to drive up or rather trek up the eucalyptus tree lined hill slopes to photograph the undulating mist covered green carpeted ranges from the view points at the top. Winter’s cold at nights with the temperature touching 10°C, while days are mildly warm. You could carry cardigans and jackets to warm up. Avid bird lovers would have a great time photographing birds like Emerald Doves and Racket Tailed Drongos that fly in for winter.

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