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Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar

Planning A Trip To Williamnagar? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Williamnagar

Nestled in the north-eastern part of Meghalaya, Williamnagar is a small town and headquarters of East Garo Hills and is one of the most well-planned towns in the region. Originally known as Simsanggre because of its proximity to the Simsang River, Williamnagar was rechristened to its present name in the year 1876 after the state’s first chief minister, Captain Williamson A. Sangma. The native Garo tribe have resided in Williamnagar for centuries and bring a lot of culture to the town. They also fought bravely against the British invasion into the Garo Hills during the time of the British rule, which has permanently etched their name in the country’s history. Read on to know more about some of the best places to visit when in Williamnagar.  

Rongbang Falls

Rongbang Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
Photograph by https://www.indiamike.com/

Situated within the lush green folds of Williamnagar, Rongbang Waterfall is situated on the Tura-Williamnagar road and is truly a hidden gem of Meghalaya. The sparkling water gushes down into a stream and makes up a fascinating sight, alluring all those who visit this region. Soaking in the laid-back ambience of the surroundings is sure to transport you to a different world, and the diverse flora and fauna of the area make this place even more exotic.  

Naphak Lake

Naphak Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
Photograph by http://www.transindiatravels.com/

The water of Naphak Lake is believed to be haunted by spirits, according to the local residents. The lake overlooks a thick cover of natural forests that is constantly teeming with rich and diverse flora and fauna. One of the top tourist attractions in the region, Naphak Lake boasts an exquisite beauty that is almost unparalleled and is a spectacular sight for the eyes. Naphak Lake is actually a man-made water body that was formed after a massive earthquake created a crater here in the year 1897.


Rongrengiri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
Photograph by https://www.nativeplanet.com/

A reserve forest situated along the banks of the Simsang River, Rongrengiri is best known for its unearthly beauty and charm. Sal trees cover most the area in the forest, and there is also a memorial here that was erected in memory of Pa Togan, a brave warrior who played a key role in leading a revolution against the British invasion. The forest is surrounded by lush green thickets that cover the slopes of the hills in the region, a view that is bound to entice every nature lover.

Simsang River

Simsang River:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
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Simsang River flows through the heart of Williamnagar and is known as Someshwari River when it flows through Bangladesh. Incidentally, Williamnagar was known as Simsanggre up until 1976; this is when the name of the town was changed but the significance of this river is still maintained to this day. Nathok Wari is an annual fishing festival that is celebrated along the river banks during the winter months each year and is a major event that attracts many visitors apart from the locals.

Naka Chikong

Naka Chikong:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
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Situated a little more than 100 km away from Williamnagar, Naka Chikong is a large rock with deep hollows right in the middle of Ildek River. The locals believe it to be of great mythological significance, and that a large swarm of fishes under the rock reside here through all seasons of the year. They also hold the belief that if anyone accidentally touches the rock, all the fishes would disappear from the river. The local Hindus worship the rock and often come here to pay their respects.

Mrik Wari

Mrik Wari:  Tourist Places To Visit In Williamnagar
Photograph by http://wikimapia.org/

A gorge located near the Simsang River, Mrik Wari is essentially known for its rock formations, the most prominent of which depicts a baby elephant and its mother. The locals believe that these rock formations were elephants that were turned to stone while drinking water from the river when dawn approached. A number of other rocky shapes here form a marvellous spectacle that appears to be a work of art created by Mother Nature herself. The beautiful surroundings and the scenic views of the region makes this place a must-visit for those travelling to Williamnagar.

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