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Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi

Planning A Trip To Uttarkashi? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi is an extremely scenic and serene town in Uttarakhand, situated 1158 meters above sea level. It is often referred to as Devbhumi which means “Land of the Gods” due to its stunning natural beauty and diverse range of ancient temples. It is frequented throughout the year by devotees and pilgrims looking to meditate and relax. Of the many temples, the Vishwanath Temple is the largest and most prominent in the region. The town also acts as the starting point to the Yamunotri and Gangotri treks. Here are some of the most coveted tourist places you must visit when in Uttarkashi.

Viswanath Temple

Viswanath Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by traveltriangle.com

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple situated on the banks of the Bhagirathi River is one of the most revered of its kind. It is surrounded by a spectacular backdrop of snow-covered Himalayan Mountains and is home a Shiva Linga. The temple attracts hundreds of thousands of followers all year round, especially during the Gangotri and Yamunotri pilgrimages. The unique serene atmosphere surrounding this temple makes it one of the best tourist places to visit.

Maneri Dam

Maneri Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by www.worldbank.org

Constructed on the banks of the Bhagirathi River, 39 meters high, Maneri is made of concrete and is one of the most scenic tourist spots to visit. The dam is bordered by massive mountains and alpine meadows, making it ideal for day trips and picnics. The surrounding natural beauty and stunning views are sure to be etched in visitor’s memories.

Dodital Lake

Dodital Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by www.treksandtrails.org

An extremely serene peaceful tourist spot, this freshwater lake is situated nearly 3024 meters high. The lake is steeped in folklore due to the presence of a Ganesh Temple next to it. It is said that this is the lake that the beloved Indian god had chosen as his temporary abode. The surrounding vegetation and mountain peaks means this place is ideal for day picnics and lounging in the lap of nature.

Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by www.holidayadventures.in

Located 3048 meters, this stunning mountainous field offers incredible views of the surrounding natural beauty. Visitors tend to trek nearly 9 km from Barsu Village to reach this spot to rejuvenate and relax amidst nature. During the wintertime, the slopes are covered in snow, turning it into one of the most popular skiing destinations in the country.

Nachiketa Lake

Nachiketa Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by www.euttaranchal.com

A scenic gem, this lake is overwhelmingly beautiful and is surrounding by massive pine and oak forests on all sides. The famed Nag Devta Mandir is also found on the banks of this lake. The lake is approximately a 3 km trek from Chaurangi Khal and is ideal for families and young couples alike. As with my most tourist places in Uttarkashi, the lake gives off a very peaceful vibe.

Har ki Doon

Har ki Doon:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by en.wikipedia.org

An absolute must-visit spot for tourists and nature lovers, this cradle-shaped valley is revered all throughout the Uttarkhand district for its impeccable views of the Himalayan Mountain peaks. Reachable via the Govind National Park, this places is a haven for adventure lovers of all ages.

Kuteti Devi Temple

Kuteti Devi Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Uttarkashi
Photograph by www.tripoto.com

Devoted to Deity Kuteti Devi, this temple is situated on Hari Parvat summit. The inhabitants from the neighbouring communities revere Kuteti Devi as their key caretaker goddess, nevertheless, this temple is frequented by tourists from all over. Tourists throng here throughout the year for both spiritual fulfilment as well as to take in the panoramic views and surrounding beauty. This is definitely one of the most popular tourist spots to visit.

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